Ex-Mossad chief slams Shalit deal
Yair Altman
Published: 17.10.11, 21:45
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1. Mr. Dagan, why didn't you find him?
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (10.17.11)
2. *Now* Dagan and Diskin oppose the deal?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.17.11)
Why haven't they made clear their opposition to such a deal previously? Why did they not persuade the current security officials - all of whom are supporting the deal - of just how wrong this is? This is just their way of covering their reputations - of being able to say later, when Israelis are killed or maimed by those released - that they opposed the deal. Sorta' like Netanyahu in 2005 at almost the last minute opposing the Gaza pullout.
3. I thought dagan was a hero
alexi   (10.17.11)
Dagan was a hero for israel I thought until he retired and said 3 things- 1) he expressed support for halutz who knew nothing about ground warfare and who is responsible for giving olmert bad advice. 2) dagan said that a military option against iran is a stupid idea-really??? 3) he says this deal that bibi is signed is worse than olmert. Bibi is not a coward-he may be uncertain but he is no coward and he knows the value of high ground whereas olmert knew nothing and was afraid of one drop of blood. That he is against this deal shows there is something missing in dagan. I would not take his advice.
4. The deal amounts to criminal negligence by the govt.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
We know countless Israelis will pay with their well being and lives for this atrocious deal. We don't know the names of the victims but that will change all too soon. Releasing more than 1,000 murderous terrorists amounts to criminal negligence by the government.
5. This is why you shoot to kill
Joe ,   New York   (10.18.11)
Taking prisoners is for wimps and babies. If the value of the life of a Jewish soldier is 1000x the life of a muzie - then DO NOT TAKE PRISONERS. At least none "officially".
6. shame shame on the Israel govt/elites
Yanni   (10.18.11)
this is so shameful, there is no excuse for this immorality and spinelessness..
7. For once, I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make the...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.18.11)
... decision. Welcome home Gilad! Good riddance to the terrorist. We need the death penalty for captured terrorists! ...
8. Kadima and Labor also support the deal
Joel Susser   (10.18.11)
There is no right in Israel anymore.
9. Dagan is too slimy, tho its true this deal is bad
hippocrates ,   earth   (10.18.11)
dagan is politically motivated , he wants to be up their along with gabi ahskenazi in the center left parties of kadima/labor
10. Dagan appears to be a real piece of work #1,3
Meir ,   Toronto Canada   (10.18.11)
He has recently become the champion second guesser. Very dissappointing that someone in his previous position would choose to criticize now , standing on the sidelines. Mr Dagan must be warming up to a political career.
11. dagan
harvey gefen ,   toronto canada   (10.18.11)
a criminal negligence charge will not stick .the government will plead insanity.
12. Exchange of prisoners
Albert Levin ,   Buenos Aires ARG   (10.18.11)
These 1027 prisoners will kill AT LEAST 1 Israeli, so Israel is liberating ONE for the price of having AT LEAST ONE Israeli dead!!!! Ridiculous. The way was invading Gaza with drones, and making Gaza burn to death. This is the only way Palestinians understand. This is a RABINATE (from the traitor ITZHAK RABIN)
13. unthinkable...but
Dketerstov ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
tell me why i have the imppresion that some top Mossad leaders and some israeli army and politicians guys knew all this time where was held Gilad Shalit
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