Cabinet approves Shalit deal
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.10.11, 01:03
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1. Release Shalit
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
And not the prisoners!!
2. Liberty and freedom
Emmanuel korode ,   Nigeria   (10.12.11)
This is a great moment for gilad shalit and whole of israel.i'm so happy
3. The Timeline
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (10.12.11)
The timeline is as follows... If Gilad Shalit is released safely in the coming days, and I hope and pray to G-d with all my heart that he is, then a certain dynamic will unfold. There will be a lot of relief and goodwill on the part of many parties, but if this is not capitalised on quickly the danger is stagnation and a slip back to old patterns of thought and behaviour. Beware the vacuum. A good relationship must be maintained, nurtured, nudged along and guided. If you neglect it, it will wither and die. Peacemaking is a dynamic process. The centre of the action must be Jerusalem. You don't captain a ship that is underway from the quarter decks. Get the right person and his assistants to the Holy City. Think Royal Court/Tent of Meeting idea. Some fundamental points can be agreed upon which have are not political or religious. From these cornerstones can the details be worked out. A thirty eight year vision can be explained. Obviously not all the moves are known in advance. Some things can remain "fuzzy". If trust and genuine concern is present solutions can be found. With prayer, vigilance and right action the true potential of the region will unfold. There is plenty of time and space. The issue is the will, wisdom and maturity of the various parties. Every minute of life is a test. We should have gratitude for the gift of life. G-d really does want Ganeden on Planet Earth.
4. wrong
fad egypt   (10.12.11)
although i am happy that shalit will be home soon , and although this is the best deal israel can get from hamas as no arch terrorists will e released , i believe that the deal is still dangerous because the released terrorists will return to the terror activities , also that will encourage hamas to kidnap soldiers in the future , and i personnely believe that it is insult to the families of the victims it is a dilemma
5. Best to have killed those prisoners, but still..
Vlad   (10.12.11)
Welcome home, Gilad.
6. shalit
sas ,   israel   (10.12.11)
good luck to the family. hope he is in good shape. the beginning will not be easy.....
7. Rule of law? No just epediency
Sam   (10.12.11)
No celebration, Shalit will return in bad shape after five years of abuse and Hamas will use this to strengthen it's hold. There will be np peace negotiations for a long time. Israelis resent the inequality of the trade and will want and have cause to ask for gestures such as legalizing outposts. If the rule of law can be waived to bring back Shalit why shouldn't there be a way to prevent bulldozing a family to homelessness?
8. Down the Road
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (10.12.11)
I can appreciate the joy of the Shalit family that they will have their son home again. However, many lessons have come out of this a. A Jewish life is worth 1027 Arab ones. Let's remember the equation next time there is a war and Israel is accused of "over-reacting" Note; Israel didn't set this ratio, Hamas did! b, Hamas has already said that these terrorists will murder again--and unfortunately, believe Hamas at this juncture more than I do Netanyahu. c. The danger to IDF soldiers near Gaza and Lebanon has just gone up 1027 times. Israel is showing time and time again that it is worthwhile to kidnap and hold in a hidden location our soldiers. Eventually thousands will be released.Someplace it has to stop. I realize it would be hard for the family of the next soldier ( and there will be a next) but...
9. Wal Mart has a special on body bags.You are going to need
Al   (10.12.11)
them big time. Patrhetic loser nation on the road to self destruction. My sons are outta there. You dont deserve to have my sons serve to protect you. I'd rather they live as free thinking Jews in a Canada than live amongst a slave nation of imbeciles. Absolute loser schnorrers and pathetic hasbeens.
10. The selfishness of one family will lead to Israels decline
aL   (10.12.11)
Its this selfishness that will render Israel to a pertetual struggle for survival. This is not Israels finest hour rather a time of great weakness. Countless families will mourn further terror victims all the while the self annointed idiots you call leaders will spin this disaster into some warped victory. You are on the losing side. The enemy has you on the run and they know it. Todays Israel is no better that the Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto waiting for the transport to Auschwitz. You are that weak. Your leaders are spinless toothless fools leading a nation of slaves fools and pathetic lemmings.
11. shalit deal
alexi   (10.12.11)
No one can say one word against shalit family who have gone to the ends of the world to get their son back alive. Note that the deal calls for him to be returned alive and well. he might have brought back in a box under an olmert and livni deal because hamas was not afraid of them. Secondly, israel is paying the price for its almost messianic aversion to capital punishment. if the serious hamas killers were executed, there would be less future killings. And israel has refused with livni's government to capture senior hamas leaders and execute them each day until shalit would be returned. shalit's family should not be asked to send any more of their family into the idf.They have had enought. IDF soldiers should get the information they need from hamas freedom fighters and then eliminate them where justified. Finally, as bad as hamas is, they are more worthy to talk to than the rotten whores in ramallah who since 48 are empty 2 faced windbags who are backstabbers of theworst order who speak with forked tongues.
12. Congratulations
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (10.12.11)
As a friend, I do congratulate Israelian government and Shalit's family. Through the window of a bus, almost one year ago, in Jerusalem, I saw her saddened mother, near from the Prime Minister's house. Me and the other excursionists have prayed for his freedom. Our God Unique is great and He protects the righteous ones. Salutes.
