No doubt, the Arabs won
Yigal Walt
Published: 18.10.11, 17:55
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1. So why do we keep throwing them bananas?
Sam   (10.18.11)
Not the way to get the monkeys off our backs
2. frankly ...
naava ,   jerusalem   (10.18.11)
i am surprised that with such an excellent and well written article by Yigal Walt, Ynet would have the good taste of civilized journalism not to publish the video. I for one could not bear to watch this despicable propaganda tool by Egyptians media. It broke my heart to see this young man who has been through so much, subjected to one last twist of the knife...barbaric.
3. Israel won by a mile
BH ,   Iowa   (10.18.11)
The PLO got 80 useless tons of criminals, cowards and killers. Israel got a hero.
4. nothing has changed
alexi   (10.18.11)
in ancient times, the philistines in gaza were at israel's throat though defeated time and again. They were a bloodthirsty bestial society. Nothing has changed. Arafat, meshaal and haniyeh would make ancient gazans proud with their wild, boastful, agressive rhetoric. Evbne the philistines would acknowledge that israel including judea and samaria was a fact though they were intent on defeating it. After the shalit deal, and now it comes to light that our arrogant leader olmert vetoed a deal because of his short sightedness along with restricting the idf from entrering gaza in 2006 and made it difficult to idf to fire on arabs. Olmert was trying to justify his gaza withdrawal as a crowning achievement. Believe me if olmert was taken prisoner by hamas, they could keep him and israel woudln't release one arab to get him back. Going forward after shalit, murderers should be dealt with terminally.Israeli prisons would then have less arabs. and the next time an idf soldier is taken,s crew goldstein, and take haniyeh, masri and zahar captive right away or whoever is in charge of the political section of the abductors. Finally, all haredi have to do martial arts as they appear very weak and invite antisemitism. In fact, I say this with respect after 5 years in captivity, pictures of shalit before his captivity did not show him outwardly robust.
5. egypt and israel
alexi   (10.18.11)
the peace treaty is important. However israel should not bow down and egypt will respect israeli strength. barak displays his usual fears apologizing, allowing more eyptian troops into sinai etc. hold firm while keeping relations. Israel has to dig in and hold onto its security positions and not around like the serial appeasers barak, olmert and mitzna.
Ariela ,   USA, somewhere   (10.18.11)
7. They call that an interview? No! That was an interrogation!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.18.11)
That was a continuation of the mental torture Gilad endured in Hamas' custody. OMG! I could not believe this! I could not even look at it to the end. By just looking at his body language one can see his great distress. The woman was deliberately cruel and smug about it - another heartless Arab savage who should be on some remote island isolated from civilization. I am truly appalled at Gilad's condition. I wonder how long it will take him to modify his behaviour from that of a caged animal to that of a normal person! This interrogation fully exposes the damage wrought on this young man and gives further insight into those terrorist beasts that Israel has to deal with.
8. Needed: Courageous leaders. No surrender monkeys need apply.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
The author is obviously correct that the Shalit disaster was a huge victory for Israel's enemies. It is being celebrated as such by almost all of them; including Fatah, Hamas, Ahmadinejad etc. In fact, they are all eager to commit more atrocities against Israel. The Shalit disaster is almost entirely a result of failed Israeli leadership. It wouldn't have occurred if Israel had the wise policy of executing captured terrorists immediately and refusing to negotiate with terrorists. I can't think of anything more scary than having these kooks, who negotiated the Shalit deal, giving away our tiny Homeland around the "peace table". Israel desperately needs wise courageous leaders. Not surrender monkeys.
9. Israel can win in a big way if.....
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.18.11)
As the author wrote Shalit deal proves that Israel not even close to matching Arab barbarity, heartlessness This is good and this is how it should be. If Israel can explain this difference to the world then Israel wins in a big way.
10. Egypt TV interview was insesisitive
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (10.18.11)
While we are thankful for egypt for the important role they played in securing his release. the forced TV interview with Shlit,when he was in no shap for one, is an embarresment and down right inhumane.
11. Yigal, The Arabs won nothing but scorn...
rob ,   Orangevale Ca. USA   (10.18.11)
The world sees only thru rose colored glasses the release of Gilad. They dont realize the extent of the horror the Arabs will use to secure their vile fantasies. I see your pain, I witness your horror from afar, I see the Arabs as the most primitive of all existing humans. Any 'intelligent' Arab would run for the jungle. The Arabs won nothing but the scorn of any free thinking man. Welcome home Gilad. Shalom Israel, Rob
12. Israel can't maintain that "peace treaty" all by itself
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.18.11)
Walt notes that "Egypt breached its understandings with Israel" over the procedures to be followed. And we've had reports that, in violation of that peace treaty, Egypt is flying military aircraft over Sinai - daring Israel to challenge them. Walt insists Israel "must do everything in our power to maintain our peace treaty with Egypt". Clearly Egypt has no such intent toward Israel.
