Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Anatomy of a deal
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 12.10.11, 02:38
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1. Wrong analysis..this shows extreme weakness
Al   (10.12.11)
the end will be more and more deaths of Israelis, with every possiblity that Israel will be lost.. Israel has lost big time. You will never ever live this down. The Arabs have you on the run and will end up going for the kill. They have you where they want you...Its only a matter of time before you fold and fold you will. After every single exchange the ante has gone higher and higher with Israel the loser. You are weak, selfish and destined to be dislodged form Israel. You will not survive there. The survivors of Auschwitz helped found the state. Their children helped build it. Their granchildren will lose it. Its like that in business and its like that in nation building, especially when the grandkids are selfish spoiled brats. Todays Israelis are selfish spoiled brats. You will not survive there.
2. Disaster
Leon Zacharowicz MD ,   NY, USA   (10.12.11)
This disastrous deal will almost result in the death of dozens if not hundreds of Israelis at the hands of many of the 1,027 terrorists released, with hundreds returning to East Jerusalem and to the "West Bank."
3. Don't Waste Time Trying to Justify Bowing to Hamas!
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.12.11)
Netanyahu and Lieberman proved more flexible than Olmert and Livni. simple as that. by the way, let Abbas alone!
4. Sounds Like Win-Win
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.12.11)
Both sides gave some and both got something acceptable. Though the biggest winner might just be Gilad Shalit who was a pawn to both sides.
5. Fine if they send Shallit first!
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (10.12.11)
If he's in a body bag, then we have the right to sent 1027 back in a body bag.
6. Has Israel dropped the soap?
Martin R ,   Joburg, South Africa   (10.12.11)
I get the feeling Israel has dropped the soap in the shower in this prisioner swap deal with Hamas. I sincerely hope Israel does not stay bent over for Hamas for too long, or else...
7. released terrorist will revenge on those put them in jail
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.12.11)
especially those people who ever help IDF to catch these scums will be in grave danger, as released terrorists will seek revenge on the victim's families, and those who testify against them before. one question to IDF; who will dare to help you caught any future terrorists, knowing that they will be out soon to seek revenge 10 folds to any witness testify against them. Rewarding Evil is Punishing the Good!
8. Shalit now. Who will be next?
yehudit ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
So Yitzhak Rabin said you have to pay ransom. We already have a long-standing precendent that you doNOTpay extreme ransoms, especially if you are dealing with "pera adam" (terrorists in case I'm not clear here) who already have been quite open they plan to do this again as soon as they can pull it off--and have just been confirmed in their estimation that kidnapping works. In addition, we can expect from previous exchanges that a significant number of these released terrorists will return immediately to terrorism. So whose family members die in the next terrorist attack? f So who's son is next to be kidnapped? Is the next kidnapped soldier going to have parents as articulate and well-connected as the Shalits? While I certainly didn't want Gilad to remain a prisoner is his blood redder than my son or yours who will be the next one snatched?
9. Another Obama/Panatta brainwave!=More Kidnaps+more Murders
Alan ,   SA   (10.12.11)
10. What role did tougher prison conditions play?
Tova M. ,   Rehovot, Israel   (10.12.11)
Lesson for the future: "The prisoner leadership in Israel jails recently gave Jabari the green light to secure a deal as he sees fit." By limiting Hamas-aligned prisoners' rights to the minimum according to international law, Israel might have helped this deal happen more quickly. Too bad Israel didn't do this sooner.
11. Salma
Patrick   (10.12.11)
Don't you work??? Don't you have something more interesting to do. Ohh forgot... being in front of a pc ALL DAY LONG writing bullshit is what your children will learn. ..Oh arabs,, ignorance at its best.
12. No 1
Emma ,   London   (10.12.11)
In the words of the great prophet Allah go stick your head up a dead bear's bum. You are talking nonsense. Israel is vibrant, strong, creative democracy after only a little more than 60 years, what have your Arab societies achieved in that time? Precious little apart from violence and hatred.What sort of state do you think your dreadful Palestinians will be able to build after they have relied for so long on handouts from other people and are incapable of taking responsibility for themselves or their actions?
13. I have been searching, but maybe overlooked
meghan ,   israel   (10.12.11)
it, has anyone seen Gilad alive and well yet?...has the red cross been allowed in, or is Hamas being taken at their word he is Ok. I sincerely hate the thought of this prisioner release and think of those who weep for their loved ones killed by these murderers....then I think of Gilads family, and as a mother how I would feel if it was my son. As a mother no price would be too high to have my son back. As a mother who weeps for her dead child, I would think our government crazy to agree to such a deal. May G-d watch over Israel and may those that have killed not know a moments peace in their lives. I hope they have to look behind them for the rest of their miserable lives and that if they ever try terrorism again, next time they get a bullet..or two!
14. Patrick, it's not your business
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.12.11)
by the way, don't you have something more interesting than reading my "ignorant" comments?
15. #1 Al: Amazing: you got past the censors?
Visitor ,   USA   (10.12.11)
Discerning, wise and pro Israeli opinions are routinely deleted at Ynet. Them love the Islamofascist rants instead. Your prophecy will be the future.
16. Salma
Patrick   (10.12.11)
I enjoy reading your nonsense, your bigotry, your primitiveness, your comments saying you don;t support terrorism but Palestine and then celebrate Hamas. I enjoy reading how a woman loves terror, how you enjoy the deaths of Jews, that I "enjoy". And you must know, that I'm not Israeli nor Jewish. But Christian (remember what your fellow peers did in Cairo!) and not even from the USA before you start saying bullshit. You degrade yourself, and defend the terror cause, who in his/her normal behaviour defends Hamas as you did it! You cause pity, even disgust and of course it's non of my business, thanks!!!! jUST KNOW IT, IGNORANT
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.12.11)
Nobody listens to your inane rants.
18. "Window of opportunity...."
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (10.12.11)
So, we needed to grab this elusive window of opportunity - for what exactly? To capitulate before bandits, and have very soon many more murders of our citizens and many more Gil'ads. A groise mezija!.. By the way, two of Shalit's comrades were murdered that night - does somebody remember that? And who was asleep at his post? This merchant business will soon cost us many deaths. But then, after Oslo - who cares?
19. Are we sure Israel caved?
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD   (10.13.11)
Upon the return of Shalit,any terrorist activity directed against the Jewish State can result in a type of response NOT limited by his presence.
20. to 4
he lost 5 years of his life .do you know what it means ???? hamass said he was treated in good manner but ure it ws not the life which anyone like to have .realy i think that iam a winner in that deal as i do not loose anything /it is enough for me to be a winner
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