High Court sanctions Shalit deal
Aviad Glickman
Published: 17.10.11, 23:02
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1. i'm so sorry dear bereved families
God Bless Families   (10.17.11)
your loss is horrific and your pain must be beyond measure. the price to bring your and mine, as well as all of Israel's son, Gilad, home is so very high. Nonetheless, Gilad is alive and we MUST bring the son of Israel home. Please find it in your hearts to forgive us and be happy for Gilad. He has the right to try to rebuild his life. I am so VERY sorry for the horrific injustice perpetrated against you by the evil terrorists. May they all rot in hell.
2. the bankruptcy of justice
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (10.17.11)
This is Israel's darkest and most shameful hour. I think of all the heroes (like the Duvdevan) who put their lives on the line time after time going after these despicable murderers, only to find the spineless and mindless politicians thanking them this way. I am hanging a flag from my balcony tied with a black ribbon. The Supreme Court is no longer this country's bastion of justice. Shame on all of you.
3. Gilad Shalit
Rhonda ,   Canada   (10.18.11)
so sorry for so many people who suffered and will...
4. I congratulate Israelian Supreme Court
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (10.18.11)
As a friend of Israel, and as a Judge, I congratulate her Supreme Court for the wise decision. The life of a citizen and a soldier is very important, more than eventual bad consequences. Your State has proved greatness and care for the dignity of human people. Because of it, She is admired by all true Democrats around the world. Salutes.
5. I congratulate Israelian Justice
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (10.18.11)
As a friend, and as a Judge, I congratulate Israelian Supreme Court for the refered wise decision. The life of a citizen, of a soldier, and his freedom, are more important than the eventual bad consequences. Exactly because of it, your State is admired and endorsed by all true Democrats and Humanists around the world.
6. Why waste time with the Israeli courts?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.18.11)
It is not a question of bringing Gilad home, but of sending 1027 bloody terrorists home. They always side with the enemy. There is no justice for Jews here. Why don"t we demand that those responsible for this deal be sent to prison for aiding terrorism and murder after the first freed terrorist kills another Jew? Why should I.D.F. soldiers risk life and limb to catch terrorists? Their lives will be endangered to safeguard the lives of the enemy.
7. This was a setup from the beginning.
Bill Pearlman ,   USA   (10.18.11)
The families had no chance, and everybody knew it
8. High Court and intelligence
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (10.18.11)
It is and was obvious that the High Court would not interfere. When it is a matter of endangering our lives as in such a case it sides with the dumb government and says it can not make a decision but when it come to a few fools in Meah Shareim who put up a temporary division between men and women for Succot then they declare that this is illegal. With a government such as ours and a court such as ours, how can the Jews claim to be smarter than the other nations?
9. court decision
dan ,   israel   (10.18.11)
did they take into consideration that shalit was asleep when he was kidnapped. did they take into consideration that those that were sent to check the tank - only found 2 dead soldiers. they never saw the 3rd dead in the tank and they never thought of number #4 (shalit)was missing. the army screwed up here.....and we are paying a heavy price for the army's failure. let the truth be told and heard.
10. Mr. Noam Shalit makes sense.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.18.11)
He speaks for me also. I wish the circumstances were different, but we should all rejoice with the freeing of Gilad Shalit. May he and his family know no more pain and sorrow ever again.
11. Gilad is coming home. Amen
4Beautifulsrael ,   L.A., US   (10.18.11)
Gild is coming back home. we all should be happy for him,his family and Israel. Gilad's captivity did not bring back those who lost thier ives. I am sure they are happy for Gilad. The Hebrew boy is coming home. Amen.
12. To #9
PaulZion ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
So, basically what you are saying, is that Shalit should rot in a dungeon for the rest of his life without any contact with the outside world, because you say he apparently was asleep? If you have served in the army, you know in what state of exhaustion people sometimes required to do guard duty. You would also know that sometimes, when you are on lookout in a group of 4, you take turns to sleep while others stay awake. Who knows if it was his turn to sleep? You are just assuming he was remiss and besmirching his name. Has he not suffered enough? Let the truth be told, my ass. I remember the incident well. The terrorists dug a tunnel underneath the base and attacked from within after setting off charges in the middle of the basefrom the tunnel, with a coordinated attack from forces from outside, who were allowed into the camp by the attackers who came in through the tunnel. In such a case, even if he was wide awake, it would have made no difference, except maybe he would be dead. Does that suit you better? Come on, admit that you would prefer him dead - I dare you.
13. "supreme" court as much terrorists as hamass, as responsible
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.18.11)
for encouraging terrorism as hamass. Hashem gave Israel to the Jews and they give it to the terrorists.
14. The Deal is saving one life. No-deal won`t bring back lifes
Mario ,   Brazil   (10.21.11)
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