Opinion  Ariana Melamed
The grand Bibi show
Ariana Melamed
Published: 20.10.11, 14:13
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31. I like Bibi BUT!
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (10.20.11)
I found the formal meeting of the PM, DM and COS just a bit much. Better was the initial hand over to the IDF DOCTOR, and Southern Command chief, General Russo, while Gilad was still in that ugly civilian shirt at the crossing. But of course it is Bibi that will be taking the brunt of any terrorist recidivism, since he's gambled with lives he may as well take the brief good while he can.
32. Bibi OK.! A natural 'Derech Aretz' displayed
Roland Seener ,   London England   (10.20.11)
33. yuk
why don't you try being supportive and respectful?
34. Overly Critical
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (10.21.11)
Prime Minister Netanyahu should be congratulated for asssisting with the return of Gilad Shalit. Many, many people helped with the process but he as leader of the nation had to make it a specific priority and goal. I am sure that he took the burden of responsibility upon himself to make sure Gilad would be released. The problem in any country is that people take pot shots at leaders. Those who are attempting to do the heavy spirtual lifting should be recognised, respected and rewarded. A captain of the ship may want to go below decks and party as much as everyone else and not worry about where the ship is heading. If Israelis keep attempting to undermine good leaders and pay peanuts they will undoubtably get monkeys. The old socialist roots of Zionism mean that sometimes respect is lost. A good nation needs leaders. I wonder if a true king landed in the country how he would be treated. Some self promotion is also justified and warranted. Even Gandhi had an ego.
35. speaking about respect
Daph ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
Speaking about respect, let the people be proud and joyfull and stop to use every possibility and media for your campaign against this prime minister who 1.arrived in a democratic way where he is now 2. Gave his people what they asked for during the protest! Using Gilad beeing back home as a scene to try to delegitimize the prime minister, this is bad taste! And the argument: because the program of the liberation wasn't organized as you wished for? Completely out of context!
36. To Ariana
A Mother ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
And if Gilad Shalit were your own son? I think that what you wrote here is disgusting.
37. BB's big show
yoel ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
Nothing new! ...........same'o same'o
38. shut the hell up .....you just want to hear your own voice
rachel ,   usa   (10.21.11)
39. This writer the former PM and Barak showed up to
boaz ,   chicago   (10.21.11)
with caskets. where was he the negotiations with these animals started. his problem is that the lead negotiater meets with the asset that was negotiated on? another Isreali loser who lost his bearing. god luck Israel.
40. Kol hakavod Bibi,
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (10.21.11)
the most important thing is Shalit is back!!!!
41. What's wrong with the media?
lidia ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
If Bibi does, it's wrong and if he doesn't ,it;'s also wrong. What about our media's coverage of the palestinians'victory? I just found myself zapping all the time. Enough is enough! Sto bombarding achievements and do something outstanding yourself!!
42. Bibi?
Queen Mary ,   Scotland   (10.21.11)
There is no need for sarcasm. Bibi deserves credit. All previous governments failed and he returned the boy home. As for media circus, blame media...
43. Shut up!
PM did what no one in Israel could do.
44. insane!
martine ,   ashdod   (10.21.11)
45. just idiotic
martine ,   ashdod   (10.21.11)
how great to see a person thinking for another one. I mean Ariana is able to say what B. Netanyahou was thinking during that unbelievable day. She can't see emotion on our P.M.'s face. And yet, on a picture you edited, you can see that emotion on his face when Guilad finally was in his father's arms. But as a leftist she can't say that, because she is against that government. She can't just express the joy his parents felt, the relief to see their son alive even if they never gave up. No, the only thing this woman is able to talk about is the grand Bibi show. Shame on her! Forget your political views and just be happy for this family that was fighting to get their son back, that will be more interesting. Ariana, I'm not Bibi's fan but I respect him as our P.M. and I don't want to see him denigrated when he tries to do his job. He's not behind his computer trying to make people hate him. You don't know what he is thinking about, you have no right to think at his place!!! As an Israeli citizen I deny you this right!
