Peres lauds Erdogan efforts on Shalit
Omri Efraim
Published: 12.10.11, 14:38
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1. Erdogan
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (10.12.11)
Even a snake can do something nice sometimes...
2. peres-like
alexi   (10.12.11)
peres, beilinm olmert, and others who kiss ass and try to butter him adversaries do israel no good and could never be real leaders. erdogan had nothing to do with shalit's release. And facing facts, israel was not prepared to issue ultimata to haniyeh of release shalit or all hamas leadership die. the deal is lobsided but israel had to release shalit. To try to butter erdogan up is hollow, a waste of time and cowardly. Olmert was an expert on humbling himself and the people and it is dangerous to israel's soveriegnty. I almost puked when peres issued his thanks to erdogan.
3. Erdogan's efforts
Al ,   Georgia, U.S.   (10.12.11)
Why would a guy like Erdogan want to help Israel - simply because it was a bad deal for Israel. It sends the wrong signals to wrong people. Always remember: The needs of the many are greater than the needs of the few.
4. Time to Apologize
Brad Davidson ,   Izmir, Turkey   (10.12.11)
Now is the time for Israel to apologize and pay retribution to the families of the Turks they murdered. It will start clearing the clouds between Israel and Turkey.
5. now you have to apologize and to thank them...
eporue ,   europe   (10.12.11)
...its getting more embarrassing somehow...
6. Turkey
Shoal Greenberg ,   St. Thomas, Canada   (10.12.11)
Of course Turkey went along with it as well as all Arab leaders. Where would they get as good a deal. During warfare NO. One thousand to one is a lopsided deal. Wake up Israel. Could you see Ben Gurion doing the same or would he have blasted them to kingdom come. Horrible deal.
7. get a room already
The Mad Zionist ,   NY, NY   (10.12.11)
You might as well Peres, daily peres is kissing erdogans ash and daily erdogan is kissing your ash goodbye. And while youre at it Peres, get a clue too!!! You should be asking for an apology for davos. Erdogan wants to see israels demise. He will never be her friend!
8. a positive note
Galutia ,   Selah   (10.12.11)
also hope those thousand that are released stay away from terror activities IF they do peace MIGHT be a distant possibility
9. An Olive Branch? Indeed a nice surprise.
My Planet Israel ,   US-IL   (10.12.11)
Rather than even approaching any negativity on the issue, it is a pleasant surprise that Turkey had a hand in bringing GIlad home, period. As for the release of the terrorists, indeed, they've been shackled by the result of Cast Lead and the clear actions and pressures by Israel to deter terrorists from Gaza from crossing any lines so I am not as concerned about the possibility of a handful of terrorists being released at this stage. However, the pain it caused those families and survivors of the horrendous acts of the terrorists will NEVER go unnoticed and or, unsupported. Indeed, this is a time for Jews everywhere throughout the world to embrace and send condolences to the victims and their families and that support should never wane. I also don't see it as a weakness on the part of Israel nor bad diplomacy in securing Gilads release. In fact, it clearly shows the world that there is not a single culture or group of people who cherish life to the extent that we Jews do and this move proves that. While innocent American Hikers sat in jail in Iran, the US did nothing. It is an astounding victory, in the end, for Israel to have made the painful as it is for some of us. But we must NOT let that pain interfere with the JOY of revealing to the world just who we Jews are and how much we love and care about each other. We must focus on the positive and stay strong. The alternative is NOT an option.
10. Oh God, have mercy! We are being led by gang of certified
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.12.11)
idiots. How long before Shimon leaves his mansion? Oh Father, the One that I know doesn't exist, please enlighten our politicos,Amen & out. PS. if not then, take us out of this wretched strip of cursed land and lead us to....Mars????!
11. I hope this will bring peace
Emre ,   Istanbul   (10.12.11)
For us any humanatarian part of the issues are more important than anything. For us Gilad was as important as a soldier of Turkey. Because he is innocent and used by some blackmailers aga┼čnst Israel. But be sure Israeli government is not pure innocent as well... I hope Gilad's familiy is happy about their son, they have suffered a lot. Best Regards
12. Wise?
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (10.12.11)
Is it wise to praise a snake that misses no opportunity to bite you?
13. #4 - What would you do if your friend was being hit with
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (10.12.11)
iron bars? The Israelis were initially armed with only paint-guns and were attacked with iron bars and knives. If you saved your friend from a savage beating intended to kill him; would you consider yourself a murderer? Turkey is full of bravado right now but it has an increasing number of enemies; less friends; and will face financial collapse within a year or two. So Israel can wait for Turkey to come back home.
