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Ahmadinejad: Shalit deal a great victory
Dudi Cohen
Published: 17.10.11, 20:45
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1. Nu, there you go!
noa ,   israel   (10.17.11)
Wherever there is bad news, this bad actor seems to grab the tail of it as if it is something good. Must have been bitten by a rabid dog sometime in his life . .
2. Victory?
Jerome ,   NZ   (10.17.11)
1 ferrari 400hp for 1027 donkeys is called a victory? Are you muslims still talk about respect and honour? where is your honour? if you were worth anything you would have exchanged Shalit for one terrorist, but 1027 useless donkeys for one top notch is a victory?
3. say no to terror!
4. get real
there is no such thing as Zionists anymore!
5. Conratulations
Natan   (10.17.11)
From one moron to another
6. Hamas Victory
RAYS ,   N.H. USA   (10.17.11)
Lets face it. This is a huge victory for Hamas , Iran, and all the enemies of Israel. Israel has been defeated by a handful of terrorists who while weak militarily had more strength of will than the militarily strong but internally weak Israeli government and populace. It doesn't bode well for Israel's future.
7. Or poisoned by their own
Moragh USA   (10.17.11)
Jealousy and hatred of the strength thru many wars that Israel won against the arabs from days of old. You can kill the Jewish nation with your savegery but not intelligence which your many millions and billions of arab births bring into this world. As I have always said the only thing that fills your head up is like shit in the neck of a bottle! Even your many wives are nothing more than slaves.
8. Your God is Satan, Mr. Ahmadinejad. No virgins for you !!
9. As much as I hate his guts,...
flyingdoc57   (10.17.11)
the little monkey from Iran is absolutely right on this one. This deal is a complete victory for Hamas (and the entire Islamist world), and a complete failure for Israel. Indeed, it very obviously serves to underscore what has already been proven time and time and time again for the past 20 years...TERRORISM PAYS.
10. israel
Gene ,   ny   (10.17.11)
Deport all arab israelis to any country of they choosing. Start gearing for a broad war. No other choice
11. Ahmadinejad is a waste of human flesh
Golani ,   USA/Israel   (10.17.11)
What a poor excuse for a human being Ahmadinejad is. I wonder what his obituary will say about him.
12. The Monkey
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.18.11)
The Iranian fool speaks, but I don't hear anything but; blah, blah, blah! What do you expect from a hollow head...filled with a lot of hot air. God bless Israel and His Jerusalem! Christian Zionist
13. To: #6
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.18.11)
Often victories are hollow; this one will be no different. If you are a betting man, put your money on Israel's survival. 5-0 in wars fought and won; even in 06 and 09. Soon, Israel will fight another total war with the surrounding Muslims; again, another devastating victory (the world will be stunned, as it was in 67). A Prediction: Damascus will be totally destroyed (nuked)! God bless Israel and His Eternal Jerusalem. Christian Zionist . Ch
14. To # 11
NATAN ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
Depend who write it or were you read it, this litle human bean has the madnes of hes side and the world media to, I think he doesent deserve even an obituary, he must be wasted in the flush.
15. Ape man of Tehran lost the plot
Haim ,   TA   (10.18.11)
To many bannanas i guess. He will go down in history as the biggest lunatic apart from Gadaffi that walked (crawled, slithered) the face of this earth. We await his death with anticipation.
16. Shalit
Benjamin ,   Kailua Kona, Hawaii   (10.18.11)
We feel this is truly the dumbest thing Israel has ever done and, the ramifications against Israeli citizens will be enormous.
17. Shalit Deal
Rich ,   UK   (10.18.11)
So Mr Ahmed DJ of Iran is acknowledging that 1 Israeli is worth more that 1000 Palestinians. That's probably a fair estimate, probably about the same equation for Iranians as well.
18. get rid of ahamadinejad sabjourian
marcel   (10.18.11)
israel, get rid of this piece of filth who has american blood on his hands.
19. It's always possible to grab at straws.
noa ,   israel   (10.18.11)
Everyone forgets how many Palestinian "operatives" were eliminated in the last few years.
20. He can say what he likes ....
Malka Kideckel-Bando ,   Melbourne Australia   (10.19.11)
No one is really listening to him. Everyone wants him dead. Who cares what he says !!
21. #16 might be right
Malka Kideckel-Bando ,   Melbourne Australia   (10.19.11)
But there is such a mess left over from the Oslo Accords and all the rubbish done from previous years, Netanyahu or any PM in his place would have been hard pressed to do better. It is a double edged sword .....
22. To #9
Malka Kideckel-Bando ,   Melbourne Australia   (10.19.11)
Here we go again, instead of getting something done we are searching for scapegoats. Anyone who sits in the seat of the PM has the same problem "The Oslo Accords" & more, all the rubbish incurred by the left all these years. It is up to us, globally, to Fast and Pray to G-d to ask him to deal with the 1,027 Palestian's realeased - in a 'revealed' way that the whole world will see that G-d is our Father in Heaven. We don't hold a remote: "Ein Od Milvado"
23. Victory? Victory for Islam?
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (10.19.11)
No matter how you try to package crap, it still ends up being "crap"! If the released murderers, had any less human value, we would have needed to release more of them. If a "great Islamic victory", is achieved because the terrorists have finally accepted the truth that it takes 1000 of them, to equal one of ours, when then I accept your definition.
24. Yu are a cursed man, Mr Ahmadinejad......
wingate   (10.19.11)
''He who curses Israel will be cursed!'' You are a cursed man - Mr Ahmadinejad - change or the almighty, one and only God of Israel will destroy you !
25. 1,000 for 1, who was the victor?
S. Berman ,   USA   (10.20.11)
Palestinians proved that it takes 1,000 Palestinians to equal the value of 1 Israeli - is that because Palestinians value life so little, or Israelis value life so much? Best ask Nasrallah, because he made the statement - but it seems that rather than a victory for Hamas, it is an indication to the world of how little Ahmadinejad and his cohorts value Palestinian lives, and how readily he would sacrifice them on his altar of revolution. This is the difference between the ideologies of Iran and the west - Ahmadinejad does not see hoe humiliated the Palestinians should be by their extreme diminishing of Palestinian lives. Better ask the Copts how their Egyptian neighbors feel about the value of their lives, then ask Londoners, Amsterdammers, Antwerpeners, Marseillaises, Malmoers et al how they feel about the value of their lives. Peace will only be reached when all parties realize the value of a single life.
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