46. This article might have been a Latma satire
Esther ,   Netherlands   (10.21.11)
with the needless Bibi bashing. For better or worse he was the one who closed the deal. And as Shalit has become Israel war hero #1, it is only just that the prime minister welcomes him. If Bibi had not done so, this article would have been written anyway, telling us that Bibi had not done his duty as a prime minister. The author and her ilk get him coming and going.
47. The grand Bibi show
G ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.21.11)
Hard Decision for Bibi. He's done the country proud!
48. Ynet is ALWAYS bashing Bibi!
DISGUSTED!   (10.21.11)
This OP ED was an easy pot shot! You hate the Prime Minister so much! All you EVER do is find fault with EVERYTHING he does! He can't do ANYTHING right in youir eyes! I am sick of it!
49. Disagree with the Op-ed
Jess ,   USA   (10.21.11)
I think Bibi genuinely cared for the safe return of Gilad. Who wouldn't want to return their soldier home from the hands of mass murders? I think this article was way too bias. I know I know...it is an opinion but it was in my opinion way off base.
50. I respect others' opinion
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (10.21.11)
Ariana Melamed is a good journalist and literary critic. However - strange criteria for good and bad in the 21st century. On the background of all anti-Israel rhetoric in the Middle East, such writings are absurd, given that the Israeli authorities with nothing crossed good manners of Shalit’s return. I understand that this opinion is not hatred, only left syndrome called “Eyes Wide Shut”. Leftists are great masters of the anti-democratic propaganda & manipulations. But Abbas is well ahead in the KGB-education.
David ,   NJUSA   (10.21.11)
52. He got Gilad back he's got my vote
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (10.21.11)
Gilad Shabbat Shalom
53. BB is a leader - stop left propoganda
Mordechai ,   rbs israel   (10.21.11)
Any leader would have done the same or more. bb was responsible for getting him out - its only right he was there...BB is putting his political life on the line for gilad life
54. Hero's Welcome
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (10.21.11)
No. Gilad is no hero. There was no reason for tens of thousands to march on his behalf. There was no reason to let 1,024 terrorist go to bring him home. There was no reason to give him a hero's welcome home. There was a need however for the PM to try to explain why sometimes, we act against reason.
55. This was a historic moment for Israel
BH ,   Iowa   (10.21.11)
disasterous deal or not. The leader of the country has every right to participate - even if he's a member of the 'wrong' party.
56. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.21.11)
Not if we pulverize Gaza. Count on it -- now that Shalit is home; that's coming.
57. Netanyahu knew this well
Joe Harkins ,   Rutland usa   (10.22.11)
He had to get Gilad freed before the next war . I hope the Border Police have set up a defensive perimeter around Gilads house. I hope they protect Gilad and his family .
58. ya' know -
Aviva ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
once every few years something happens in this country that almost, almost brings us all together and has the Jewish heart beating as one. Right, left, secular, religious, - irrelevant - we are a people. And at times like that there's always that one person who will try to mess it up. Thank you, Ariana, for being the woman of the hour.
59. Grand Bibi Show
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.23.11)
Hey I have a great idea, Ariana. Why don't we give Bibi a well earned few days vacation, and you can take over for him. Since you seem to trivialize, ridicule and minimize his role and job, let's see how well you do at it. As head of this country, the person to make the final decisions, and in view of such a joyful, long awaited event, he had every right to greet Gilad at the plane. I don't see anything so unusual about this.
60. Bibi
Debbie ,   Israel   (10.23.11)
With the exception of the disgusting pitiful interview by the Egyptian "reporter", I think that the entire day was well executed, appropriate, honorable, touching, well reported, and dignified. It was totally in place for Bibi, to stand at the steps of the plane. He is after all the leader of our country, and the person who was on this case from his first day as P.M., and in the end, made the final decisions.
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