List of exchange deal prisoners to be published by Sunday
Aviad Glickman
Published: 12.10.11, 17:51
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1. What is this ?
Ali ,   Gaza   (10.12.11)
Deal is signed !!.
2. 48 hours to object
Public   (10.12.11)
I object.
3. Send them all back in urns
steve from raleigh   (10.12.11)
I doubt there were any specific proscriptions against that.
4. shalit
joel ,   usa   (10.12.11)
why is the issue about shalit is so meddled up, and now terrorist prisoners are involved, let shalit's parents join with him wherever he is and live there, ok?
5. Are they nuts ? Listing the names ...for what ?
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.12.11)
These people were elected to do the job. In this case the job is to get Gilad Shalit back home. Is the government ready to kill the deal if the names are not accepted by some of the people?
6. Sunday release of names delays Gilad's
noel nesor ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
Typical officialdom. Heartless, self centered and unprofessional. Don't delay - Just do it!!
7. Just do it?
Al ,   Georgia, U.S.   (10.13.11)
Yeah, just do it so many more soldiers get kidnapped by the Arabs... Wake up Israel! Gilad is a soldier, not a prom queen. Israel has gotten so namby-pamby, it's just ridiculous! And Israel's leaders, well, their spirit is dead, if they ever had one. It's gone.
8. I agree with #5
Israeli   (10.13.11)
So, are you going to cancel the deal if too many object? There WILL be massive objections. Will everyone just send Gilad back to Hamas then, and crush everyones hopes AGAIN?
9. Me and many people like me are waiting for that Moment.
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.13.11)
i guess many of them are children.
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