Is Netanyahu a real leader?
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 14.10.11, 12:49
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1. So, what's the option?
lidia ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
Letting the Shalit family continue their ""touring"" around the world or inside our country expecting a miracle or Hamas's repentance? Invading Gaza in order to free our Gilad and wait for USA's objection?
2. Exactly. Netanyahu is a self-serving, dangerous bozo.
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (10.14.11)
He has made Israel look and be far more stubborn, unreasonable and belligerent in these few years than the Palestinians under Arafat (YSh"U) had over four decades. He has vandalized and subverted what semblance of meaningful negotiations there were after Olmert (another major league idiot and liar). He has destroyed Israel's middle class. He has polarized the society. He has picked some of the most incompetent, unsavory individuals in the region to be in his government. And now he has released hundreds of terrorists and criminals in exchange for one person, and at the same time weakened President Abbas who is just about the only hope of this pathetic conflict ever getting close to a resolution. For a guy who has no beliefs or vision except self-aggrandizement, Netanyahu has actually done remarkably well for himself. And that's the saddest part in this whole tragicomedy.
3. Bibi betrays all Likud stands for & all Israel votes for..
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
Is Netanyahu a real leader? NO. Netanyahu betrays every principle Likud stands for and everything the vast majority of Israelis vote for. Bibi clearly violates the Likud Constitution, which calls for massive Jewish building throughout our liberated lands. Jabotinski would roll in his grave at Bibi's "leadership". The release of 1,000 murderous terrorists is an absolute surrender to terror that no other Western nation would ever consider. Let alone do. Israel is full of courageous and wise men and women. Likud must choose one of them to replace Netanyahu.
4. Is this the political beef thrown to the media-sharks by the
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.14.11)
PM in order to get some respite from the phoney ''social-justice'', anti Bibi campaign? One cannot but wonder. Just like Sharons 180 degree turn on Gaza in order to save his ass, could this be of similiar nature? I ask for someone to come up with a plausible, less cynical explanation. Thank you in advance....
5. Yes he is a great leader but leads backwards !
6. soldiers
Dan ,   Rimonim, Israel   (10.14.11)
As a citizen of Israel, I agree with the editorial 100%. Israel gave up way too many prisoners. As a father of 2 soldiers, however, I would hope that my country would do whatever was needed to secure their release, if, G-d forbid, they were taken captive.
7. I agree with #1
Israeli   (10.14.11)
What would you have Bibi do? People always complain about ALL of our Prime Ministers. Not one escapes the gaunlet of national opinion. They can do nothing right in the public eye. Would you all rather Gilad Shalit continue to languish in Hamas hands? I agree with the Prime Minister, that the climate in this region is going to turn so stormy VERY soon, there will never again be another opportunity to get Gilad out. Its now or never. We are soon going to be in one of the biggest wars this region has ever experienced. Rather get Gilad out so that we do not have to fear Hamas planting him in harms way.
8. Is Bibi Israels obamma?
Rick ,   United States   (10.14.11)
It's time for Bibi to go bye bye.
9. another dumb article
alexi   (10.14.11)
jews have a long way to go as they keep coming up with shiffers, amir orens, livnis, olmerts, peres, beilins, dekels, ramons,even baraks-apologists with eyes closed. Shalit had to be freed one way or another and removed from the stage. No one can say a word against the shalits, though once he is freed, his parents should not bother the government anymore other than benefits. Now as for these terrorrists, some of whom maybe all of them will restart terror after lying low for a few days, israelis, pack guns and shoot them if they start any violence or planning violence. Stop crying like in the old days. Keep your guns loaded and eyes open.
10. Let's be fair to Netanyahu
Sidney ,   USA   (10.14.11)
I happen to think that the prisoner exchange is the mistake described in this article. However, there is no leader in the whole world subject to more stress than Bibi. Up to now, he has handled the pressures well, among them his horrible coalition with Shas and Barak. But even the hardest rock eventually wears away when subject to wind or water. Apparently Bibi's time has come. He should be thanked for his service and encouraged to change jobs with Lieberman who can still take the pressure.
