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'Hezbollah instructed Hamas on Shalit talks'
Elior Levy
Published: 15.10.11, 22:56
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1. Just between us: what talks? They told us, we did!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.16.11)
2. Israel Achille's heel
Shlomo ,   LA, USA   (10.16.11)
what a pathetic defeatist response by israel. when u give in and release 1000 prisoners in exchange for one man, thats called surrender. where is the public interest in such a deal? if u r in a war, then people die and peple are taken prisoners, u accept and learn to live with that, exchange one prisoner for one prisoner or something proportionate but by showing extreme weakness when a soldier is taken prisoner, israel is planting the seeds for its destruction. what will happen if we r in a full scale regional war and 100 soldiers are taken prisoners?? give up jerusalem??
3. Something else behind Israel's decision.
There's more to it?   (10.16.11)
"The leopard doesnt change its spots." Something else , something bigger that we dont know about must be behind the decison.
4. Make sure the released prisoners...
Veni-Vidi-Agati ,   USA   (10.16.11)
It would be poetic justice if the released prisoners spend the rest of their lives needing to sleep in different locations with one eye opened.
5. I understand Bibi, but Israel is wrong here...
Jonathan   (10.16.11)
Should NOT negotiate with terror, or settle/compromise/accept terror acts...
6. hibull$hit instructing ham@ss
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (10.16.11)
is the same as Dumb instructs Dumber
7. when Israel finds the location
JEROME ,   BASALT   (10.16.11)
(maybe they already know) they should bunker buster bomb it.
8. 2 Shlomo, LA, USA: The bones of one man who died in Egypt
Rivkah   (10.16.11)
were brought back to Israel 400 years after he died: Yosef the Patriarch Yaacov's son. The bones of Elisha healed a dead man. ONE man who is a Jew in his heart is worth many thousands or millions or billions of people who are not Jews in their heart. What makes one man or one man's bones so priceless to be worth a thousand or more prisoners in an exchange? The presence of the Ruach HaKodesh in the person that make even the dead bones of the person holy to HaShem. People who are not holy to HaShem have no value in comparison to those who are holy to HaShem. Gentiles can become Jews in their hearts just as Jews can. But I don't think many Palestinians are interested in being Jews in their hearts, so they have no value. They are just ashes the righteous will walk on one day according to the Holy Scriptures.
9. Hezbollah will always be our worst nightmare...
Avi ,   Israel   (10.16.11)
10. Thank you Hezbollah...
Palestinian ,   West Bank   (10.16.11)
11. Among terrorists
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (10.16.11)
Hitzpollah are well experienced terrorists, kidnappers and murderers. Of course they might instruct Hammas. Despite the fact, that also Hammas ere well experienced terrorists, kidnappers and murderers.
12. OK
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (10.16.11)
These are not days of glory for Israel. But make sure that you get some others in. And days of glory will come, again. And then remember Hezbollah's role that they are so proudly announcing here.
13. Mark my word
Macktheknife   (10.16.11)
the day is coming, (and this present day Jews will be alive to see it), when the Lord returns.At that time ALL non arabs can kiss the muslim asses farewell. I want to - and will be around to see this happen! The Lord WILL be there for His chosen people, the Jews. I hope they hold their heads high. Their best days are coming!
15. Israel needs a Ministry of just plain killing the enemy
bernard ross ,   st anns bay, jamaica   (10.17.11)
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