Gaza group: We'll never reveal Shalit captivity terms
Roi Kais
Published: 14.10.11, 21:27
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1. Does this imply Gilad is Dead?
Aharon   (10.14.11)
The Israeli government or anyone for that matter could just ask Gilad what he experienced. Maybe he wouldn't know all of the details or may be so traumatized to say, but he would know something. Unless, g-d forbid, he was dead.
2. Why Do These guys In The Pic Wear Masks?
do they think they are the BOOGIE Man? Nah Just A Bunch Of COWARDS Afraid to show their faces!!! Terrorists wear masks, Soldiers Wear A Uniform, they are Nothing but Armed Thugs!!!! Yella Shabat Shalom
3. How utterly stupid of Hamas
Mike ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
Gilad Shalit himself will reveal the conditions of his own barbaric imprisonment for over 5 long years and explose Hamas for the sub-humans that they are.
4. hamas detainees should meet with "accidents"
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (10.14.11)
jew killers should be liquidated in any manner available
5. Who cares?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (10.14.11)
Oh no, so they'll never tell us about his confinement conditions. And they'll never tell us how Gilad was treated. Well how about we just do the smart thing and ASK GILAD SHALIT. I'm sorry, but why do we care that they won't tell us about how he was treated when we will be able to just ask him ourselves?
6. #5
shlomo   (10.14.11)
Because he has been speaking Arabic for the past 5 years
7. We already know
Vlad   (10.14.11)
A defense official leaked to a British-Arab newspaper that Israel knew where Shalit was and kept the location under constant surveillance, but Hamas knew Israel knew, and responded by booby-trapping the area, surrounding it with high explosives in a 400-500 meter perimeter, and issuing a directive to kill Shalit if Israel mounted a rescue attempt. As for his conditions, it was leaked to the Israeli media that Shalit was being held in a two-room basement near Rafah, accessible down a 15-meter shaft lined with explosives. Shalit was being looked after by two captors with whom he had established a cordial relationship. Every two weeks, his captors received food and newspaper clippings.
8. They won't but Gilad will
LolaFalona ,   Los Angeles   (10.14.11)
Shiyyyyet, you better bet he will tell us all about his conditions; if not publicly, certainly during the 'de-briefing' he will be given before he meets with his family.
9. If Gilad Shalit is dead,,,
Beary White ,   Norway   (10.14.11)
then Israel has to go for EVERY PRC-terrorist-member and remove they from the face of the earth. Osama Bin Laden for sure will love to have some company.
10. Meaning - they treated him very poorly
William ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
and are afraid of losing Intl support when people realize the war crimes they committed, and figure these guys are really terrorists and not 'statesmen".
11. Hamas will continue kidnappings "until last prisoner release
William ,   Israel   (10.14.11)
Good thing Israel will round up more of you scum terrorists this weekend to replenish the supply of prisoners.
12. Shalit exchange
Bill Gregory ,   Los Angeles USA   (10.14.11)
You got to wonder about the manner & mechanics of exchange with the Hamas detainees. I still have my doubts,that it will happen at all.
13. 4 Bernard Ross, Jamaica: HaShem will avenge.
Rivkah   (10.14.11)
Read the book of Zephaniah in the Holy Scriptures and you will see what HaShem will do after Gaza is forsaken (by Jews), Ashkelon is a desolation and Ekron and Ashdod are driven out in the noon day. HaShem is going to kill every Philistine (Palestinian) on the coasts of Canaan (Israel). There are indications in Scriptures it will be with a tsunami. But it could also be fire and brimstone from heaven or a nuclear attack.
14. Yeah, but Shalit will
David ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.15.11)
Of course they're not going to say, but Shalit will. But is he still alive? Sure I've been happy about the news since I first saw about it the other morning here in Australia, but we don't know if he's alive or not. We haven't seen any footage of him or so since 2009, sure are we all celebraiting something to soon? Time will tell, but I for one would like to see some recent footage of Shalit released by his captors, showing he is still alive, and that he knows that he is to be released
15. RE: Put a Tracking Device on Prisoners
Rida ,   New Zealand   (10.15.11)
Yes like you know the one used to track animals in wild, that way you will know how to get them back to prison where they belong. I trust you on this Israel, never let them go free for killing your people.
16. @13- yeah. Batman will join in the fight too.
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.15.11)
17. HaShem will avenge - I hope Rivka
israel israeli   (10.15.11)
has got it right this time ! Where was the HaShem during the holocaust years ?
18. he better be alive
real vision ,   usa   (10.15.11)
he better be alive and healthy or palestinian terrorists will never again be taken alive to jail
19. Gilad in time will tell all so this is irrelevant
Jo   (10.15.11)
And who wants a story from holy jihadi mungo jumbo crowd,
20. @1 my thought exactly
Suzanne   (10.15.11)
But I sure hope, that Gilad is alive and well and that we can ask him.
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