Shalit's release – step by step
Yoav Zitun
Published: 13.10.11, 00:13
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1. What about the other 10,000 P. Prisoners
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (10.13.11)
A fair swap would be all Palestinian Prisoners for all Israeli. If some have committed criminal offences then independant arbiters to decide. Right now Israel is getting a bargain.
2. a necessary deal,but
Miro ,   Israel,Italy   (10.13.11)
Israel should publish and disclose to international press the names of the released criminals and the crime each of them comited. In the press and on the websites in many languages. Only this way,the public opinion in Europe especially ,will not be leaning towards the palestinian propaganda.
3. Egypt
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (10.13.11)
congratz for shailt family and for the 1000 pals as well.well but israel should remember that Egypt handled this issue and without Egypt there could be no peace with arabs..i advice you to try to be more friendly to Egypt and try to help the country to be more democratic and not help dictators as you did with mubarak . belive me we dont need one side peace..we dont need to follow other nations..we want to be big nation as we used to be..and thanks for apologizing for egyptians soldiers death..
4. Proud of Bibi, ashamed of the Shalit's...
Jonathan   (10.13.11)
5. Will Catherine Ashton be present
Devorah   (10.13.11)
to welcome the "palestinian" prisoners home?
6. 6 arab-israelis should banned from Israel FOR LIFE! TREASON!
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.13.11)
110 return to Judea / Samaria / E Jerusalem will fight and create hell for the settlers there. 6 arab-israelis whould be banned from Israel for life. (in fact they should be hang under capital punishment right away for treason)! why allow another about 150 deported abroad to return to Judea Samaria in future? all went abroad will find someway to creep back via illegal tunnels! Israel is committing suicide in "slow-death poisoning"!
7. "An entire nation"
outlander ,   planet earth   (10.13.11)
Nah, far more people have waited for his release, I'm praying for his return to his family - in one piece, that is.
8. written deal is not subjected to Kol Nidrei
observer ,   Egypt   (10.13.11)
Israel enticed lately 3 Egyptian minors, jailed them to use them together with other jailed 8 Egyptian Bedouins as bargain chips. The deal to swap them with spy Grapil is already made. Israel in Shalit deal followed the same doctrine with added value for Palestinians; Israel vowed to not target any released Palestinian prisoner. Will prayers of those who advocate the opposite wipe out the inked deal.
9. Linan Abu Ghalma
observer   (10.13.11)
Linan Abu Ghalma was rearrested 15 months back during a raid of her sister’s home in Nablus. Israeli courts transferred her to administrative detention for three months. She is still in "isolation" in the cell since arrest. Administrative Detention!
10. ABBASS BEGS: "Please no Barghouti!"
He can read the writing on the wall...Barghouti comes, he goes...and ends the flow of those greenbacks and flood of euros that Abbass and buddies have really enjoyed all these years.
11. I don't believe anything until I see it.
Israeli 2   (10.13.11)
12. Prayers of the righteous
Rob ,   D.C.   (10.13.11)
In earnest this is what we all prayed for, now humanity can see what sincere prayer, the power of constant prayer can achieve, Israel be ever so humble as you enter the doors.
13. If only terrorist killers had received the death penalty,
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.13.11)
hamass would not be celebrating with such might furor. When dealing with terrorist scumbags, eliminating the death penalty is the most cruel thing just people can do.
14. Gilad Shalit's brothers eyes are old and darkened.
Rivkah   (10.13.11)
The two brothers have suffered much. Being the one who is free is sometimes a greater burden than the one who is wrongly held captive. Imagine the suffering of the Patriarch Jacob over the loss of his son Josef. Who suffered more? The father or the son? The brothers of Josef said if Jacob lost Benjamin like he lost Josef, that would take him to his grave. So the father suffers the most, even more than the son taken captive. That is what drove Noam Shalit on: their suffering for their son, the agony of the loss was too great to be silent in the face of it. Sure, they could have declared him dead like a Rabbi suggested. But the pain in their hearts would not let them. It exploded into action, year after year after year after year after year. How could HaShem fail to hear and act at such clamor and heartbreak and persistence?
15. What if Hamas scuttles it at last minute?
Sceptical   (10.13.11)
"Sources in Hamas claim Israel agreed at the beginning of negotiations to release senior Palestinian prisoners, including Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Saadat, but changed its mind at the last minute. "Two months ago Israel was willing to release Barghouti and other officials," the sources, who were involved in the negotiations, told Palestinian news agency Maan. (Elior Levy) " Hamas might make claims like this that Israel is backing out of agreements made. I really think all this media explosion is premature. I can see Hamas backing down and backing out.
16. Your God is Faithful
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (10.13.11)
On the day that Gilad was kidnapped the Lord told me to pray for his release. I have prayed for him every day for the last 5 years, and want to give the God of Israel glory. He is faithful even when we are faithless. He redeems. He never lets us down. He will stand by His people Israel.
17. Of course Katie Ashton
OCTOBER 13. 2011   (10.13.11)
will be there. I hear she is doing her damndest to clean up the mess that is at the front of her head. I hope Surgeons will help the poor thing. As it stands now, I don't blame her one little bit for letting the scalpel do its job. good luck Katie!
18. Many Israeli families will in due course become victims of the released criminals
Alan ,   SA   (10.13.11)
19. Sounds as though Israel did an
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.13.11)
excellent deal and I am delighted that Shalit will be free. This was certainly the best deal Israel could have done
20. Strange feeling
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (10.13.11)
Everybody should be happy. Shalit is coming home. But it leaves a bitter taste. I feel like I felt when I was watching coffins coming from Lebanon in exchange for that big mouth of a bloody terrorist. And seeing now those camouflaged Rambos in Gaza explaining that they defeated Zionist enemy...
21. to 3 Egyptian
ygalg ,   israel   (10.13.11)
we can managed without it. its you who should worry about peace. we are the most advanced country in the region. our universities known. our accomplishments cross oceans where is egypt in that respect? its better for you egyptians to amend relation with us, if you don't want to turn your anyway screwed country to another Iranian shit hole. you want democracy? get rid of islam! Mubarak was not getting any help from us. the treaty we had was imposed upon us by USA and it benefited the most you. we return you Sinai with all its natural treasures. in exchange of quiet from your barbaric behavior. the deal with Hamas was brokered by different factions some of which are the dictators you despise.
22. Be happy, that's the pay-back
Leo ,   Canada   (10.13.11)
If the deal goes through as published, and that is still to be seen, it is our duty to rejoice and be happy about it. Releasing1027 terrorrists is the price we had to pay to feel that we did the right thing and be happy about how we are. We are not them, we value life and we pride ourselves about it. Surrendering the benefit, after paying the price, would be just silly.
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