Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
A tolerable capitulation
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 19.10.11, 12:34
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1. You can say it louder but not more clear!
David ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.19.11)
2. Humiliation?Capitulation?What are you talking about??
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.19.11)
Do you think is it an humiliation or a capitulation to hand in 1027 pieces of rag to have back a precious jewish israeli soldier? No,it isn't! What is humiliation and capitulation is not to carpet bomb Gaza every time they send a mortal device into Israel;humiliation and capitulation is not to make a capital offense on every barbaric act against Israel by these savages;humiliation and capitulation is to follow military rules orders from foreigners who are pure and simple Trojan Horses;humiliation and capitulation is to believe these foreigners are Israel's friends. The lesson in this whole affair can be syntezized by Noam and Aviva's unbrakeable spirit to get to what is correct,with no core compromises.This is the lesson.This is the concept,the jewish concept ,to be followed. Israel knows what it wants,what it needs and how to get there.We must just do!
3. Lesson for Israeli soldiers: take no prisoners!End of story.
EST ,   Miami Fl   (10.19.11)
4. Two kinds of capitulation
cress ,   cape town   (10.19.11)
The one kind of capitulation is ended by a deal which leads to both parties finally cutting ties with each other for ever. This is the classical historical method which is ingrained in jewish thought The other kind is not a jewish concept but is called SURRENDER because the deal brings nothing to an end but guarantees a continuation of the problem which which gave rise to the kidnapping in the first place. And what other differences are there ??? .
5. The problem is that we say something
Yossef   (10.19.11)
one day and the opposite the day after. Nobody believe us anymore.
6. Shame
William ,   Michigan   (10.19.11)
I'm a regular reader of Mr. Ben Yishai's column on Ynet and Ynetnews. I read the Hebrew version of this analysis and this poor excuse for a translation should never have made on to your website. A writer like Mr. Ben Yishai deserves better and should demand you remove his name form this and stop translating him altogether, if this is the quality of work you offer him. It would be a great shame to lose him, but at least we would be spared the likes of this.
7. Simple Solution!
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.19.11)
Terrorists: Kill on sight! God bless Israel and His Jerusalem. A Christian Zionist
8. Time Gaza provided for itself
Mark Klein MD ,   USA   (10.19.11)
No more Israeli water, fuel, power and food stuffs.
9. Well - what is the lesson learned - ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.19.11)
A tolerable capitulation Op-ed: It is pertinent Israel learn its lessons from Shalit affair as next kidnapping is already on its way Capitulation is not a word that cannot be uttered. Sometimes, it is an unavoidable act in a lengthy war with a determined, fanatically-driven enemy. Although it is a humiliating and depressing act, it can be tolerated so long as it does not create an irreversible situation. Comment - it can be tolerated so long as it does not create an irreversible situation. You answeded this by your own words - It is pertinent Israel learn its lessons from Shalit affair as next kidnapping is already on its way - so the lesson learned is that terrorist with bloodon their hands should be setenced to death. And the state or Nation wich hemceforward kidnap israelis should be invaded and Subdued ?. Arn.Sweden.
10. capitulation
harvey ,   toronto canada   (10.19.11)
this is a religious struggle and war.this capitulation feinforces to the muslims that not only are the jews weak but that g_d is with them.this will be the highest cost of the capitulation hihgher than the many murders that follow. it will effect the whole muslim world,,
11. humiliation !?
Yankelev, PhD, Msc' ,   Coral Springs USA   (10.19.11)
Right on, Keren, Yishar Koach, The cowardly and soft bellied "government" of the Jewish state has and is doing more damage to Israel, than all its enemies. The E. Barak and Co. should and would stand trial for HIGH TREASON - if not by military tribunal, then in the hearts of Israel's silent (and not so silent) majority. Amen
12. gilad can still be a victim
izwick ,   nyc   (10.19.11)
there are no guarantees that gilad himself can't be the victim of another terrorist attack, I'm sure there are some deranged terrorists out there who would love to kill him or abduct him again to have a complete victory. How can he be protected if everyone knows him?
13. Another solution! And #7 has it right
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (10.19.11)
Another great solution. Every deal will be exactly the same as the Shalit deal. If another soldier gets kidnapped, we will do the same deal. Exactly the same deal... Just as soon as we take back all 1027 terrorists from his deal, dead or alive. We can trade the same people for anyone else they kidnap. And for #7, We should create a death penalty for people with over 4 life sentences. It's a problem when they cry about one person as a martyr even if he is a murderer, but if they want to keep calling all their murderers martyrs, the list will get so long the names will just blend into nothingness.
14. Buyer's remorse
Sidney ,   USA   (10.19.11)
"I know that it was a stupid purchase but here is how I justify it." It was a mistake, period. Other Israelis will die because of this capitulation. It probably will also lead to more deaths in other countries. The lesson is simple, kidnapping and terror pay. Anybody who does not view 9/11 as a terrorist victory is a fool. It cost the U.S. billions and made our lives less comfortable.
