Shin Bet chief: Shalit deal - best possible
Yoav Zitun
Published: 12.10.11, 12:25
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1. They are playing you for fools..they are spinning it
Al   (10.12.11)
The truth is Israel has folded. Will these petz these so called security experts be visiting the families of the next terror victims? Will they? These loathsome security petz...
2. ok, so 200 terrorists are OK...
Marcelo ,   Berlin / DE   (10.12.11)
if it is so, why then keeping the criminals of the Vogel family in prison. Let them go free, they are just "kids"...I mean, why should be prisons at all, what would be the difference is some 1000s of criminals are on the strees, when there are so many...I just cannot get it, could someone explain it to me, please????
3. If only 200 of the released are terrorists
Mo ,   Canada   (10.12.11)
then why are the other ones even in jail?! You dirty idiots.
4. This explanation is either voiced by somebody who thinks of
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.12.11)
us, citizens as utter imbecilles or himself being one. No other option! Well maybe a small one: somebody that knows he's been licked ! I try and I try, to convey my congratulations to Salma, but the apparatchiks at Ynet censorship keep on blocking it. Well, that's life in a country with little or no honor and respect for its own inhabitants. bitter? Yes!
5. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
At every opportunity you get you are trying so hard to bash Israel with your negative opinions. Having 2 sons doing their military service does'nt give you the right to vent your poison here. Give it a break, will you.
6. No other state would ever consider suich a lunatic deal.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
Marzel said it best. Israel's leadership situation is like having a school bus driven by a five year old. It is absolutely appalling that a deal to free 1,000 murderous terrorists to ransom a single captive ever saw the light of day. Heaven only knows how many terrorist atrocities will be launched as a direct result. How many Israelis will be maimed and murdered... No state, except Israel, would ever even consider such a lunatic deal. I am not scared of Israel's enemies. I am truly scared of Israel's leaders.
7. Bad Deal
Dan ,   Florida   (10.12.11)
many more Jews will die because of this deal. Gaza should have been completely blockaded food, water, electricity, cooking oil, fuel and medical aid until Shalit was returned.
8. #2 marcelo This Is Nothing But EXTORTION
on the part of the arabs, plain and simple. Israel and Israeli's Have Remorse about human Life, the same Can't be said about the arabs! The IDF and Most Western Armed Forces Feel Deep Pain and a Sence Of Failure for ALL Wounded, KIA, and Prisoner's of War. Gilad Was Kidnapped by a Terrorist entity, so the u.n., france and All nato nations should have put their foot down and INSISTED that hamas RELEASE Gilad LONG, long Ago. But these international bodies have NO BACK BONE they are Cowards, so Israel Will Do The Right Thing and Their Son Back for his Imma and Abba and the IDF and The Israeli People. This Is The Difference Between Israel and the rest of the arabs sourrounding them. Does this Help a Bit?
9. Yoram Cohen is not scared or worried for one reason ;
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.12.11)
In His Heart he Knows they are freedom fighters and not terrorists. America for example would not have agreed to release terrorists like bin Laden or Zawahiri, not even in exchange for the U.S. President.
10. Armchair diplomats
mea   (10.12.11)
Nice job, Talkbackers. Keep on posting idiotic statements as if you really knew the details of the past five years of negotiations, the ramifications of Arab Spring and the internal workings that caused Israel to accept this deal and get Gild Shalit out. I am certain that next the Shin Bet will call you up and ask to run ti by your genius mind first. And for you winners conceited enough to call down this in some variation of "let him rot so terrorist acts in the future may not happen" about sending YOUR kid to replace Shalit in a Hamas pit?
11. Another brilliant post by our faux Arab "Salma"
mea   (10.12.11)
12. salma
gary ,   israel   (10.12.11)
i see your writings all the time and never respond, but i must know in your heart of hearts, regardless of your obvious allegience to arab muslims in the west bank and gaza -- do you feel that the fogel family deserved what they "got" as a mission of "freedom fighting" ?
13. easy to condemn deal if it is not your
Barney ,   USA   (10.12.11)
son being held. all of gaza is covered with terrorists. Israel is smart enough that if they see the activity they will be back in prison as quick as they were released. I hope the lack of priveleges extended to prisoners aided in this release. That is one thing Israel does that is wrong-give the prisoners so many priveleges. They come from such hell holes that prison is an improvement.
14. This is exactly why we need to execute war criminals
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.12.11)
Then the politicians would not be able to release anything except their bodies.
15. PA MuslimsCallThem freedom fighters.G-D calls them MURDERERS
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (10.12.11)
G-D gave His eternal, unchanging Law to His Hebrew servant, Moses: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER Islamics murder Jews because Jews OBEY G-D by living in the BIBLICAL homeland G-D gave to Jews.
16. There is No Mercy for Hated Infidels
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (10.12.11)
"According to Almagor, since 2004, 183 Israelis have been killed in terror attacks carried out by terrorists who were released from prison. “How many will be killed for Schalit?”. End of quote. To contemplate the terrible suffering of future victims is painful and beyond bearing. Many Jews will be killed and many more severely injured by the released bloodthirsty terrorists who have dedicated their lives to murdering Jewish innocents. Muslim terrorists who take great delight in breaking G-D's eternal, unchanging Law given to His Hebrew servant, Moses: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER
17. Why terrorists to the West Bank?
William ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
Wouldn't it be better to send them all to Gaza, including the Israeli Arab scum who are part of the deal? Contain them in one place.
