Victims murdered again
Kobi Kimchi
Published: 13.10.11, 12:20
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1. if it were your Son?
Roy ,   Canada   (10.13.11)
Kobi, if was your Son held by Hammas, rotting away in their dungeons, would you not make the deal? Gilad is all of our Son, we can do something for him. We cannot do anything for those who have been murdered. Its our moral obligation as Jews to do something. We must. Your father's memory contributed to bringing Gilad home. Find it in your heart to let that go. Your father would.
2. if it were your son....
Eyal ,   Raanana   (10.13.11)
well.... that is why if it were the son of the Prime minister, he would not be considered capable of making any decision on the matter. What a person might individually do, is not always the right thing for a government to do...
3. If it was my son, I'd demand execution of terrorists.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
Some supporters of the lunatic swap deal say, "What if it was your son?" If my son was kidnapped by Hamas, or any other "Palestinian" terrorist group: I would demand the government execute "Palestinian" prisoners till he was freed. I'd demand Hamas be pounded till my son was freed. The last thing I'd demand was that he be ransomed by freeing 1,000 murderous terrorists.
4. I share your sadness and outrage
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.13.11)
I did not lose a father in a terror attack, but a father- in- law. The distance between those losses is great indeed. But I share with you the deep sadness and even outrage at the release of murderers. I never thought that this would happen. Years ago the rule was we would not release terrorists with 'blood on their hands'. The terrorists being released have much blood on their hands. On the other hand I do not condemn the Prime Minister. There are many factors which led to his decision. One of these surely is the overwhelming public sentiment which seem to say that anything and everything should be done to release Gilad Shalit. I too of course am relieved that he will be coming home.
5. Shalit
gavriel ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.11)
During the second world war the son of Stalin fell into German hands. His son was only a soldier (by rank). Stalin was offered by Germans a deal to exchange his son for one of the top German marshals Paulus. Stalin said: I don't exchange the soldier for marshal.
6. I Agree!
Simcha ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
I have been preaching the same opinion as you to many people including my own wife but the only response i get is imagine if it were your own son. Hopefully Hashem will keep us safe and keep these terrorist out of Israel.
7. The root of the problem is
Moshe ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
that the terrorists have been kept alive...
8. Victims
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
I am so overjoyed and relieved that Gilad Shalit is coming home. But I so so wish that the Government had found a different way to accomplis this, and much sooner, something along the lines of making life unbearable for Hamas, until they had no choice but to releae him. Is it possible that they weighed all of these options? I'm sure they must have and yet.........
9. Everybody loses !
Michael ,   Melbourne Australia   (10.14.11)
All the good guys lose in these circumstances. That's why kidnapping is illegal in all honorable regions. Of course the Shalit's want their son back, all fair minded people agree. Of course Israel cannot acquiesce to the demands of kidnappers. That's why kidnapping is illegal in all honorable regions. This outcome alone should prohibit the Palestinians from being granted a State. A State that allows let alone encourages kidnapping if 'their perceived cause is good enough'. That's an awful prospect.
10. many sons, husbands, fathers will be murder a Second Time
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.14.11)
" I Feel that my father, just like many other victims, is being murdered the second time." how can anyone read this and don't feel the agony of the bereaved ones living mourning their loved ones. MANY don't know, the Shalit family also don't know the agony of an aged father buried his only son, a widow wept the lost love of her life, a child born without having to see the dead father not once... the love ones sometimes attempt suicide even, some went crazy, some swear to leave for good... the dead is not the most pitiful, the living are! because we all have to live on, don't create more families in bereaved. Jews yearned Jerusalem for 1900 to live in her, not to bury in her only! Shalit will not be able to live with his head high if any soldier kill by released terrorists in future, anyone think of that? if he can, frankly than he don't deserve all prayers all these years!
11. #1
boris ,   nyc, us   (10.14.11)
one soldier can not keep his country hostage. what would you do if hamas threaten to kill your son rotting away in their dungeons unless israelis left israel
12. what a selfish prick putting his hurt feelings
ahead of Gilad's freedom. Some people are so self-centered it makes you want to vomit
13. To: Debbie at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.14.11)
First of all, there is absolutely nothing to guarantee that Gilad Shalit will be coming home. The so-called "word" of a terrorist rabble that they will honor an agreement is worthless. That said -- if even only two Jews are murdered by one of the released terrorists -- will it have been worth it?
