Shalit deal: Hamas prepares to celebrate
Ynet reporters
Published: 14.10.11, 23:40
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1. And so they should celebrate!
Cameron ,   USA   (10.15.11)
Net himself came & placed it right in their laps. You Israelis start to play this kind of shameful game with your blood enemies, and you are finished! Damn bad sign. Man up and quick!
2. I understand a personal Shalit's family tragedy
Oleg ,   USA   (10.15.11)
But Israel has just opened a door to a nightmare. it is hard to make a decision, what is right and what is wrong, but don't you think, that this goes against interest of Israel? This is almost the same as when Barak run out of Lebanon. Look what has happened. Now you've got a more stronger enemy sitting right on your border. With this swap, you have increased your enemy's self-esteem. Instead of giving them this, you should eliminate their leaders one by one, until they come on their knees and bring back poor guy.
3. hopes that peace will prevail?
Valentina ,   israel   (10.15.11)
how? with a thousand terrorists on the loose? by kidnapping more soldiers in a bid to "empty" our jails... The only "peace" he sees in his eyes, is one without israelis.
4. Why shouldnt they celebrate?????
Ryan ,   Los Angeles, USA   (10.15.11)
They have 1000+ people coming home and all they had to do was kidnap one lowly soldier and hold him for 5 years until you did what they want. Next time save everyone the drama, and just give into their demands right away. May as well start packing now. Its gonna take ALOT of time to move every Jewish person in the area to the US. Let em have it at this point. You just handed them 1000 murderers and soldiers, and any dignity and respect anyone had for you. How many IDF died to put those 1000 behind bars? They weren't worth anything compared to this Shalit guy. He must be a super-soldier or something.
5. Everyone knows that Hamas settled for less than it expected
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.15.11)
6. One for over a thousand
IDB ,   Britain. UK   (10.15.11)
See them celebrate, celebrate that one Israeli soldier, a single Israeli, is worth over a thousand Palestinians and still they don't get it!
7. #1, you have no idea ....
Israeli ,   Israel   (10.15.11)
what you are talking about. So easy to be an arm chair judge and politician way over there in America. You do not live here. You do not know anything about how the Middle East works.
8. #6 we don't see it your way,
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.15.11)
all human beings have same value............. listen "Israel" is militarily a thousand times stronger than the Palestinians, However, this military force was not able to release one soldier, While the weakest side was able to free thousand prisoners who are real heroes and not real cowards. after all we are what we think of ourselves not what our enemies think about us. do you know now why are we celebrating?
9. Israelis seem to be avoiding this posting like the plague
Cameron ,   USA   (10.16.11)
Where are ye? Sarah? Birdi? anyone?
10. Politics and smiles
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.16.11)
Hamas is certainly going to be ahead in the political arena after this. It will squeeze every glory out of it for its own personal victory. But I look at it at the amount of smiles this exchange is causing. Smiles instead of hate. Perhaps only temporarily - but still why not ? Smiles are a commodity too, right ?
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