Rabbis share 'halachic manifesto' against Shalit deal
Published: 16.10.11, 21:50
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1. shalit is alive. that's the difference.
Peter ,   Austria   (10.16.11)
2. I don't think Halacha says to keep monsters who come to kill
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.16.11)
us,alive. Why didn't this rabbi wake up earlier and started to preach death penalty in Israel for these evil monsters? Why did he decide to wake up now, when all expectations are here and the family is ready to embrace their son?
3. I was wondering when
Dovid ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.16.11)
we would hear from these racist, hateful, trouble-making "rabbis." Remarkably, they come down on the wrong side of every issue.
4. I am not a Rabbi but I agree with everything the Rabbis have said here!
Alan ,   SA   (10.16.11)
5. disgusting
david ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.11)
I just don't get it. why is faith worthy of so much respect? faith is just It's nothing, it means nothing, nothing backs it up, it's so childish. My point is, these guys claim to believe, sorry, claim to know, that there's a creature in the sky who controls everything, know everything...this guy is supposed to be omnipotent. Yet, you can see it everywhere, not just here in Israel, that the religious population is usually against life, and pro death and punishment. This punishment happening here on Earth of course, for their own satisfaction. They don't trust god he'll do his job, no, no, no. They want punishment, right here right now. They claim to trust this god and his superpowers, and just a few days ago begged to get an extension on their life, at least for one more year. So, why don't you trust your god he'll keep you safe, and let this poor soldier Gilad Shalit come back home? don't you have feelings? how come your heart doesn't break in thousand pieces when you see Gilad's mother give up everything for his son? Please, explain it to me , cause i just don't get it. Stop trying to keep Gilad in captivity, it's been 5 years already.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.16.11)
Shalits blood is no redder than other israelis ,his family just has proteksia that's all. I agree with the rabbis.Israel will regret this deal in years to come although we will all be glad to see Shalit home .
7. Just when you need a good Rabbi
Reu ,   Israel   (10.16.11)
That's what we want Rabbis it's like an electric grid, we can turn the lights on and off of these people, and I'd hate to have my life in some of you worthless rabbis hands.
.....DACON9   (10.17.11)
AND NOW THERE ARE NO LEADERS...We are taught it is the time for Mashiach Releasing Gilad Shalit is saving a world AS WE ARE TAUGHT and the new worlds of his children B"H" Releaising Gilad Shalit gives notice to the IDF that ISRAEL WILL GO TO THE GREATEST LENGTHS TO SAVE THEM if Chas Ve Shalom they are every kidnapped. It renews the energy for IDF . It renews the energy for the believers in life. It gives JEWS all overe the world notice that ISRAEL WILL STILL SUPPORT ITS OWN.... The last few years so many JEWS fell that Israel has lost its course and it has. The Israeli rabbis flip flop on so many issues so much that its hard to believe they are religious leaders and not politicians
9. *NOW* these rabbis raise their voice?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.17.11)
Where have they been all these years as Israel made other such deals? Why did *all* the religious party members in the Coalition vote in favor of this wretched deal? But now it's a done deal, the prisoners are being transferred to the exchange point. Now they add their "moral voice", absolving themselves of responsibility when (too late) they opposed the deal.
10. #9
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (10.17.11)
And where are you and your children - are they putting their lives on the line to protect Israel? As usual the Rabbis have got the wrong end of the story. When Hillel was asked to put Judaism in a sentance he said do not do unto others what you would not want them to do to you. Would any of these rabbis want their children to be abandoned by the state that sent them into battle, condemnded to death? He who saves one person it is as iff he has saved the world - and here we are saving one person who can be saved. As the Shabak leader put it there are 20,000 terrorists waiting with bated breath to kill Jews, does it matter if it is 20,400? I
11. Wholesale Abuse Of Presidential Pardon Intollerable
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.17.11)
12. What A Joke! The President's Pardoning Arab Murderers Only
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.17.11)
B"H - In view of the president of Israel pardoning literally hundreds and hundreds of Arab murderers, maybe he could reserve a stroke of his pen for Amir? No? Well, then he is the president of the left only: What A Joke!
13. A Very, Very Sensitive Issue
But I am surprised at the level of anger being hurled about as a tortured ISF soldier is set free under such circumstances. It begs one to question whether or not those opposed to the deal would rather have seen Gilad dead or not. I understand the deep frustration and sensitivity about the issue but it is the LACK of sensitivity about the LIVING that puts the value we Jews put on human life onto the chopping block. The only people who should be expressing themselves openly are the terror victims families, not the rabbis or public: they should be far more sensitive or they will be guilty of spilling Gilads blood by diminishing his life so ferverently. Again: it is sensitive and every Jew must give Loads of support to our terror victims during this time but to start hurling around words and phrases that diminishes the value of a single Jewish life (of a living person) is thoughtless and sets a bad president. Why would a soldier serve in Israel if the public would dismiss them when they were captured. I certainly think twice.