11. what different leadership?
moron ,   galut   (10.14.11)
bibi gives speeches then backs down..let's barak run loose without a muzzle..bibi made weaker by factionalism in knesset-jews must unite behind a zionist government
12. Question For ALL The Genius's Have You
Lived In Bibi's Shoes For One Second? Nah! Is Israel A Beaming Equation Of Democracy is The Sea of Butcher's, Murder's, and arab Dictators? Yep ! Is Israel Thriving Economically? Yep !!! So Are You All Comfortable AT HOME Critizing A Man Trying To Fullfill Hashem's Covanants and The Israeli Peoples. When You Chumps Run For Prime Minister Of Israel and WIN then You may Add Your Two Cents!!! Until then your two cent Comments are worth Just That 2 cents. May Hashem Bless And Keep Bibi Safe and Give Him Wisdom, Truth and Knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!! Baruch Hashem/ Shabat Shalom
13. Israel will release 550 prisoners of its choice.
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (10.14.11)
There are some substantial misunderstandings on the nature of the Gilad Shalit exchange deal. The number 1000 is impressive but most will be chosen by Israel, meaning they will be prisoners with the lightest sentences and crimes. In other words, people who would have been released anyway during the next year or two. Israel rejected Hamas’s demand to release those being called “arch-terrorists” who were major organizers of attacks or responsible for a larger loss of life. Of the most serious terrorist prisoners, only a bit over 96 will be released into the West Bank and 14 to east Jerusalem where they could cause direct trouble for Israel. The rest will be sent to the Gaza Strip or deported altogether. Those with lighter sentences who live in the West Bank would have been sent there anyway when their sentences were finished. Of these 450 prisoners: 131 Gaza Strip residents will go there. 163 West Bank residents will be expelled from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. 40 will be expelled overseas. 96 will return to their homes in the West Bank. 14 will return to their homes in east Jerusalem. 6 Israeli Arabs will be released to their homes. At this point, Shalit will return to Israel. And Israel will release 550 prisoners of its choice.
14. Bibi cares about ONE THING
Ah Israel politics ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
HIMSELF and his political tucass He knows the right is about to abandon him if he gives into Obama... so time to do what Sharon did... swing far left.
15. A traitor to the state!
Elizabeth Biggin ,   Rotherham, UK   (10.14.11)
Netanyahu is Israel's worst ever Prime Minister, bowing to the terrorists' demands and shrugging off the feelings of those who have lost loved ones to the very killers he is releasing. I never thought I'd say this...but bring back Olmert!!
16. prisoners
sad ,   israel   (10.14.11)
it is a hgh price..................................... and I think that the entire truth of how and why shalit was kidnapped should be published. when the true story is told, people will be even more upset that we returned over a thousand terrorists. the soldiers in the tank made mistakes, those sent to check the tank made mistakes (when they lost contact with them)...............the truth always hurts and the public needs to know the entire story.
17. #1 take hamas leadership by the gonads and drop them into
Jordan Is ,   East palestine   (10.14.11)
aolitary confinement, then, and only then, procure release for gilad. tit for tat. in the meantime end the 2 state solution in israel, but start the 2 state solution in jordan. congress is the only body that needs to hear this. Jordan is Palestine
18. If Im ever taken captive by Hamas, DONT RELEASE 1027
Reserve Soldier ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.11)
MURDERERS. Blow up everyone in Hamas along with me. Let me move on to the next world and not suffer this in dungeon with untold beatings. BUT DO NOT LET UNREPENTANT MURDERERS OUT for me.
19. Hilarious!
Daniel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.14.11)
It's always wildly amusing when one of the "Rightist Saviors" betrays his rabid followers. As they ALWAYS do! (Think Gaza, Hebron Sinai, etc etc etc)
20. #12 - Amen, Selah!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.14.11)
21. #15 - Easy for you to shoot your mouth from thee UK...
Jacob ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (10.14.11)
...I suggest you worry about how your leadership treats your Muslim terrorist population.
22. is natanyahu REAL leader?
les ,   canada   (10.14.11)
N O !!!