14. 4
Gloriya   (10.12.11)
ORHAN ,   USA   (10.12.11)
16. maybe peace is coming
andreea ,   the netherlands   (10.12.11)
Let's hope for peace. Turkey and Israel are strong states able to rise above conflicts. The both states should become pillars for the peace and economic cooperation in the region. As regards the young Shalit, I hope he will reach safely Israel and he will recover after this trauma. I am a Christan, therefore I am on daily basis praying for peace in Jerusalem and for the people of Israel.
17. It suits him to have terrorists released
Ron ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.12.11)
Look at the support he gives Iran and Syria, etc - this is nothing to do with some humanitarian wishes - rather he has helped terrorists to be freed and has helped Hamas - that suits his agenda perfectly. Peres last time you had your 'Araft Friend' - is it not time to grow up .... By the same token Hamas are nice people since they are about to release shalit
18. Orhan Kardes
David Israel ,   New York USA   (10.12.11)
Let tell you who is unappreciative: After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 Israel supported Turkey in every UN resolution against Turkey while Arabs and other Muslim nations supported the Greeks. US imposed a crippling embargo to Turkey at that time. It was the efforts of Turkish Jews (like myself) and Israel's influence on USA that helped the lifting of this embargo. As a return PM Erdogan started a process of cooling and finally ending diplomatic relations with Israel by making very harsh remarks at Davos. Buna kardesim tam anlamiyla Nankorluk denir.
19. Brad Davidson from the pearl of the Aegean
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.12.11)
Israel already expressed regrets and offered compensation. However an apology can not be done for defending yourself. I heard that you had some heavy rains out there in Izmir last week. I hope that it is better now and you can sit down at Kordon having a peynirli sucuklu kumru and a nargile watching the seagulls.
20. Peres, loser of Oslo
Maira   (10.12.11)
A symbol of those Israelis who are stupid losers, who'll believe anything.
21. #4 You're Turkish yet your name is Brad Davidson?
Vlad   (10.12.11)
22. Did Peres also thanks Germany, Iran and Egypt?
Levon ,   Germany   (10.13.11)
Without Irans permission and Egypts pressure Hamas wouldn't do anything. Iran and Egypt became active because of Germanys intervention in this affair. So, why is Peres thanking turkey? The Israeli Obsession with Turkey is astonishing. Is it true, that Israelis are from turkish descent and came originally from Mongolia?
23. Turkish Intelligence services and Gilad Shalit
Ibrahim   (10.13.11)
Turkish Intelligence Agencies (MIT) provided MOSSAD with information regarding Gilad's condition and whether or not he was being mistreated. MIT also provided video and photographic evidence that Gilad was alive and well. It is only then that Israel negotiated a deal via proxies for Gilad's release.
24. Election Day
Ertank ,   Ankara, Turkey   (10.13.11)
Peres is simply making an election investment. There is no one in the world at the moment who can cope up with the fascistic policies of the Lieberman / Bibi clan, which are resembling the apartheid more and more, day by day. Apart from a couple of Russians -because of the ethnic links-, every Western country is fed up. Peres knows this very well, and banks on the Mavi Marmara case as a catalyst that weakens the ultra right-wing government of Israel. Indeed, Israel needs a more pragmatic and realistic government in case they don't want to face a btitter demise in the emerging Middle East.
25. Keep kissing his rear. That makes sense.
Igor ,   NYC USA   (10.13.11)
Erdogan is worse than anything he accuses Israel of. Settlement of North Cyprus. Killing Kurds in a foreign country. Trying to steal resources in the Med. Denying the Armenian holocaust.
26. Peres - a true Neville Chamberlain
Ronny ,   TLV   (10.13.11)
Peres is clearly mentally unstable. What Next? Will he apologise to Assad and Ahmadinojab. The senile old nutter should retire already. He has done enough damage!!!
27. #9 My Planet Israel
Jay ,   Rockville,MD   (10.14.11)
As an American Jew, I grant you that the ongoing struggle Israel faces to never deal with terrorists while valuing even a single life of their live citizens above above all else is a nightmare...BUT.....your statement "it clearly shows the world that there is not a single culture or group of people who cherish life to the extent that we Jews do and this move proves that. While innocent American Hikers sat in jail in Iran, the US did nothing." The US worked tirelessly to secure the Hikers release and it took them 2 years for the hikers as opposed to 5 years which is NOT THE POINT which is that we Americans (Jewish or not) cherish and value life as much as anyone and did not rest a second and I find your I find your presumptious comment to the contrary most offensive and untrue.
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