Names of prisoners in Shalit deal trickle through Arab media
Elior Levy
Published: 13.10.11, 22:45
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1. the bulletted have served 20 or more years...
eporue ,   euroep   (10.13.11)
2. prisoner list
dumbell ,   chicago-usa   (10.13.11)
yesterday i wrote that i thought it was a good thing- today after seeing who was on the list i think i might have been mistaken. i'm sorry i now have a change of heart.keep them in jail
3. What a fiasco!!..
Yossi ,   USA   (10.13.11)
Shame, shame, shame on us!!!...How low can we go?!
4. There needs to be a new prisoner exchange rule
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.13.11)
Make it be known to all that any future prisoner swap will be on a one to one basis no matter who is involved.
5. shalit and palestinian prisoners
joel ,   usa   (10.13.11)
the big question here, is israel willing to sacrifice the effects of releasing these terrorists who are capable of more terrorism in israel once released, just to release mr shalit? is this a mistake for israel, ha?
6. PoWs
Haim ,   Israel   (10.13.11)
We must do everything in our power to return our boys home. Pikuach nefesh is a Torah mitsva, Lets also pray for zachary Baumel,zvi feldman,yehuda katz and ron arad. To return home safely. BH
7. Seeing that list
meghan ,   israel   (10.13.11)
makes your blood run cold. Hope there will be a new rule where terrorists are prisioners!
8. Oh my! Clinton is happy that a whole bunch of terrorists
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.13.11)
are being released for one Israeli soldier. Will she be prepared to release all the Guantanamo prisoners for one US soldier??? Huh??? But she is happy about this deal. Yah! Different strokes for different folks. I'm sure all the EU countries are ecstatic about this deal too.
9. To Harry
Gary ,   NYS USA   (10.13.11)
#8, as an American I can tell your 100 % right. Israel never gave in to terrorism before. I wonder what would prime minister begin or Shamir say about this great deal, lol. Israel used to have the secret operatives in the world.
10. in response to a few
akh ,   israel   (10.14.11)
Golda Mair said it best :if they loved thier children as much as they hate us, the war would be over. One thousand terrorists is equal to one thousand terrorists One Israeli Soldier is a son to us all,and can be replaced by no one.We await your arrival home Gilad.
11. Waiting for the announcement of the next flotilla
Devorah   (10.14.11)
because this will embolden these mentally ill terrorist sympathizers.
12. #5
sara ,   USA   (10.14.11)
this question of your for a reason I have not worked out yet- maybe beacause The criminals types are both terrorists, raises a new question for me:when you Google map of sexual offenders in the US,in the US you see that they are EVERYWHERE. these are terror criminals into your neighbourhood too, released on a daily basis.And like Israels soon to be released terrorists, we never know when they will act again-.We Americans have to stop throwing stones from our glass house, and rather start identifying with how delicate the price of our right to protect out children actually is.
13. Silly, Turkey can send the 40 back Israel via flotilla!
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.14.11)
turkey, of all places? Turkey very famous for the Trojan horse flotilla can send these 40 banned prisoners (not allow to even Syria or Egypt) back Gaza by flotilla. they will come back not as terrorists, but "peace activists"! WAKE UP! some went to Egypt will come back by illegal tunnels! worst case is the deadly 6 Israeli-arabs, right into HEART OF ISRAEL! is this committing suicide?
14. Victims of Murder
max ,   washington dc   (10.14.11)
How about releasing the names of the Victims, along with the names of the Terrorists who Murdered them and are now being let out of prison! Maybe Interpol will take action and re-arrest these Murderers since Israel is not capable of keeping them out of civilized society.
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