Tel Aviv: 'Price Tag' in Rabin memorial
Yoav Malka
Published: 14.10.11, 11:24
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1. Sick
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.11)
Having family killed by terrorists is unfortunately not uncommon in Israel. Yet, somehow all those people manage not to deface public property and support a murderer. No excuse for this.
2. It's not likely, that Channel10 will air too many segments
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.14.11)
showing citizens protesting the gradual& relentless capitulation in face of Arab agression.This is a not so nice, but relatively non-violent, effective way to convey these sentiments. After all: terror guarantees worl-wide coverage, so does a spray can. Which one do you choose?
3. Everyone voices an opinion exept Gilad
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.14.11)
Jjust as anyone who is against the prisoner swap does not judge the Shalit family (but rather the government) no one should judge the actions this man expressed from deep anguish (except the court of law that will decide the extent of damages to municipal property and the remuniration that he'll have to pay. Everyone, it seems, feels just in expressing his/her opinion on the matters of the exchange, but what will Gilad say about it when he returns? We don't yet know, but it seems that most people don't care either.
4. the world Upside /Down
tiki ,   belgium   (10.14.11)
Israeli, who's parents were murdered IN, Hamas who murdered his parents OUT! And he's right. It's time for 'clemency. Israeli ""terrorists"" & Yigal Amir should be freed a.s.a.p. They have done their part of their punishment (which in itself was appropriate 100%), but if Hamas murderers can be freed, so can Israeli defence activists.
5. Government is creating a lot of enemies by letting free 1027
Hippocrates ,   earth   (10.14.11)
murderers of parents daughters, brothers, best friends etc- all the murderers are UNREPENTANT. That means theyd be happy if more Jewish murders happaned and many will help do this. The government, and prior governments since 1993, have not the moral backbone we need. I think thats obvious.
6. If you are convicted of murdering a Jew killer...
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls   (10.14.11)
you go to Jail. If you deface a memorial to a killer of Jews you go to jail. With the mass-murder of the trained survivors of the Shoa on the Altalena, Rubitzov bloodied his hands with your blood long before abu Amar and compounded it with the Oslo Accords with his partner, again Arafat, with the murder and maiming of over 1600 Jews and, heaven forbid, still counting. The gift of peace that never was that keeps on taking. Red would have been more appropriate. You are preparing again to release and no doubt arm and further train those that have and will continue to come to kill you that you let remain in your midst. That is Rubitzov's (Rabin) peace. And Oren speaks of defending the IDF at all costs! How about removing the threat instead of arming, training and feeding them? Expel them as that would be humane so you won't have to kill them when they come to kill you (heaven forbid) again. Do not be lead by those who say you have no choice. Enforce the right of return of those that come to kill you back to the homicidal, Hamite peninsular homeland of their own name so you may better approximate peace in the land of your own name, the land that protects you and you are bound to....
7. Where is the memorial to the 1700 dead
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.14.11)
and thousands wounded by the oslo death accords? If rabin did not sign this stupid accords with the terrorist murderer, how many people would be alive today as well as how many people would not have been wounded? Free Shvuel and give him another can of paint! Whoever arrested him should be ashamed of himself. Make sure there is a memorial built to the victims of terror and let it tower over rabin's memorial. Remove peres from the office of president. He was responsible for the oslo death accords and also make sure his fellow henchmen are removed from public office and politics forever. They aided terrorism and placed Israel in a dangerous position.
8. I agree with him
Giliboy da dudey lad ,   dudin it around town   (10.14.11)
If mine or your parents had been murdered by terrorists then we'd feel exactly the same. So just becaus eour parents didn't happen to have been that doesn't give us the right to ignore his plight. All he did was chuck paint on a monument, he didn't hurt anyone. If only everyone could make their strong feelings about things in this way instead of killing people. I wish him all the best.
9. #1 - go to HE&L - his parents were MURDERED in Sbarra terror
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh   (10.14.11)
what about a little bit of understanding. you (CORRECTLY) would expect us to understand the Shalit family as Israel lets loose 1,000 proven murderer Hamas terrorists (this is bad for Israel but its their SON and we must understand them). BUT you do NOT have any understanding for this tortured soul who lost his parents. you are STONE HEARTED. I bet you have more understand for fatah "moderates" than for Jewish terror victims.
10. Tel Aviv: 'Price Tag' in Rabin memorial
Herb ,   Herzlia, Israel   (10.14.11)
Not only were the parents of Svuel murdered in the Sbarro restaurant terror attack in Jerusalem in 2001, but also three of his brothers. You can not Judge Svuel Schijverschuurder for spraying paint, just hope you will never be in his position.
11. Wrong
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.11)
I have lost family in and I know many people who have as well to terrorist attacks and war. And you know what, none of us are complete jerks! His parents were killed 10 years ago. That is a tragedy but he's using it to justify his idiocy. If every Israeli who lost family acted like this, we'd have anarchy. And no, I wouldn't feel the same way if it were my family. I have not forgiven and never will, but I also don't lead my entire life blinded by rage and hate.
