Palestinian symbol's sons to stay in prison
Elior Levy
Published: 16.10.11, 22:57
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1. Israel must reinstate capital punishment.
Ariel ,   Europe   (10.17.11)
2. wtf is wrong with these people?
Leanna ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
in any other country, if you commit crimes as severe as what these arabs have, they would either be given life sentences or the death penalty, with absolutely no negotiations, not with terrorists and not for them. These people are crying because not all of their evil families have been released? Get a grip, they commit a crime, they have to pay for it, the only people you should be blaming for them being in jail is yourselves, for raising your children with such hatred, and you too should be punished for your parenting skills! Over a thousand prisoners will now be released at our expense, your terrorists will now be given a second chance.....if they then continue to commit crimes, they don't deserve to breathe, let alone see the light of day.
3. Celebration of murderers
Larry ,   NYC USA   (10.17.11)
It is beyond my understanding how people can celebrate the murderers of innocent civilians - even if the ARE "freedom fighters". There is something very sick about the mindset of the Palestinians, who have been robbed and brainwashed for generations by their corrupt leaders. But they are not stupid people - so what is the answer? Are they genuinely evil? I refuse to believe that any nation whatsoever is completely evil.
4. wtf is wrong with number 2
abu abdallah ,   ramallah palestine   (10.17.11)
has anyone ever told you were not citizens of israel were the people that were her when you left the 2000 years . did you the people of the land would hand you flowers when you came from all over the world to kick them out of there homes . and call them evil when they fight back . or did god tell you to kill anyone to lives on the land he promised only to the jews .
5. Latifa Abu Hamid
NYC Girl   (10.17.11)
Are you kidding me? This hideous mother of a bunch of terrorist mongrels was given the "honor" of presenting the request for statehood to the UN? Just the fact that this gargoyle was selected to represent the so-called Palestinian people should have been enough of a reason to tell Mahmoud Abbas to shove his request for statehood.
6. #4 wtf is wrong with the Arabs is obvious
IF the Arabs (there is no such thing as a Palestinian) had not tried to invade and destroy the newly-created State of Israel in 1948 and accepted the Partition Plan none of this would have happened. IF the Arabs hadn't believed the Kaugi and company were going to wipe out all the Jews and vacated the area on command none of this would have happened. IF the Romans hadn't conquered Judea 800 years before Islam none of this would have happened. IF the Arabs could tell the difference between wishful thinking and objective truth none of this would have happened. IF the various Arab regimes had realized that with Arab oil and Jewish intelligence the Middle East could have become a paradise none of this would have happened. However, Hamas had better watch its step, because Operation Cast Lead and the Second Lebanon War were the water, and the next time it will be the fire.
7. If politics, then we are dancing with the devil
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.17.11)
8. #4 don't get me wrong abu abdullah
leanna ,   israel   (10.17.11)
i don't believe all palestinians are evil, not the slightest part of me believes that. Just to get things straight - I believe that people who commit murder and are happy about it, and promote it, and proudly say they would do it again and have no remorse, are evil! they weren't fighting back against someone personally attacking them, they took innocent lives.
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