14. Roy #1: You ask an unfair question.
Steve   (10.14.11)
The prime minister must make decisions based on what is best for the entire nation. If it were the prime minister's son held captive, he might recuse himself if he cannot judge impartially. "We cannot do anything for those who have been murdered, is a fallacious argument. We know from history and experience, these released murderers will go on to murder more innocent Jews. How do you know those murdered by these terrorists are not not crying out from their graves for justice?
15. Moshe #7 is right.
Steve   (10.14.11)
It is obscene there is no death penalty for brutal murderers in Israel.
16. #12, I know, how selfish of this guy
Danny   (10.14.11)
I mean Shalit's family selflessly put their son's freedom ahead of that of the state. Whereas this guy just thinks just because hardened murderers are going to be released to murder again, that a committed enemy of Israel has been given a boost and the foundations have been laid for the next "Son of all of us" to be kidnapped then that outweighs bringing home one soldier. How selfish can you get!!
17. #14, it is a fine question
Danny   (10.14.11)
The answer is that the government has a responsibility to the 7 million sons of the State of Israel to balance against that one Shalit.
18. The sad truth is
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon   (10.14.11)
Hammas will continue in its two objectives, keeping Palestinians in poverty so as to breed the dispair that it needs for its own survival and killing Jews . At the end of the day does it really matter if they send a terrorist called Khaled or one called Achmed - as the Shin Bet guy put it they have so many terrorists that another couple of hundred makes no real difference. If Hammas have not guaranteed that they will not launch indiscrimate attacks in which potentially Shalit could be injured once he returns, no way should Israel give them any guarantees of safety. On the contrary - they should be snet on their way with the warning not to sleep in the same bed twice
19. #12
yushl ,   Yerushalaim,Yisroel   (10.14.11)
WOAH !!! #12 and ynet talkbacks, please watch your language. #12. I appreciate and strongly sympathize with both sides in this debate. However, I must comment that when addressing a bereaved son who civilly articulates his opposition to an agreement that both emancipates from prison and lets loose (not the same thing!) cold blooded murderers in exchange for a kidnapped soldier, one is obligated to voice his sentiments with respect, dignity and conventional sanitary language. His father was murdered by the associates or the very people who are being released. They were tried, convicted and sentenced to one or more life sentences for their heinous crimes. He is categorically entitled to feel that his father's life and death are being rendered irrelevant, insignificant and void of value. It hurts, my friend. The pain never leaves, the nightmare is often relived with fresh torment. The national debate is legitimate, and sacred. Personal insults and obscenities demean, debase, deprecate , desecrate and cheapen the issue. Let us talk, without slinging filth, contempt, derision and invective. May #12, ynet talkback, all readers and all Israel be blessed with a safe, healthy good year...and life. Regardless of the cost, let us pray that Gilad will soon be released alive and well G-d willing, and then join him and his family in rejoicing over his return.
20. #19
eporue ,   europe   (10.14.11)
..."He is categorically entitled to feel that his father's life and death are being rendered irrelevant, insignificant and void of value. It hurts, my friend..." he can feel as this, but it hurts when he puts the dead over the living... the killers were punished, and served part of their sentence, so there is no reason to claim anything of what you say... they are released now, to save the life of a 24 or 25 year old guy...
21. #12 inhuman is any who condemn Kobi Kimchi
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.14.11)
all should be moved to tear reading Kimchi's article, even if not, you should at least give him the respect and understanding. have you a father, or a wife or a son that perish, blown to pieces, buried without full body... some remain loved ones attempt to suicide, some went crazy, some character turn anti-social, some just simple left the family... you are not a human being if you cannot at least shut up! i know many say the living one captured by enemies is more important than the dead ones killed by enemies. wrong! the many now safe ones going to be captured by the enemies are more important! don't come cursing when your son killed by Hamas in future!