14. Swap Rabbi Lior for Gilad Shalit
Haim ,   TA   (10.17.11)
15. Shalit and the rabbis
Yitzchak ,   Highland Park, USA   (10.17.11)
The rabbis should worry more about all the haredim draft dodgers. Zahal is already short 10000 men. It's only getting worse as the Arabs and Haredim multiply exponentially.
16. Its not just about Halacha
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (10.17.11)
This is a terrible deal for Israel: 1 They are releasing hundreds of terrorists who may attack again. 2 They are giving Hamas an incentive to try and capture more soldiers. 3 They are showing their own people not to fear arrest by Israel as they will be released as part of a deal.
17. #5. disgusting: You don't get it
Tambour ,   Eilat   (10.17.11)
This is not about Rabbis and faith. It is about millenia of experience with hostage taking and ransomes. Best go get something else. you have not the aptitude to get this ever.
18. Ignore all haredi parasites that don't serve in the IDF
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.17.11)
Recommend this if you agree.
19. Serving IDF is against Halacha too. Why not mention that?
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.17.11)
That is after all why these parasites refuse to serve the IDF, isn't it? So the IDF shouldn't care what that unique bearded trailer trash of Israel that to say.
20. The Rabbi should offer his son to take Gilads place
Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.11)
If Gilad (a soilder /citizen / tax payer) is released and they are complaining then dont send the prisoners, one of these Rabbis should offer one of his students or Children (Student / non tax payer / not a soldier) to take Gilads place. Thats fair, a real self sacrafice. Im tradtional, I keep shabat, put on Tefelin, but as I get older Im getting tired of my business paying huge import taxes, my children will be serving in the army, while others stay at home, I tried to hire Yeshiva students to "help" non of them showed up to work. Our most famous sages did hard and butter labor to bring home money and also studied ten hours a day, I think everyone should start adding to the pile. And not critizing every decesion the "secular" government makes. They complain about the Shalit deal, there not offering a solution or offering to contribute.
21. rabbis do not count
eddy ,   las vegas, nv usa   (10.17.11)
Rabbis don't have a say. they are parasites that are in wellfare and brainwashed. Shalit is coming home regardless....It's a high price but Shalit is worth more than 1000 arabs.
22. The people of Israel is upset, Rabbis are RIGHT !
23. Religious freaks don't have any say in the release of Shalit
Josh   (10.17.11)
Their religious nonsense has brought Israel to the point of total moral collapse - Israelis brainwashed by years of conditioning by these religious freaks can no longer distinguish between right and wrong.
24. Excommunicate bibi, barak and peres!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.17.11)
They have proven themselves to be a danger to the survival of the Jewish people.
25. Admit it
HH ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.11)
If the rabbis would say, "Yes, you should pay any price to get Gilad back," some would counter, "Those rabbis are endangering us by encouraging release of potential terrorists and future kidnappings." If the rabbis would say, "No, you must not give in to extortion, etc. It will endanger everyone by encouraging potential future kidnappings, etc.", some would counter, "Those rabbis are so heartless and cruel, etc." AND the two voices criticizing the rabbis would not necessarily be different groups of people. They might be one and the same. Because some people are going to oppose whatever the rabbis say, calling them reckless or spineless if they encourage lopsided prisoner releases, or calling them heartless if they oppose such an exchange. As long as the rabbis can be portrayed in a negative light, it doesn't matter if they are factually correct or not. Then everyone, including Ynet, can feel that they've done their civic duty . . . .
26. The Rabbis Are Correct
Dan ,   USA   (10.17.11)
The rabbis have more common sense than the politicians who agreed to this insane swap.
27. #2 & 6
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (10.17.11)
Israelis should care more about their countrymen, who will be killed in future terrorist, acts by many of the releast terrorists than they should care about the Shalit family. By the way, trusting god saved a lot of Jewish lives in the Holocaust didn't it ?
28. shalit
harvey gefen ,   toronto canada   (10.17.11)
rabbi eliyahu is right.the torah states ransom not the life of a murderer"_numbers.this is a unconditional command to the children of israel by the giver of life.why have the rabbis not spoken out till now .whereis their leadership.
30. Gee, what a surprise! Lior is against the swap!
PaulZion ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
This is the same rabbi who exploited his religious standing to justify the killing of non-Jews. Here again, he exploits his position to preach hatred, blood, revenge and more killing. What about Pikuach Nefesh and Pidyon Shvuyim, asshole? Funny, I never heard him denounce not even once the despicable behaviour of his own city's citizens when the destroyed the livelihood of Arab families by chopping down their olive trees in fields that they own - and he wants to take a MORAL stand? The real travesty is that as chief Rabbi of Kiryat Arba, that snake pit of rabid right wing lunatics who disregard the country's laws and take the law into their own hands, the state pays his salary. His venomous comments and teachings have poisoned the minds of too many youth. He should be disbarred from the rabbinate. That way he could rant and rave, and we could put him away in asylum. Forever.
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