Rabbis share 'halachic manifesto' against Shalit deal
Published: 16.10.11, 21:50
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31. Sorry Dear Rabbis,
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.17.11)
Our imams and priests with prisoner swap deal : P
32. Once Shalit is back, keep the rest.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.17.11)
33. Too late rabbis. Please get more organized so for the future
KInda Late ,   world   (10.17.11)
you print something like this as soon as there is talk of a deal; not a few hours before the 1027 unrepentant child killers are brought back to do it again. Shameful
34. Notice a pattern: halacha is wrong
Vered, Israel   (10.17.11)
If the "Halachic Authorities" had their way, we would not even have a State. It was not "halachically permissible" to develop the modern State of Israel, because the Orthodox were opposed to anything not brought about by moshicah himself. So, speak to your own followers, who desire your opinions, but please don't act like your hallowed "halachic opinion" means anything to the rest of us, who are used to elected officials and the rule of real law.
35. Still enjoying our feedom of speech, Salma?
Vered, Israel   (10.17.11)
Notice all kinds of opinions, some pro-, some anti, some polite, some rude. I guess that kind of freedom will end for your 1027 murderers when they get back to where they came from.
36. To # 29
ex-frummie ,   johannesburg S.A.   (10.17.11)
The Eruv Rav today are the same Rabbonim that you are defending. Put down your Gemara and go join the IDF and do something useful with your life, Obviously your learning is a 'poison' as the GRA taught and not 'life' as it should be. And if you wish to continue learning then pick up the sefer Tomer Devorah and learn how you should behave toward your fellow Jew.
37. Hypocracy
Observer   (10.17.11)
I note two people living in australia and south africa are lecturing people about serving in the IDF...
38. Complexity of Halacha
Segal ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
It should be noted that the Rabbis mentioned above are of this opinion--but the issue halachically is complex and there are Rabbis who, based on halacha, have come to the opposite conclusions.
39. State of Israel murders it's citizens
Yoni ,   Tel aviv   (10.17.11)
Hands down there is no other way of looking at it. Wholesale release of murderers boosting morale of Hamas and giving incentive to kidnap more soldiers. If we were wise enough to see only a bit ahead in the future we would identify more with the mourning parents and widows of the future as a result of this tragic deal. We instead are stuck in the moment and can only see the present. The Torah sees the bigger picture and people should be happy we have such a wise Torah from above that guides us. Otherwise it would be left up to everyones opinion and feeling and we know what world it would be then
40. Sometimes the inverse proves -
Lala Ruth ,   Tzfat, IS   (10.17.11)
Suppose the Arabs promised (and we could believe that promise) to give us 1500 of their blood-on-hands terrorists whom we could kill, hang, incarcerate, whatever...we'd just have to give one of our own - would you volunteer your own son? If not, and if ahavat israel is a mitzvah, then shouldn't freeing Gilad be more important than the very real, visceral, yet ultimately inconsolable pain of the bereaved families who children were murdered? Nothing will bring them back. Why should Gilad essential continue to pay for their deaths with his life? And are we fooling ourselves that tomorrow the Arabs will be nice, open-minded Jew-lovers? They won't. They're just doing their dirty job as sons of Ishmael.
41. Shalit Deal
Judith ,   Rishon Letzion   (10.17.11)
It is time to legalize the death penalty for convicted terrorists. This would prevent them from being set free in the next prisoner exchange. And there will be another one. The only question is when.
42. #40 and others - it's about the future threat
Chaim LIfschutz ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
Sure, bringing back Gilad is great, but at what price? No one expects that it will compensate for the deaths of the past, and it will surely increase the pain of the families of past victims of these murderers, but the problem with the deal is how many future deaths it will engender. That's what the rabbis are addressing, as well.
43. !,027 prisoners of war for 1 special life
Schmuel Rosenfeld ,   Hilham USA   (10.17.11)
The other side's prisoner's of war are not a security threat. And to save the life of an Israeli Soldier is the vital segment of this view. More important to revive the existing life of a family that represnts goodness. I am an US Air Force soldier and regard Israeli soldiers as an extended family. Hail to Israel for being able to take advantage of an opportunity of goodness.
44. Dovid - Difficult
Avi ,   St. Martens   (10.17.11)
To Dovid (currently #3) - obviously the issue is complex. You think the rabbis are wrong, but others think they are right. It is one thing to release prisoners who have never killed, but some literally had blood on their hands. If they killed once, they will kill again. We all want Gilad to come home. But is it worth the price of the we-don't-know-how-many-others who will be killed by those released in this deal. Giving in to them IS a sign of weakness. They will kidnap again and do this again.
45. Dovid - Difficult #2
Avi ,   St. Martens   (10.17.11)
Israel either needs to institute (with trial of course) death penalty for murderous terrorists or get outsiders involved who will see that 1 for 1 is the only negotiable deal (1 for 5 or 10, max). One for 1000 makes Israel into a joke. Can't you see that side?
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