13. They didn't win anything.
noa ,   israel   (10.18.11)
Throughout history there have always been pigs. Well, thank god, we are not like them.
14. Who are you kidding?
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (10.18.11)
15. well said!!!
tz   (10.18.11)
beautifully said...thanks
16. Unfortunately,they win another way
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.18.11)
I agree entirely with Mr Walt.These bare facts should make it simplicity itself for Israel to win the PR,propaganda war...but the Arabs wipe the floor with the Israel government. This is a real disgrace and should be made a high priority. There is a good reason why the Arabs are so much better at PR.Their spokesmen AND women are such consummate,shameless liars. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
17. God's Chosen
cloudninegirl ,   Atlanta, USA   (10.18.11)
The Arabs did not win. One man - one of God's chosen - is EASILY worth 1,027 Palestinians.
18. Thank you, Yigal, for your excellent article!
avi ,   israel   (10.18.11)
19. OK, listen, Israel is situated in a realy BAD neighbourhood
Tamar   (10.18.11)
Kapish? "Bad deal" or "Good deal" it's all bad. What does it matter if it's 1000 killers (oh, sorry, "freedom fighters") released or 2000? The WHOLE Palestinian "nation" is killers and violent offenders. There are millions of them! What can you expect fro people who murder in cold blood their own FAMILY (the infamous "honor killing"). The answer: NOTHING GOOD! All I can say is this: Thank GOD they returned him ALIVE !!!
20. Only the strong IDF is the right power to those barbarians.
E,M Jordan is Pales ,   SF   (10.18.11)
Long life to State of Israel.
21. well said
anat ,   jerusalem   (10.18.11)
22. No doubt, The Arabs won
Elsie. ,   Gush halav   (10.18.11)
I don't agree with all the points the author wrote about , but one we can agree on, was that woman reporter has the brain of a worm, it was disgusting to watch and listen to her brainless questions,if she thought it would be good for her, it backfired badly. shame on her.
23. Appalling article
Philos ,   Herzliya   (10.18.11)
This article is appallingly racist. It is vile. If they won then Yigal Walt rubbed the salt in our wounds by demonstrating the ugly bigotry of the Israeli Right! (He'd also be facing a judge in the USA, Britain and elsewhere for writing "hate speech" but Israel is far, far, far away from being anything like a Western democracy)
24. Civility??
Hymie ,   CA   (10.18.11)
Yigal, you have just lowered yourself down to a level much below your prose. Do you not think some of your lunatic Rabbis and extremist settlers, who murder Priime ministers, are not barbarians. Do you not forget all of the chaos and upheavel your goverments commit to the Palestinian people who are not barbaric. Please!! Get out of your pathetic little fantasy world...I may then stop laughing at your ignorance. Sigh, very short memories,
25. Israel could be a light unto Nations!
Jouko ,   Finland   (10.18.11)
Israel should and could be a light unto Nations. It is clear Israel is an excellent example for all the other nations to follow - starting the arab nations. This is actually Israel s task in the future. But Israel should also be humble and not to despise other nations as Israel has not deserved anything but was chosen by GOD Himself as the people of His revelation.
26. Gilad Shalit
Irith Manory   (10.18.11)
Barbarians are civil as compared to Shalit's captors.It's a great compliment to call the Arabs barbarians. The right word to describe them has not yet been invented. Look at the confident fat smiling prisoners released by Israel as compared to the shaky Gilad.
27. I hated reading this article but it's all true.
JEWDI knight ,   NYC, USA   (10.18.11)
In fact "sugar coating" it a bit to make it softer...but still all so true. Barbarians is a compliment to these butchers of Jews. Animals/beasts/monsters are quite accurate and would be apropos... (That's why "NEVER AGAIN!" means "NEVER AGAIN!")
28. From what I see Israel today
has won a lot of admiration, has shown how just one young man is of more value than over a 1000 of them..the murderers of civilians, many children among them. Cold bloodied murderers will get no admiration outside of gaza, as we have seen how many countries refuse to have them. They will remain fanatic idiots who breed death and destruction and hopefully we wont be alone thinking this.
29. Before you blame anyone
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (10.18.11)
for cruelty etc., try to answer (not necessary publicly, but enough would be to answer yourself) following question: Do you consider expulsion of Arabs from their home as rightful? If yes, you can write millions of articles and no one will trust you. If not, try to transform the word into some deed.
30. Well, you just brought an ocean of trouble upon yourselves
Cameron ,   USA   (10.18.11)
You handed your blood enemies a freaky victory & shot of adrenaline like no other. The game has undergone a profound shift at this point. They are going to be on your back day and night from now on.
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