18. #9 - freedom fighters don't target civilians, terrorists do.
William ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
Guess which one "Palestinians" are. I'll give you a hint - the US and EU have already made their decision, re: Hamas. And guess what - the deal doesn't protect your terrorist scum after the xfer is made, so they better hope Hamas built them some pretty deep bunkers to live in because they're now on Israel's target list.
19. #3 - they're all criminals....
William ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
but the "terrorists" are the ones who have lots of blood on their hands, have committed terror attacks, and are members of terror groups. The others are ones who were arrested for stealing, or carrying a knife to commit an attack, or smuggling bullets/pipe bombs, or throwing rocks at cars, or aiding in an attempting kidnapping. The prisoners are all there for a reason. Notice the normally peaceful "Palestinians" are NOT in jail. You idiot.
20. Maybe it's an attempt to snub Abbas and the PLO
William ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
but that would be a stupid idea considering Hamas' platform. There could be a decision in the ranks to slice down these terrorists once they are released, which I'm in favor of. Considering how pin-pointed out attacks have been on Gazan terrorists, the Intelligence network there seems to be strong. There is no agreement to not target them after release, which is a better situation in my mind. No Israel taxes to support them in jail, no more threat from them once nailed. I assume Hamas will help them live in a deep hole in the ground to save them from IDF targeting in the next sortie.
21. We are asking to be killed.
ik ,   US   (10.12.11)
What it take to capture another Isrieli citizen? Nothing. But any terrorist knows that killing and get life sentence is nothing as well. Goverment should be responcible for bending to arabs and public opinion. I am ashame to be a jew each time this happened. This action jeoparadise lifes of all jews.
22. how long will it take?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.12.11)
the real question: how long will it take the shin-bet to hunt down and "neutralize" those 200 murderers? and how many more israelis will they murder in the meantime?
23. A Bad Deal
Dan ,   Rishon Lezion Israel   (10.12.11)
We are in a delema. Shalit against the possible future of more murders by released terrorists. The past has shown us that these murderers will kill again big time. I am against this deal because it is too dangerous. We have rewarded Hamas for murdering Jews. They can kill and then go free from justice which means in the end we have no justice. The IDF has to stop capturing the murderers alive.
24. Bibi & the Shalits will be responsible if somebody is murder
zionist forever   (10.12.11)
When Bibi was PM first time round as part of an oslo goodwill gesture he released the man who was lter masterminded the Park Hotel bombing. If Bibi hadn't released him then its possible the Park Hotel bombing would have never happened. However Bibi & Shin Bet who have probably been ordered to go along with Bibi's spin try to put it this was a disgusting deal that should never have happened. If somebody else is murdered by some of these now free cold blooded killers or if another soldier or civilian is taken to trade for another 1000+ terrorists then I hope Bibi and the Shalit's will have the courage to stand up and say I was responsible. This whole deal was made against Bibi's better judgement because he wants to distract public attention from things like the social protests and the strikes because Labour are ahead in the polls. This hints that Bibi might be going for early elections while he is still a hero for getting Gilad back.
25. Total Insanity
Gary Wrigley ,   Tampa, FL, USA   (10.12.11)
Israel, you are a total embarrassment to Jews around the world. Even to release 1 murderer is total insanity. All you do is invite more kidnaps and more prisoner exchanges. Once more, the terrorists make terrorism pay. FOOLS!
26. NO #1, Israel hasnt folded
meghan ,   israel   (10.12.11)
Israel have proved that one of ours is worth a thousand times more then one of theirs! No man left in the field, every soldier is bought home, and even if they are not a live it is still important they are returned. Its a high price, but i personally pray these killers will know not one day of peace, may the always hawelcome home ve to look over their shoulders. So happy for Gilad and his family, it will take time but i am sure he will receive all the help and love he will need.
27. The value of a Jewish life 1-1,000
A ,   A   (10.12.11)
The value of a Jewish life 1-1,000
28. #9 Salma, if you consider butchers of little kids freedom..
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.12.11)
fighters, that helps explain why peace will never be possible. There is something called humanity, and some of these prisoners are clearly lacking it. The 2 men who butchered the Fogels are just a more recent example of this. Each person has to decide how they will be in adverse conditions. I recommend you read a book called Mans Search for Meaning. At least the first half.
29. Report's edition
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (10.12.11)
Only the most dumb person in this world always believes in everything that people says... Of course, it's not the best deal... I don't think about living in U.S., but anyway it's a good country. I think it wouldn't happened there...
30. #9
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.12.11)
Gloat Salma at your victory and I expect you will hand out sweets when your heroes come back home to their families. A woman who seduces a 16 year old boy and then shoots him 28 times at less than a meter. A woman who plants a bomb in a pizzeria and blows apart a 2 year old baby. A man who slits the throat of a 1 year old baby. A man who smashes the head of a four year old girl. Only you would call these "freedom fighters". Only we are cursed with "leaders" who are so cowardly that they would release your "freedom fighters".
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