Bereaved families: Israel capitulating to terrorism
Boaz Fyler
Published: 13.10.11, 10:06
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FO ,   Belgium   (10.13.11)
The real culprit in this painful affair is Olmert who failed totally by just doing nothing. The day after the abduction of Guilad Shalit on Israeli territory, the government under Olmert should have isolated tthe Gaza Strip hermetically. No more transfer of food, water, electricity, fuel... and explaining by dropping flyers the reason to the Gazan population. The world, as usual would have put pressure on Israel, and in case of no result, would have put even more pressure on Hamas. I presume that Guilad Shalit would have been released rather quickly. But Olmert "being tired of fighting", as he told himself, failed, as he failed in the second Lebanon War as well as in the later Gaza Campaign. The drama now is, that after surrending to terrorist demands, Israel has no moral right anymore to require from other nations to oppose themselves to terrorist pressure.
2. So, if there is one more incident, Israel should declare war
Efi ,   Washington DC   (10.13.11)
Finish them off for a change. Then other countries will have respect for Israel again.
3. Do they really think the government of
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.13.11)
Israel gives a damn about them and their losses? The same government that did not send a minister or deputy minister to the ceremonies for the fall of the Yom Kippur War. They do not care about us! How about if we demand that all government officials go without body guards and use public transportation. The same with their families. Maybe they will get a better idea of the terror war against us after they lose a few of their own.
4. If you look at it from a diffrent angle...
Eric.... ,   Israel......   (10.13.11)
These terrorist become moving targets,they are out of jail,they will carry on with there terrorist activities that is for sure.So we shoot them before they shoot us.We know who they are,and in the long run its better for us.Do not fear Israel is not that dumb........
5. I still trust in G-d the IDF, Shabak & Mossad...
Israeli widow ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
My late husband was murdered in a terrorist suicide bombing and I still have complete faith in G-d and trust in the IDF, the Shabak and the Mossad to provide protection for all of us citizens of the State of Israel. I am sorry that the people quoted in this article do not.
6. Israel do not surrender, she values lives.
7. Both sides
Mike   (10.13.11)
Anyways... both sides are exchanging their so called "terrorists". So on behalf of myself as a third party, both sides have released terrorists into the world despite the difference in numbers.
8. I agree with them.
9. Who is the clown
13.10.2011   (10.13.11)
dressed up for the parade. or re those guns for real. Look like toys from here. My little boy's friend has a similar one from Santa Claus. The Palis will have to wait for the next Christmas to come around.
10. optimistic and positive & look to the full half of the cup.
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.13.11)
yes, We are in high morale thanks to Bibi & the bouncer Liberman "i know in his heart he agreed to the deal : )
11. Release of Shilat
Miriam Ganon ,   Ashdod Israel   (10.13.11)
For all those who don't want the swap of prisoners, I ask you to think if this was you son,father,uncle,brother who has been imprisoned and tortured for five years..would it not be worth it to you?!
12. shalit
harvey gefen ,   toronto canada   (10.13.11)
the torah sets out the unqualified command ransom not the life of a murderer .numbers. by giving profit to ransoming a murderer one will be responsible for many more murders.
13. Will it change anything?
Heidelberg, Germany   (10.13.11)
Do you think they have trouble finding new minds to brainwash for terror? I don't think releasing these prisoners will change anything except prove to the soldiers of Israel that are forced to fight for their country that their country will fight for them to be free. And all the parents of victims of terror should put themselves in other parents shoes and imagine if their sons had been abducted instead would they not expect Israel to do all in its power to get their sons back? You can expect soldiers will feel much more safe serving Israel knowing that Israel will do anything(well not anything) to get them safely home.
14. Yes, a very hard pill to swallow but ...
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.13.11)
if we leave Gilad there it is a death sentence. Before you yell and scream, no, his life is not worth more than those who were murdered bur he is alive. Also he lives in the knowledge that he lived while his colleagues died in the attack. He knows that he is coming home because the butchers of Israelis are going free. For me, that is enough punishment. Don't punish him more by leaving him in the hands of these criminals.
15. I too feel your concerns. Really scared.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (10.13.11)
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