Shalit and Iran connection
Alex Fishman
Published: 12.10.11, 18:22
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1. Does the author not realize ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.12.11)
.... that arrayed against Israel in the so-called "greater challenge" will be both the "lightweight" (!) terrorists and the fifteen "heavyweight" terrorists that we have vowed NEVER to release? Moreover, keep in mind that we have traveled this road before. How many times has Israel released hundreds of deadly terrorist scum, only to have Hamas renege on the arrangement? They will never release Shalit. He is their ace in the hole; their sole bargaining chip and the only reason we have not yet razed Gaza to the ground. They know this. Shame on that segment of the Israeli public that thinks this is a worthwhile endeavor, and believes that Hamas will keep its "word."
2. Waw..., Bibi is to attack Russia?
Sasha ,   Bilbao, basque   (10.12.11)
3. Stupid and mumbled
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (10.12.11)
Very enigmatic article. The only idea the Author holds is how good and wise is to forget about the principles. Yes, and how Shalit story is so mystically intertwinned with Iran - I would LOVE to hear and inbibe this almost psychiatric connection...
4. Qatar 2022
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (10.12.11)
The possibility that Ayatollah Khamenei, President Ahmedinejad and their advisors will attend high level trust building meetings in Jerusalem in the near future is greater than many people believe. I would like to drive on a road from the Holy City to Tehran sometime before 2019 preferably. Wouldn't it also be great if Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel ended up in the same group at the 2022 Qatar World Cup ? Vision, courage and trust building is required. Who is writing the future ? Which narrative will play out ?
5. crack head writers
Berileh ,   the one all hate   (10.12.11)
Really, Europe will love us if we free 1027 terrorists??? Really? In what millennia, on what planet, in what galaxy, in which universe, at galactic laser point of which alien planet killing super weapon??? Why do these lefties always seem to live on Mars? Europe's complaints of us have nothing to do with imprisoned terrorists (Thanks for giving the idea for free). Why is any Israeli concession over anything coveted by lefties with desperate homage to a corrupt world culture?
David ,   New York, NY   (10.13.11)
The real meaning of the piece is spoken in CODE. Thus, "Israel better get there with a flexible and pragmatic state of mind," de-coded, means, take the approach to Schalit and "cut and paste it" to Palestinian negotiations. So, welcome to pre-1967 borders, joint control of Jerusalem, three minutes to over-fly the country, and so on. It's gonna be great.
7. Shalit deals sends pathetic message of weakness.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
I don't know what Bibi's motives were for agreeing to free 1,000 terrorists for Shalit. However, nobody can make a rational case that it was a wise decision. Hamas is rightfully celebrating it as a great victory. No nation has conceded to terrorists in such a blatant and humiliating manner. The Shalit deals sends a message of pathetic weakness to Iran, Obama and everyone else. It will take Israel a long time and many valiant actions to bury this shame and disgrace.
8. How many more Israelis will be kidnapped because of this??
Yacov ,   Chicago   (10.12.11)
9. What deal ?
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.12.11)
Is Shalit alive ? Is he in good condition ? Has anyone talked to him? There is no deal until there is a satisfactory answer to those questions.
10. As cryptic as possible
Mark ,   USofA   (10.12.11)
Look at this way... MB is on the rise. This is to fate is now coming in their hands. If they choose peace, great, we are all winners, if they choose the path of war, so be it last man standing. The difference is how will that outcome be any different than the do noting status quo of the current watching the pot of resentment and hate boil over. In other words the onus is now broadly base in the hands the arab spring population, the choice is going to be forced apon the MB, choose to either live by sword,die by sword or seek co-existance. Since they can no longer howler, arab street is not represented by the regimes of the region, they are the regimes, and how they react is going to decide the outcome. Ball is in their court, big time. I have to say for that could have gone wrong in WB, PA has shown a remarkable understanding that the onus of palestinian aspirations lies entirely in their hands. So lets all stop and think about for a moment, the WB is slowly proving resolve of not reverting to past knee jerk reactions. Thank the efforts of idf and pa secuity forces to build trust, thank the efforts of Dayton to instill a level of professionalism, but mostly thank the reality that the arab spring has focused the resolve that arab nationalism longer has the repressed escape goat to blame, its the awariness in the street if things go wrong they may only have themselves to blame, by which in mean the leadership of hamas, islamic jidha, fataw, hezbollah, etc are know forced to look into the abyss, and choose.
11. I am not sure I understand what I read.
Israeli 2   (10.12.11)
Is this just the author's thoughts or is it somehow based on some facts? Iran cannot be dealt with until Shalit is released? What exactly are you saying?
12. Sarah, next time they show up, we'll kill them
Yossef   (10.12.11)
13. and so the spin-doctors start their ''treatment'' of us!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.12.11)
14. Theory
Coolguy   (10.12.11)
If , a big if, the complete set of the Israeli media (itself unbelievably shallow, ignorant, rock bottom quality and generally sorry to say primitive) almost without exception... were not these, it would have long penned juicy columns about the breakdown of the relationship between Israel and France. But alas, as Carolnie Glick usually opines, it doesn't notice anything ever. It's conspicous that Peres contacted Sarkozy, while him called the Shlaits. Why? F1ing easy. Because Netanyahu is not really in the mood of receiving his phone calls. If howeevr Sarkozy would not call the Israeli premier at such a monumental juncture at the life of Israeli society, then it in itself a barometer of the relationship between the 2 countries. And the reason? Well, the French made an astonishing "miistake" trampling on everything Israel holds dear, most of all, its very own self-definition. Sarkozy ridiculued this and Netanyahu may regards this as a reason to "book" that Sarkozy's account has been closed for the Jews/people of israel as far as Bibi is concerned. And he couldn't be more right. But in order for the public to know any of this, it would necessitate credible and capable Israeli journalists and professional bloodhounds. Which it clearly doesn't have, only bumbling idiots... A great pity.
15. In Order to prevent this happening again...
Drakon ,   Z├╝rich, switzerland   (10.12.11)
Israel has to reinstate death penalty for the terrorists who murdered soldiers or had set bombs and killed civilians. When this is in effect then there will be no murderers to be exchanged for the kidnapped soldiers and the public will be much more in favor to release 1000 prisoners for one soldier knowing no murderer will be ever set free.
16. #2 Israel to attack Russia
JESUS believer.   (10.14.11)
This then proves what the Bible says before the end. It will be the battle of all battles. The sad part is that the Jews have the orders to bury ALL 7'000 dead. In the meantime the arabs are long since gone and etc. etc. etc. and p.s. - the 7'ooo dead are the Russians. Get yourselves a Bible and read the last book, the Revalation.
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