13. Not a good idea
Miguel ,   Argentina   (10.12.11)
In my opinion this exchange isnt a good idea. This will show Hamas that kidnaping soldiers is a good option and will encourage them to continue their attacks. Next year i wil join Tzahal and if i were kidnapped i would prefer to die rather to help murders be out of jail.
14. #1. these prisoners are not all petty thieves
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.12.11)
about 400 over has blood in their hands. imagine some fathers have to bury their sons. some wives have to weep over empty tomb of their husband blew into pieces. some sons born without having to see their fathers died before their birth. not all prisoners are only thieves!
15. some released terrorists will lies about Israeli prisons
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.12.11)
read in Arutz Sheva, that a PA minister was saying the Israeli prisons are all like Auschwitz's condition, with a experiment called 'slow death against Palestinian prisoners from the moment of their arrest until they are released... the released prisoners suffer from diseases which they contracted in prison… The Israeli prison guards imitate the German Nazis (who used prisoners as testing grounds like Nazi Doc Josef Mengele), for testing the weapons and the deadly drugs which they developed.
16. Such a deal!
seadog1946 ,   MorisCanalBasin, NJ   (10.12.11)
Over a thousand Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one Israeli... I thought that the Israelis would have better bargaining skills. I'm glad the kid is finally coming home... I hope he eventually gets to have some payback for what he's been through.
17. shame
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.12.11)
today i am ashamed to be an israeli
18. It should be stated that targeted assignations of hamass
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.12.11)
leaders will begin IMMEDIATELY if one more Israeli soldier is captured or if one of these released prisoners is caught in another terror action.
19. Pure insanity
Ari ,   NYC   (10.12.11)
Pure insanity. Israel can now expect a wave of terror. We've lost our spines and our enemies are laughing at us. Very sad day for the victims of terror.Very sad day for Israel.
20. If only Ron Arad's wife and family had been as determined as
Rivkah   (10.12.11)
Aviva and Noam Shalit, perhaps he would have come home, too, with a government to government deal. What a joyful day, but I would wait to see if Gilad Shalit if returned alive or dead since it is the custom of Palestinians to exchange corpses for live prisoners. When Gilad Shalit is returned if he is alive, I hope someone shows him the ELS Scripture code matrix that likens him to Joseph who was a captive of the Midianites who sold him to the Egyptians. Gilad Shalit is important enough to HaShem that he was written in the Scripture codes from the foundation of the world.
21. To #1
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.12.11)
Of course, that would be ideal. How to do it is the problem though. Israel wasn't able to do this for over 5 years.
22. At least don't use '' succeeded '' in connection with
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.12.11)
freeing of 1000 murderers! I know that everybody will try now to look smart and victorious. The only victors in this case are his parents and family. Israel has lost, but it has been a process that continued for many years, starting with swapping the first Arab murderer , giving in to terror. Truly a sad & mournful day but good luck to the Schalits!
23. Torture is over.
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.12.11)
The soldier is returning home. The inhuman terror-group, hamas, now has to stop the torture of a single israeli soldier. The western world should be ASHAMED for letting this be going on... Now let the hypocrates come and share the joy!!
24. Is he alive?
Daniel Teeboom ,   Netherlands   (10.12.11)
I fear we are celebrating the return of a dead body.
25. If one Israeli is killed by a freed terrorist,
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.12.11)
then those that approved the deal should spend their lives in prison.
26. Netanyahu's Downfall
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.12.11)
This is the beginning of the end of Benjy Netanyahu's role as Prime Minister. The short-term euphoria of getting poor Gilad back will be soon forgotten and that Israel gave freedom to terrorists and murderers will haunt us. Years hence, people will wonder what Netanyahu and the Cabinet were smoking. Getting Gilad back is marvelous, and the kid deserves a hero's welcome. He should have a good life and be successful. But, Israel messed up again and capitulated to monsters and her enemies. For that, we will suffer.
27. Shalit
A ,   Belgium   (10.12.11)
As soon as Shalit crosses the border into Israel, the border should be shut. Nothing more crosses from Israel into gaza, including money, medical aid, electricity, etc. Nothing, NADA. 1200 terrorists are going home heroes, they should not be given a reason to celebrate.
28. Well done Hamas !
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.12.11)
and the Quarter wants Abu Mazen to return to "peace process" .HA!!!
29. every Jew is precious
alsky ,   Toronto   (10.12.11)
It was the correct decision. Israe can always go after them in the future if need be. Im so glad he will be home
30. So wrong, but
David ,   USA   (10.12.11)
I am happy for Shalit, but what about the other price that had to be paid. We forget that lives were lost in the capture of those murderous terrorist. What do we say to those mothers, and fathers? What are we going to give away when the next Shalit is put on the bidding block? If I was Shalit father I would want him home, but if I was Shalit I would know the price was to great to be paid. I understand the government on why they paid the price, and I do understand the Israeli people for wanting him home, but we are headed for greater worse times where we must put our love with trust in Him.
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