Hezbollah: Prisoner swap – victory over Zionist entity
Ynet Reporters
Published: 13.10.11, 14:44
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1. Hamas learned the lesson of negotiating
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.13.11)
You do not get all of what you want. This deal is but a microcosm of what will be needed in a final peace negotiation between Israel and Palestine.
2. Meanwhile Nasrallah, Israel is alive and bigger than life.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.13.11)
3. No one said these terrorists aren't now targets
William ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
It's a good ol' fashioned turkey shoot and because Hamas is at war with Israel and these guys are terrorists, they just made the list of worthy targets. How's that for "victory for the resistance". Kinda of like the "2006 victory" you claim despite losing 1000 terrorists, having your infrastructure destroyed, most weapons destroyed, being spanked in front of the Arab world while Arab leaders didn't lift a finger to help you, and 15000 foreigners in S. Lebanon. Victories like that - I support.
4. injustice
elimelech ,   shomron   (10.13.11)
i think the united nationas human rights committee should argue against this swap - the swap equatesthe life of one jew to over 1000 muslims - this is unjust and immoral
5. Tic-tac-tic-tac.....Mashaals clock is ticking.....
who cares   (10.13.11)
6. Nasrallah
Moragh USA   (10.13.11)
I see the bearded caveman has resurfaced. Talk about a comedy act. Nassy never fails to give me a laugh. Go back to sleep. Winter will be upon you soon, don't catch a cold now. We've got to keep that beard of yours in trim until YOU are no longer. Bye honey!
7. he is right this time
zionist forever   (10.13.11)
The deal Israel did is for Hamas a victory but the victory wasn't theirs it was Bibi thinking about his career first. Bibi knew making this deal was irresponsible which is why he has refused to make it for over two years. Then came all the protests and he needed something to offer the people on election day. Bibi's has has done a great job of his handing of the economy but the social justice campaigner want socialism and so boasting about the economy isn't going to win him any votes this time round with the average middle class voter anymore. The left are not going to be praising Bibi for how well he has done on the peace process front. There have been no wars to win and be praised for. Gilad Shalit, everybody wants him back so bring him home and Bibi becomes an overnight hero. Bibi has gone from zero to hero only problem though the deal that made him a hero was irresponsible and he knows it.
8. hard choice
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (10.14.11)
But in reality policymakers often have to choose between bad and worse, not between good and better. This case shows different values and attitude. Israel not abandon none of his soldiers - this is strategy of civilized state. I am glad for every released man, trapped of fanatics and bandits, spent five years in complete isolation, without qualified medical care (he was wounded at the time of capture) and even without right of visiting from the Red Cross (Geneva Convention). Just to note - Shalid not committed a crime, he was kidnapped while performing his duties as a soldier, while Palestinians in Israeli jails have been convicted for concrete crimes.
9. to #7 But will bibi pay for the victims in
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.14.11)
the future? Those freed terrorists will kill Israelis again. Who will pay for this aiding of terrorism? Just the victims and their families. Will he pay for not preparing the southern command for a war with egypt? Will he pay for appointing ehud buraq as d.m.? Our problem here is there is no responsibility for the mistakes made by politicians and the military(generals). Once a bad mistake is made that should end the career and perhaps cause our leaders to think about Israel and not their careers, parties and elections. We have an opposition that is as bad as the present coalition. We are led by fools and worse.
10. Read it as 1 Israeli worth 1000 enemies !!!!!!
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (10.14.11)
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