Shalit family prepares for Gilad's return
Ahiya Raved
Published: 14.10.11, 11:35
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1. Shalit Deal
Joe Tango ,   USA   (10.14.11)
The Shalit deal was a stupid deal which will cost Israeli lives. Ehud barak the Darling of the Clinton family supported this deal which would let hundreds of prisoners with blood on their hands out. Does anyone remember the founder of Hamas who ordered some of the suicide bombings Ahmed Yassin who was released as part of a prisoner deal in the 90's? I am beginning to have less and less confidence in the Israeli government defending not only Israel and Jews in Israel but Jews around the world. This government is beginning to be a laughing stock of the world. One Man is not worth the potential of hundreds of additional lives that will be lost because of this decision.
2. A precondition for the Shalit Family...
They should be required to attend all funerals and visit all victims from this exchange. Let them look into the eyes of the families who will )god forbid) loose children, mothers and fathers. G-d help us all.....aghhh
3. gilad's return
yehudit ,   israel   (10.14.11)
It is very easy to sit in the US and judge...try living here, living the situation on a daily basis, and being in that family's shoes. We (the people of Israel) are VERY HAPPY and we are rejoicing as a nation during this time. We wish Gilad and the entire Shalit family CHag Sameach! and more important Welcome Home! It is a big morale boost for the IDF to know that they will never be "left behind"! It was not an easy decision to reach - and the best deal that could be done was done. Try not judging so hard - you don't know what is really going on here.
4. Banana Republic
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.14.11)
B"H Whereas I am happy for the Shalit family, the Israeli and the Jewish prospectives are different. The Israeli prospective is that we are in front of the erosion of the life sentence as such as it becomes meaningless in front of our eyes. Now we know that the murderers of the Fogels of Itamar will be set free, the only thing we don't know is when. It also is obvious that there is a wholesale abuse of the presidential power to pardon. These two aspects can only be mitigated with a) mandatory death penalty and b) with the reduction of the power of a president to pardon to let's say 5 cases in total. The Jewish aspect is that the State, as always, goes against Torah, as by halacha we are forbidden to pay more for a hostage than his worth. If you combine these elements the grand total is that we don't live in a Jewish State and even less in a democratic one. The short for this in colloquial is: banana republic.
5. AMEN #3!!!!!!!!!
We in Israel have HUGE joy over this one life restored to us! At least ONE came back! Its a great answer to 5 years of daily, weekly, monthly prayer for Gilad. Should we send him back to his prison? Would that be better? All of the complaining is cruel to the Shalits and will never bring back the departed.
6. #3
Joe tango ,   Usa   (10.14.11)
Having almost been in one of those terrorist attacks and recently a rocket attack I resent your view. Your callous attitudes to the victims speaks volumes. How many Americans were killed by these terrorist a lot includeing a women who went to my school. What would happen if the planners of 911 were released.
7. 3 & 5
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
Bravo to you two. Israel has always said she will never leave her soldiers behind enemy lines. Gilad's place is at home in Israel. TG this horrible, cruel ordeal is almost over.
8. Gilad
David Cohen ,   Usa   (10.14.11)
I have mixed feeling about the deal for gilad am glad he's coming home but I also feel like all the blood sweat and tears that went in to putting all these guys in prison was for nothing. it took 4 to 8 terrorist to bring the strongest country in the world on their knees on 911 could you imagine what 1000 could do? God bless israel and I hope they get ready for more soldiers to be kidnapp
9. A dark cloud over the picnic
A ,   Belgium   (10.14.11)
Does anyone know if Gilad is even alive? Has hamas sent undeniable proof that he is indeed alive? Would anyone believe hamas anyway? Please, please, please. Lets not get our hopes up too high. If Gilad is in a coffin, with the lame hamas excuse that he was killed during an Israeli air raid during "Cast Lead" (meaning, we tortured him to death), the Shalit family and Israel as a nation will be broken. Lets prepare for the worst, and be thankful if the best happens.
10. Lets solve this mess
Disco Inferno ,   Toronto   (10.14.11)
Release 1,000+ terrorists. Let them go to celebrate to Gaza. Then drop some hundreds of 500lbs bombs, clusters and what have you.... later, deal with Syria, Lebanon and Iran.
11. 4 Ariel ben Yochanan: Who can put a price on a human soul?