15. Dont send 50kg nerdy types to Gaza/Leb Borders .Send beefy types only
Alan ,   SA   (10.19.11)
16. A very good analysis
Joe ,   Canada   (10.19.11)
The article deals well with the various aspects & consequences of the process which led to Shalit's liberation. It correctly suggests one possible way for Israeli political leaders to avoid in the future submitting to emotional public pressure & make decisions contrary to the major interests of the country. Namely by trying to get in advance legislation acceptable to an informed public for a more effective way of dealing with kidnappings. The adopted process has to be clearly defining the consequences for the instigators of kidnappings so that instead of encouraging them to do more of the same (as is the case of Shalit) it would make them think twice before repeating a painful mistake. The response to a kidnapping has unfortunately to be harsh & swift on the political or physical survival of the masterminds since it is amply demonstrated they do not care for the fate of their own people staying for years in Israeli jails if they believe it helps them politically in their internal rivalries.
17. next kidnapping on its way?
Ed ,   MX   (10.19.11)
well... we can only infer the devastating consequences for the people in the strip (both hamas and civilians), or yehuda veshomron, depending on the source. anyway, the best way to at least diminish the odds of such next kidnapping taking place is to let these scumbags REALLY KNOW the effects of their foolishness in advance. remember, anticipating death is worse than death itself. level 3 or 4 street blocks a day; target 3 or 4 ham-a$$ members a day; cut energy supplies, i don't know, say 20 hrs. a day; and of course, as keren on #2 says, don't listen to foreign undeserved and nonsensical criticism.
18. #11 Yankelev
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.19.11)
Thank you. I wish everything will turn for the good,as it always does.Only that sometimes it takes too much time for that to happen if simple and right to the point solutions are avoided.
19. #15 How about we send you?
Logic ,   Israel   (10.19.11)
20. The response to the next kidnapping
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.19.11)
should be a massive bombing of gaza. Let the civilians feel the pain and suffer the destruction. We do not have the leaders in the government for that and the I.D.F. is filled with wimps at the top.
21. Ahh that word again - CAPITULATION!
Judas Iscariot ,   London, UK   (10.19.11)
Intolerable capitulation. A bit of an oxymoron, don't you think? Hamas got it spot on this time. And they are milking the plaudits to the detriment of Israel. In the cold light of day, whichever way you look at it, this has set a precedence of epic proportions. Now it seems all the freedom fighting faction will be adopting Hamas's formula, or even Hezballah's for that matter. One may think that 1027 prisoners are nothing compared to 1 Israeli soldier, but the truth is, Israel is hurting. Just look at the various articles. I say well done Hamas. As Mashaal stated - Israel knows only the language of violence. One thing i am certain of, is that the next Israel bargaining chip will be worth far more than 1027, i can tell you. And the big boy prisoners will be included in this too. I'm loving this "Flatten Gaza" attitude from the talkbackers. Well, you tried that trick during Cast Lead. And what did you gain, nothing!! Gilad was still not retrieved. Now i'm not one to condone violence, but i'll sure as hell support the swapping of soldiers for prisoners. Long may the prisoner swap continue. Ahh CAPITULATION, what a powerful word. Love from London.
22. Why don't we do the kidnapping first?
noa ,   israel   (10.19.11)
Like the wife of an important person on their side?
23. Lessonn 1:DEATH PENALTY NOW!!!
Daniel ,   Holland   (10.19.11)
24. #22 Not a bad idea.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.19.11)
This idea should be included in a roll of much more harsh practices to be applied by Israel related to "palestinians"terrorists. But for this to happen,Israel must reinstall its true and real sovereignty.It must stop following foreigners stupid ,and very bad for Israel ,rules,specially related to Israel's security.
25. Execute all captured terrorists within 48 hours.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.11)
There is no sane reason for keeping terrorists alive, for long periods of time, in the first place. All captured terrorists should be immediately debriefed (for information necessary to capture other terrorists and stop atrocities) and than executed within 48 hours. Such a policy would have saved Israel from this entire mess. Israel MUST have sane leaders and sane policies.
26. what is in this deal for Isreal.
K.J. Gordan ,   Kampala,Uganda   (10.19.11)
I a Ugandan Supporter of Israel. First and foremost, Israel has managed to DISARM Turkey (A Dog an) of the almost daily verbal attacks on Israel using the siege as an excuse. Secondary, Israel has DISARMED terrorist IHH of any excuse of sending more Flotillas to Gaza because the siege is going to be lifted. Thirdly, Israel has DISARMED Abu Mazen of the international Support witnessed during the recently concluded general Assembly. Abbas has no more excuse of not negotiating with Israel when TERRORIST Hamas can negotiate. Fourthly, Israel has DISARMED Ah Mad Nejad. He will no longer pretend to fight for a besieged people of Gaza. By the way, Edorgan must be BADLY wounded by the swap he is keeping his MOUTH shut. No more flotilas, No unilateral action by Abbas, No Erdogan outbursts. GOD Bless Isreal.
27. So Bibi & Co. Wath's next?
NATAN ,   Israel   (10.19.11)
Because we all are shure that you have a plan. Are you? or all this killers can killl my children or yours or me or my neigbor's familly. I still trusth in you and our goverment and our people and our inteligent and first of all our G..d? don't let them Give the second step.........
28. The strength of martyrism
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.19.11)
The Islamic belief in martyrism adds to its strength....on both sides of the coin.Those already in jail ready to die for it as well as those willing to let them die. Till those opposed to Islamic martyrism are willing to follow suit they will always lose on the deal.
29. Only BIG ISRAEL can bring balance and freedom to ME.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.20.11)
30. There hasn't been a kidnapping in over five years.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.20.11)
And it's not because they're not trying. My money says they won't have any success anytime in the near future either.
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