12. Where is Huldai's" Liberal Humanity" ?
TheLiberal'sIdols ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.14.11)
The liberal all peace and love live and let live Mayor of Tel Aviv says they should cut the hands of the perpertrator nice coming from such a" liberal person " He revealed the true face of "liberal" Israel they are filled to overflowing with rabid hate to all who oppose their agenda or their sacred idols.Their hypocritical mask is off finally and big time ,
13. Excuse me, I'm not sure I understand
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.14.11)
Did you think we would remain silent forever? Terrorist attack upon terrorist attack, several thousand dead, but Jews are supposed to absorb it all with quiet grace? Not going to happen. Welcome to the brave, new world. If the Arabs don't like it, perhaps a good first step would be to STOP TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST JEWS AND ISRAEL. Otherwise -- whatever consequences accrue is entirely their fault. Suck it up. Payback is a bitch. Enough is enough. In fact -- it has been entirely FAR TOO MUCH. It isn't us. It's them. Shut them down, and there is no problem. Unless and until -- Price Tag works for me. Payback. Boo, hoo, hoo. Did those animals think we would not ever respond? Well, they were wrong, weren't they? Keep it up. Terror neged terror. Works for me.
14. Stupid Comment by Ron Huldai
Ric ,   Gosport, UK   (10.14.11)
What a stupid thing for Mayor Ron Huldai to say! What Schijveschuurder did wasn't very nice, but it was understandable. It doesn't matter that Huldai was speaking metaphorically: his language brings him down to the level of the Wahhabi savages. A proper statesman would have spoken more in sorrow than in anger. Schijveschuurder should be bound over to keep the peace, but Huldai should apologise.
15. if hamas abduct another soldier, Israel release 1000 again?
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.14.11)
Al-Hayya, a senior hamas urged PA terrorists to kidnap more Israeli soldiers to bargain release of the rest of all prisoners in Israeli jails: "The one and only solution is more resistance against the Israeli oppression, and more abduction of Israeli soldiers and settlers." Hamas leaders are telling Arabic media that Israel agreed to an exchange for Shalit without a commitment from the terrorist group to stop kidnapping soldiers… Hamas has openly vowed to kidnap more Israelis in order to free more prisoners. when Israel use up all her Bargain chips, will she release the most deadly terrorists if hamas abduct another soldier? hamas is successful in dividing Israel into half today! SAD!
16. in my life
ecr   (10.14.11)
I never heard a Jew (?) say to cut off another Jew's hands. This is not to be understood. The guy threw paint, not nice, but he didn't kill anyone as was done to his family. Where is the mayor's comments about cutting off hands,on the all the terrorists being released from prison?
17. Ron Huldai and 'cutting off hands'
Gary   (10.14.11)
I though the Left prided themselves on tolerance and now they are demanding someones hands should be cut off . Imagine if a right wing politician had demanded that the Arabs who desecrated Rachel's Tomb had their hands cut off!
18. Dear Gabriel (1 + 11)
Ron M ,   South Tel Aviv   (10.14.11)
The only sick person I see here is you. Are you so blind? THIS IS A HUNK OF STONE. Nothing more, but your callousness shows me that next exchange deal we should trade you to Hamas. Tembel.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.14.11)
20. Shvuel Schijveschuurder
shamash ,   london   (10.14.11)
when your family killed you cannot forget it, you have to act or you are not worth to live.
21. cut off hands ?
A Very Heavy Stone ,   Florida   (10.14.11)
Interesting how the mayor begins talking like a Muslim when a Jew does graffiti vandalism but when an Arab murders there is no call for this kind of justice. More proof that failed secular Jewish rule is unraveling and ending. Price tags will only get worse because you cant reward evil and punish good at not cost .
22. OK. I support him and his goals, wall to wall.
G. Fränkl   (10.14.11)
23. Rightwingers wrongly blaming Leftwingers
Joe   (10.14.11)
It is interesting how the right wingers like to blame the left wingers for the release of terrorists in exchange for Schalit. It seems that it is the right wing Likud ruled government under Netanyahu that is making this deal. Where's the right wing condemnation of their beloved Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?
24. #1&11
nva ,   jerusalem   (10.14.11)
Gabriel, if you lost family in a terror attack then you of ALL people should understand his angst. He was 17 and lost both parents, 3 siblings, and 2 sisters seriously wounded in one of the most heinous attacks perpetrated. The people responsible for this will now be released, and you expect him to contain his anger??? This to me is much more sick than what he did.. as well as this very very misplaced adoration and worship of Rabin by the Israeli left.
25. Oh great!
Gabriel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.11)
If it's just a hunk of stone, you wouldn't mind if a bunch of people went over to your house and sprayed it with Hamas symbols, right? It is depressing to see how anti-democratic and just plain vile most of the talkbackers are here. It is good to know that Israelis by a 63%-19% margin supported the deal so these people are just an angry, stupid minority.
26. It is difficult 2 b compassionate towards a jerk!
terror survivor ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
I feel for Shvuel Schijveschurrder, I really do. I am in the same boat, I am a survivor of terrorism and I am also a widow due to terrorism but I don't go around defacing property and interupting official state memorials. Mr. Schijveschurrder is out of control and as unfortunate as his loss is, it does not justify his behaviours. HE IS OUT OF LINE!
David ,   NJUSA   (10.14.11)
28. No sympathy
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.14.11)
Israel release over 1000 murdering terrorists but no sympathy for this young man.
29. Low cost. Markdowns. Going out of...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (10.14.11) sale? Spray paint and grafitti defacings are a very low cost of poorly handlng the running of Israel vis a vis it's hostile, murderous neighbors. Ssomeone murdered? Creative non-violent artistic or literary revenge (on a wall of man made memorial) by a distraught family member, frustrated by release coddling of terrorist prisoners? Very, VERY cheap, indeed. Would the media and it's tame government prefer something more heated or explosive in nature? The release allowed by grafitti or defacement is an acceptable vent for the pressures so obviously building and the ignored red needle's climn.
30. The Shalit deal is a SHAME for Israel
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