23. It's not his fault
Eli ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
Israel is plagued by so call Jewish Liberal self hating Pro Hamas Anarchists and they are much more destructive than Iran and Hamas combined. Sorry, but I lost faith because the enemy is from within, Bibi cant do anything with people like Livni acting like the scum traitor running around the world opening her filthy mouth and bashing Israel on every Nazi media channel, she should be thrown in jail for treason. I hate to say this but I think the best thing to happen is for rockets to rain down on Tel Aviv. What Bibi should of done was cut off all water, electricity and food into Gaza, that would of saved Shalit.
24. I agree with the decision, but do not like it
Dan S. ,   USA   (10.14.11)
First off, let me be uneqivocal in my stating that I hate the decision that was made. However, from a strategic (and tactical, for that matter) standpoint, it is the best move to make. Hamas's ephemeral "victory" will help delegitimize the PA and Fatah, which is worth more than 1027 prisoners. The prospect of a "legitimate" terrorist state with an army of far more than 1027 attacking Israel at every turn, and against which Israel would be condemned for retaliating justifiably, is far worse. Israel lost a bargaining chip and some credibility when it comes to its statements, but these can be recovered in short order. Without any baggage in Gaza, Israel can now (presuming it has the will) pulverize that trash pile. It ultimately doesn't matter how many Palestinians are thrown in Israeli jails, there are just more behind them. Their networks become less relevant when they are sealed in Gaza. If Israel were really intent on permanently removing this scum, they would execute the terrorists by firing squad or whatever means prove most economical - anything else just costs taxpayers money. I agree with one talkback that the region may very well get really ugly soon and it is better to get this straightened out now than to wait. The problem is not these 1027. The problem is the Palestinians as a whole. It is high time we treat the problem as what it is and stop trying to look at it as a problem of one faction or another or something that can be conveniently dealt with by arresting a few people.
25. Israel=GILAD/Not war after war/BIG ISRAEL=SHALIT=SHALOM
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.14.11)
26. #1. Israel has far better options than this mad deal.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
#1. You ask, "What is the option?". Israel has far better options than this mad deal. In fact, almost any choice would be better. Here are a few. 1) Execute captured terrorists to prevent them from being ransomed and commiting more atrocities. 2) Rescue Shalit. Remember Entebbe? Shalit is held a few kilometres away on land Israel legally owns! Not in distant Uganda. 3) Pound Hamas till they free Shalit. 4) Cut off all electricity, food and water to Gaza till Shalit is freed. And on and on. Saying "we have no choice" is a ludicrous cop out. There are always choices.
27. Ynet again attacks Netanyahu
bob kirk ,   las vegas usa   (10.14.11)
SHimon SHiffer is claiming that in being very flexible to secure Gilad Shalit,'s release Netanyahu is contradicting his past posiions and failing in the test of leadeship. In fact, Netanyahu is showing great leadership: due to reasons beyond Israel's control i.e. hamas' position in Syria, a weaker Iran, the need to respond to Palestinians demanding prisoner releases, hamas are willing to make more concessions and this is the time to strike a deal as Netanyahu did with the backing of the IDF and the Mossad. Shiffer claims that from now on Palestinians will see hamas as their "exclusive" representatives and that PA president Abbas has been "demolished" by Netanyahu. Some reality please Mr. Shiffer: Firstly Abbas has refused to engage in negotiations with Netanyahu for the past 2 years preferring to leave it all to Obama to 'deliver' Israeli concessions. hamas, ironically, have always negotiated as evil as they are. When non-negotiation failed, Abbas went to the UNSC hoping for statehood without negotiating peace or making his own necessary concessions.like recognizing Israel as the Jewish state and therefore recognizing 3000 plus years of Jewish history including soveignty in Israel. Shiffer of course remembers to remember Gilad at the end of his piece but this is an after thought to his petty attack on Netanyahu. All releases of Arab terrorists bring risks but there is a great risk in not bringing Gilad back home when it is finally posible.
28. #20 Jack From San Dog Sometimes
You Have To Tell It Like It Is!!! Shabat Shalom
29. Israel needs a death penalty
Martin ,   NJ USA   (10.14.11)
Israel should have the death penalty for any terrorist who murdered Israeli citizens. Execute the murderers, then their will be no terrorist to exchange. Problem solved.
30. @2
Ahron ,   USA   (10.14.11)
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