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Netanyahu: Israel does not abandon its soldiers
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.10.11, 13:24
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1. I support PM Natanyahu 100%!
Israeli   (10.17.11)
If it were my son, all I would want is to have him back and out of the hands of terrorists. Gilad is ALIVE!
2. this shows how israelis value life
anne ,   spain   (10.17.11)
now i understand why God chose the jews as His people..the jews maybe the most stubborn people you will ever meet in this world.. but they have a good heart.if only the muslims will reach out and will lay down their arms..they will get to know the jews for who they really are..just look at the way the jews protect the rights of migrant workers in israel..see for yourself..israel is not perfect but it strives hard to respect human rights..
3. Your job was to ameloriate their pain not add to it
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.17.11)
The Prime Minister of Israel, the Defense Minister of Israel, twenty- eight of the Ministers of the Government of Israel may have 'understood' the pain of the victims' families but that did not prevent them from in many cases exacerbating it. To their pain at the release of the murderers is added the loss of trust in the leaders of Israel who explicitly promised them never to do this.
4. Ha! Bibi is a big fat liar!
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.17.11)
If Olmert and livni were to sign with the Hamas, 100% you would call him a traitor.
5. A letter, its a cowardly move.
Bill Pearlman ,   NY, USA   (10.17.11)
And sitting there with his negotiator. You can kill has many Israeli Jews has you want now. Go to jail for a couple of years. And then wait for the next 1000/1 exchange
6. Salma no 4
LION OF JUDAH   (10.17.11)
Olmert & LIvni are leftist and soft like cheese. People like you needs heavy hands like Shamir,Begin,Ben Gurion,Z"L.
7. Heading Home - Shalit
Neil ,   London UK   (10.17.11)
Why is Jonathan Pollard still in held in prison after 26 years - it seems ok to negotiate releases with our enemies but not our friends - Netanyahou cannot say that "we always" get our people back whilst Pollard is still held captive
8. 18th October 2011 - a day of Infamy
andyboy ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
Maybe it would be appropriate if tomorrow were to be designated as a national Day of Mourning - rather than celebration. And then, each year we can remember this day - and just update the number of victims annually.
9. Netanyahu made a mistake
Sidney ,   USA   (10.17.11)
He is not a villain. He will probably pay a political price when voters think about it. Being prime minister of Israel is a difficult and exhausting job.
10. Defeat
Norman ,   france, Eurabia   (10.17.11)
"As over a thousand terrorists are freed, it is time to recognize that every Israeli institution has failed to deal with terrorism. Its court system packed with career leftists is a joke. Its prisons have become nothing more than temporary housing with free education and entertainment for terrorist murderers in between their release under international or Hamas pressure." in an article by Daniel Greenfield
11. Put on glasses people: GF but now 100s alive r soon dead
Jude ,   Israel   (10.17.11)
moronic decision, driving the people more right wing. buffoon x 1000000 I i was left id be pissed, the whole country, after the terror storm ensuing will move rightwing. history repeats itself, but "leaders, do the same bullshyt
12. Does Shalit family's pain trump their pain?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.17.11)
For most of Israel's political class, apparently so. He's saying in effect, "I feel your pain, but feel the Shalits' pain more." Only three ministers had the guts to vote against this deal. We're already seeing the impact of this capitulation. Egypt expects Israel to release 81 additional Egyptian prisoners for one stupid Israeli tourist they're currently holding. They too think Israel is one they can take advantage of. If Israel acts like a loser, it shouldn't expect to be respected or feared.
13. Rectification!
Christian Zionist ,   USA   (10.17.11)
I prayed for the release of Gilad, but not like this. Being prior military, I understand the credo of no one left behind. In this case, I would have used other means to free him; it could have been done. However, what has been done. Now, is the time to exact the proper sentence. The minute they are freed, hunt them down and kill them with extreme prejudice! Blockade Gaza and bleed it dry until it dies. God bless Israel & Gilad.
14. Netanyahu just bought himself the next election.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.17.11)
Even though I don't necessarily support the decision, it was a slick move.
15. Shalit homecoming
Linda ,   Brooklyn Park   (10.17.11)
Seems like a pyrrhic victory and bittersweet too. This is the price we pay. There are no real winners here.
16. Netanyahu lost the next election
Shimmy   (10.17.11)
as he clearly is a two time loser. The next terror attack will seal his political fate. He is nothing but a Sharon wannbee with a command of the English language. Disgusting is best how to categorize his Primiership. One dressdown of an Obama does not make a Leader. He couldn't give a flying fig as the welfare of the familes. You would think he would give a damn, however need I remind everyone,that this failed furniture salesman got his pllitical wings only because his late brother was killed in Entebbe.
17. Bombing every elecltrical plant in gaza would have brought
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.17.11)
the world's condemnation and would have brought gaza to it's knees and would have brought Shalit back. YES, you can inflict enough collective punishment on an unjust people to make them live in fear of a just people.
18. #16 Shimmy = Sour grapes.
19. But apparently it abandon terror victims
Digusted Israeli   (10.17.11)
20. and what
sas ,   israel   (10.17.11)
about Ron Arad???????????????
21. Noodles at Coney Island No. 14
Moragh   (10.17.11)
I think Bibi is finished. He wasn't a success at his first PM gig and he has just botched up his 2nd attempt. Bibi is finished..... and about time, too!
22. Abandoning victims and their families
Bridget   (10.17.11)
Gilad has outlived those who had been abducted with him and other victims whose perpetrators are scheduled to be released... Tempting Hamas to continue as before...
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