22. ... and not only kept alive Moshe
The Mrs.   (10.14.11)
but well fed, doctors when they were sick. Excellent food, comfortable quarters, TV (helloooo), studying for Diplomas and and and and and, lots of mummy & daddy visits. The sobs lived better than me, and I aint in prison and never was. But I would be if one of the fuckers stood before me.
23. Debbie at No. 8
14.10.11   (10.14.11)
No Debbie, the Israeli government did absolutely nothing to help Gilad Shalit when he was in prison. Didn't you see the TV shot of Gilad reading an arabic newspaper. He was commanded to stand up and walk a bit, the wire attached to the bomb on his body was hanging down. Had he made a false move, he would have been blown to bits. Arabs are NOT HUMAN Debbie, so get the notion that they are good people out of your head.
24. #5, Gavriel
Ted ,   UK   (10.14.11)
I try to follow your point... do you suggest to compare the moral of Stalin, one of the 20th century worst mass murderer, to a moral point that the PM of Israel should display???
25. paying ransom
moron ,   galut   (10.14.11)
very sad for victims of terror-past and future--weakness invites terror
26. Re
gavriel   (10.14.11)
I'm not a mom of the captive child, I'm not the Holocaust survivor, I don't have the relatives murdered by terrorist. I'm just a simple man who understands that more than 1000 terrorists who killed 599 Jews cannot be exchanged for one person. Statistics shows that 60% of them return back to kill after being released (count it: 600 terrorists will be back to kill another 360 Jews) Sorry for being so logical but logic is cruel. You guys like nice talk but we talk 'dead and alive" business. We don't chat about what to cook for Friday night. And I cannot say that simple logic since everybody puts in front of me the martyrs: mom and dad of Gil'ad.The bottom line is: they suffer and this is it! All I can say that evil people are better. Stalin was from Georgia. Son for him was the great deal of self respect just as in personal way (son), so too as a for "G-d' of the country. Stalin was like G-d and G-d cannot protect his child?!))) You have to know Russia and Georgia in order to understand this tyrant. But he had self respect not to exchange, even though he could have done so to save self respect (that was all what mattered for him). We don't. We believe in the screaming of mothers. It is wrong since new kids are to die! Too many of them: 360 at least according to statistics: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4134953,00.html You'd like to believe that evil people are just evil. I think a stupid person who tries to do acts of kindness for one mother disregarding many others sometimes acts in a way more evil than the most evildoers. But I cannot even say that! People say: have you lost your son?" No I haven't...
27. something makes no sense
arne ,   usa   (10.14.11)
how can this come about? it's almost to goofy to really understand. evidently having been approved by all the powers that be there must be an awful lot of what's to come as a result of it. the general public is never privey to what really goes on behind closed doors. one things for sure , if this goes down poorly israel can and will not condescend to any outside pressure in the future. personally, i'm upset about the whole thing.
28. #12
Jane   (10.14.11)
You are a fool. Is there an Israeli - indeed any Jew - who does not feel for Gilad? Then why should we not also feel for Kobi? Why is the pain of families of the murdered to be negated? Perhaps there are those, like me, who YOU cause to feel like vomiting.
29. I'm glad he'll be coming home.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.14.11)
But it is the government that is to blame. Had they never agreed to prisoner releases in the past, this never would have happened. Sh-t-for-brians Samir Kuntar was released for bodies. Why hasn't he had an 'accident' by now? The IDF had better have a way of tracking all these dirtbags. As Hamas has recently stated, "We'll do more kidnappings, we get good results!" The IDF should also state, "Step foot in Israel or the settlements and we shoot to kill, no questions asked." All IDF members must be equipped with electronic locators- so this will never happen again. How is it that the clever IDF couldn't find Schalit in all these years?
30. Steve #14
Roy ,   Canada   (10.14.11)
Steve, i was not referring to the prime minister, but to Koby. You "may" be correct about the actions of the to-be released prisoners, but that is something that Israel can and should preempt. Israel has the means to deal with them, and prevent the riskiest group from carrying out further attacks. We need not say more. You all know what i am talking about. Imprisonment of terrorists should NOT be an option in the future. we have learned that lesson here.
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