Rivkah   (10.14.11)
One Gilad Shalit is worth more than a thousand of Satan's followers. A million of Satan's followers could not equal one Jew who is a Jew in his heart. Take comfort in the words of Zephaniah the Prophet in the Holy Scriptures: "After Gaza is forsaken (of Jews) and Ashkelon is a desolation and Ekron and Ashdod are driven out in the noonday, YHWH will kill every Philistine (Palestinian) on the coasts of Canaan." There is some indication that will be with a tsunami, although fire and brimstone from heaven is a real possiblity, too, as well as a nuclear strike.
12. 9 A, Belgium: If Gilad Shalit is not alive and a corpse is
Rivkah   (10.14.11)
traded for a thousand Palestinians, that corpse is still worth more to HaShem than the thousand living followers of Satan. The blessing on Israel of having the bones of Josef ben Jacob the Patriarch buried in Israel is inestimable considering that Josef was given the birthright blessings of the chosen people which is the prosperity factor rather than the throne or rule as Judah was given. I only wish the ashes of the holocaust dead of WWII Nazi Europe could be brought to Israel for burial so the nation could be blessed by those bones, too. Remember the bones of Elisha that could bring a dead man back to life.
13. Shalit has been treated very well in Gaza
Gaza teacher ,   Gaza strip   (10.14.11)
The captors have shown maximum palestininan hospitality . according to a local news website : Today, Friday : Shalit has his beard cu off and was brought new clothes . In captivity , the captors used to celeberate his birhtday and bring him gifts in jewsh hoildays ..... Shalit has had good relations with captors and used to have lunch and supper with them . Shalit has an excellent mental health and sure he won't need a psychiatric therapy . Iam quite sure , shalit will tell you all in Israel positively of his experience in Gaza ... I won't be suprised if he decides to return to Gaza and live there with it's people .......
14. Islamics respect for life.
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.14.11)
The islamics are not known for good careing of human life. Then, prepare for the worst. If it happens and if someone need help how to make gaza a parking lot, I have som good ideas...
15. 12 Sorry dear Rivkah, but
A ,   Belgium   (10.14.11)
ashes and bones are not going to save the Jewish nation. And HaShem is no big help either. It will take leadership...brave stand up to the world and say..."we dont apologize, we dont compromise, we dont endanger our citizens by allowing terror to march within and without us. We WILL survive!" And that means the spirits of Rahavam (Ghandi) Zeevi, and Rafael (Raful) Eitan and Itzak (Mr. No) Shamir, led by the only PM who was truly in love with his country and people, Menahem Begin, to straighten the backs and return the pride to the Israeli people. Enough disgrace, enough bowng the head to other, as happened not long ago in history, enough making offers that are automatically rejected by the enemies of Israel. The conflict is close by, and Israel must be ready. Get rid of all treatorous arab mks, they have no place in the Israeli government. Cut ALL utilities to gaza, cut all monetary aid to the PA. Its time to survive.
16. 13. Shalit has been treated very well in Gaza
A ,   Belgium   (10.14.11)
and if you are wrong, which you most likely are, than you are truly representing the sons of ishmael as they truly are...pathetic liars.
17. Why don't people think about what they're about to post?
Matt ,   ירוחם   (10.15.11)
You think it's the Shalit family's fault that Gilad is coming back. Worse yet, you are arguing that it is Noam and Aviva's fault that over a thousand prisoners will be released. But you're not done there! You continue with a hope that the family SUFFERS because they wanted their son back. Really?
David ,   NJUSA   (10.15.11)
19. # 13
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.15.11)
You are out of your tiny mind if you think we believe your cock & bull story about how well Gilad Shalit has been treated by his captors for the last 5 years.
20. # 13....
Dana Rothschild ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.15.11)
yeah... palestinian hospitality.... almost 6 years without any contact with outside worldand in confinement... maybe we Jews have to learn from you and give the palestinian prisoners in our prisons the same hospitality.....
21. # 19 20..... I'll make a bet he's been well treated..
Edithann ,   USA   (10.16.11)
but how will you feel if he says he was well treated? Ever think of that?.. How are the 10,000 jailed Palestinians treated? TATA
22. Israeli Gov.
Dina ,   sf ca   (10.16.11)
I just wonder if Less vocal parents will achieve same results
23. Israeli Gov.
Dina ,   sf ca   (10.16.11)
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