'Israel refused to release Barghouti at last moment'
Elior Levy
Published: 13.10.11, 08:31
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1. Sadistic behavior
Marcela Ara├║jo ,   Brazil   (10.13.11)
Nothing justifies the behavior of these terrorists. Nothing justifies the behavior of the leaders of terrorist groups. Imposing the population through fear of terrorism is sadism. These are people who express their sadistic behavior in the field of politics. I've done a little analysis on the subject before, so this is just a little further ... As mentioned before, the sadistic behavior appears in childhood. When the child assimilates humiliating situations as central aspect to survival. This happens through the acceptance of suffering by the child. When someone decides to leave the sadistic behavior, that person may have crises of profound melancholy. Because if the sadistic behavior is abandoned, the acceptance of suffering is also abandoned. Giving way to melancholy, which is the result of the bad experiences that were lived. Melancholy affects how a person interprets reality and see the world. Thus, the melancholic person may have difficulties to feel joy, pleasure and have trouble seeing the good things that happen. The sadistic behavior has serious consequences, because it destroys relationships. So it's better leave the sadistic behavior and to treat and cure of melancholy.
2. He's the next Yasser Arafat
Charles   (10.13.11)
Of course Israel would rather deal with this murdering thug in its jail than across the negotiating table. Besides, murdering thugs don't even deserve as much.
3. I do not believe the release of the Barghoutis was ever on t
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.13.11)
If you have followed this Shalit negotiating over the years you will read that Israel always refused to release three or four prisoners. This never changed. The amount did change from 500 to 750 and now to 1000 and more. Hamas is probably looking to save face. In the meantime it is typical Palestinian reaction. Not good enough. Meanwhile finally at least 1000 Pal families are now going to be together again.
4. Sell you a bridge
David ,   Rochester, new York   (10.13.11)
If you think that Hamas wanted Barghouti released I have a nice bridge to sell you. Why would they want a more moderate charismatic individual to be released to gain publicity and clout. They certainly would rather see him rot in Jail and say they tried for his release. That's a win- win situation for them.
5. I pray I am wrong
Iain Belfast   (10.13.11)
but I am certain that the fun is about to begin. Unfortunately, the Palestinians do not have the savvy to behave themselves. It is only to their detriment if they start their thuggery again. Next time in prison I hope that a bullet will slip out of somebody's rifle and hit him/her square on! One down nd one less to feed.
6. Sadistic, you took the words right out of my mouth
Rob ,   Washington D.C.   (10.13.11)
So Marcela of Brazil you are referencing Israeli officials as Sadistic in making us believe releasing Barghouti will be a problem and this up and down emotional sh-t of a roller coaster ride empowers these Israeli officials to the point that one monkey will stop the show. Thank you for your analysis.
7. Are the Stern, Irgun, Lehi, and Hagganah gangs terrorists?
James ,   Canada   (10.14.11)
Question: Are the members of the Stern, Irgun, Lehi, and Hagannah gangs who murdered British soldiers, police, and officials considered "terrorists"? Yes or no...
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