Behind the scenes of the Shalit deal
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 14.10.11, 01:46
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1. Behind the scenes
pnina ,   israel   (10.14.11)
This is probably a good time for YNet to practice Meidan's skill in HUMINT to know when to shut up. We don't need to know about the details right now, when any little hiccup could torpedo the deal.
2. Oh stop it! Mashaal wants to change residence to Egypt!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.14.11)
That was the only reason he agreed.
3. why are you talking about this?
Ruben ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.11)
before Gilad is physically back? All this media leaking, etc, makes no sense, we should be celebrating only when he will cross the border into Israel. This is insane and nobody seem to care.
4. This deal is a deadly disgrace. Not an accomplishment.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
The pathetic quality of many Israeli leaders is obvious by what they regard as big accomplishments. For instance, Livni regards her idiotic cease fire with Hizbullah, which denied Israel victory in Lebanon, as a big accomplishment. Meidan regards a truly lunatic deal to free 1,000 murderous terrorists as a a big accomplishment. In the lexicon of many Israeli leaders, a big accomplishment is any agreement with terrorists; regardless of how much harm it does to Israel. This deal is a deadly disgrace. Not an accomplishment.
5. Shalit Deal
Joe Tango ,   USA   (10.14.11)
The Shalit deal was a stupid deal which will cost Israeli lives. Ehud barak the Darling of the Clinton family supported this deal which would let hundreds of prisoners with blood on their hands out. Does anyone remember the founder of Hamas who ordered some of the suicide bombings Ahmed Yassin who was released as part of a prisoner deal in the 90's? I am beginning to have less and less confidence in the Israeli goverment defending not only Israel and Jews in Israel but Jews around the world. This government is beginning to be a laughing stock of the world. One Man is not worth the potential of hundreds of additional lives that will be lost because of this decision.
6. "A way to meet in the middle"?
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.14.11)
B"H - Median: "..Both parties were trying to find a way to meet in the middle". - ABY: So, what is the right price for a hostage? From the Mishna in Gittin we learn that we are forbidden to pay an exorbitant price to secure the freedom of a captive. Just because the enemy asks for 1400 terrorists and we release "only" 1027, it does NOT mean that we are meeting at "the middle". It simply means that we erode the life sentence in Israel by a wholesale abuse of the presidential pardon. Presidents from now on should be limited to sign a maximum of let's say 5 pardons during their tenure.
7. This is not an achievement I would like to see on my resume!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.14.11)
8. Mashaals landlord in Syria was unstable and he had to get out pronto to Egypt
Alan ,   SA   (10.14.11)
9. Gilad
Yoel ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
A fair exchange should be.................. 1 captive soldier in exchange for 1 terrorist prisioner and no more.
sasha ,   bilbao, basque   (10.14.11)
Stop chatting, the deal ain't through yet.
11. Gershon Baskin. The 'secret' intermediary
Jonathan ,   United Kingdom   (10.14.11)
He's been talking about his attempts to mediate in behalf of Gilad for a few years now. For example at the UK Limmud in 2009 he went into detail about his trips into Gaza. What was interesting about his approach was he managed to understand the human face of those who he met in Hamas. It's a pity only Haaretz are today referring to his efforts. With people like Gershon around we have hope for peace even with Hamas. I hope Israel will not let these indirect contacts stand wither whilst waiting instead for an Al Qaeda takeover in Gaza.
12. #1&3: Well, because it is not true
Noa ,   B7, IL   (10.14.11)
the article does not say what happened, but what they want us to believe what happened. As easy as that. The only true keyword here is Egypt.
13. To n° 10
Marcela Araújo ,   Together, Brazil   (10.14.11)
It's always good to talk, except when the negotiators are tired... Ps: I am sorry about yesterday...
14. Keep Chatting Guys
Joshua ,   USA   (10.14.11)
Hopefully the chatter will provoke Hamas to renage on the deal. Israel obviously does not have the common sense and dignity to tell right from wrong. The Israeli government is nothing but a bunch of morally bankrupted lunatic loosers.
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