World welcomes 'new era' in Libya
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Published: 20.10.11, 20:48
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1. Italy kissed his ass for oil, what scum.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.20.11)
2. Sic semper tyrranis more fitting
John ,   Usa   (10.20.11)
3. "New era"? What absolute delusion.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.20.11)
I see a consolidation of power over a wider area in the hands of extremists. I see 2011 as a turning point heralding the most evil period of mankind. I see that the elation of the EU will be short-lived and this bunch of jackasses will soon face reality.
4. And now lets watch how many more terrorists
Oleg ,   USA   (10.20.11)
will come to our cities. Lets celebrate new terrorist training camps creation! Let's be happy, knowing that warehouses with weapons in Libia are empty and nobody knows where these weapons ended up. Let' sing and dance while those bastards prepare themselves to create a chaos and destruction in out lives. Politicians are IDIOTS -- ALL of them!!
5. No women allowed in "New Era"
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.20.11)
Gadhafi's dictatorship took a mixed population of north-Africans and taught them to read and write in Modern Standard Arabic. Both men and women alike. No one there is illiiterate for the first time ever. Employment was a problem, especially in the periphery. Is this what we can expect from the New Era led by Al Qa'eda rebels?
6. The tyrant is dead, in it's places comes the Tyranny.
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.20.11)
7. Truly. #2!
Cameron ,   USA   (10.20.11)
No "straw death" for that strange and brutal freak.
8. #1 .... and so NATO ...
Peter ,   Israel   (10.20.11)
That's the same reason why NATO went to Libia on the first place , and nobody is caring of what is going on in Siria : they don't have any oil ... Wonderful world , no ?
9. Arab Spring?
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (10.20.11)
So one load of thugs is going to take over from another load of thugs. Moslem Brotherhood gaining upper hand in Tunisia and Egypt and now doubt the same will happen here. Cameron was just on the news claiming it's a great victory for democracy. I think he must be somewhere out in Uranus or Pluto.
10. I'm no fan of Qaddafi ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.20.11)
... but he was murdered. No trial. So much for "democracy" in Libya. And that democratic nations are in the vanguard of those welcoming the "new era" is nothing short of sublime hypocrisy.
11. It is "tyrannis" John. Clearly, you are no Virginian.
rachel ,   tel aviv israel   (10.20.11)
And I sure hope you are not comparing Muammar Gaddafi to George III. No tyrant is good, but the trick will be to see if the Libyans can create a democracy. They will have to start from scratch as Gaddafi destroyed their goverment, judiciary and society. They should ask for our help. We did manage nicely in 63 years' time. They have started finding Libyan weapons in the Sinai so they have their work cut out for them.
12. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.20.11)
I'm not sure George III had anything much to do with the expression. It is attributed to Brutus, when he assassinated Julius Caesar. John Wilkes Booth said it to, when leaping from the box to the stage after having shot President Lincoln. George III? No. 'fraid not.
13. The Usefull Idiots of the West never learn !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.21.11)
Their Selfdeceptive Humanitarianism always lead Them to be used by the Evil Forces. They interviened in Irak and Radical islam will take over. They interwiened in former Yugoslavia and Islam took over. They inteviened in Libya and radical Islam will take over. The only comfort in all this is that we can se the Word of HASHEM will come True. HASHEM is The Sovereighn and Superb Ruler of the World Arn.Sweden.
14. I guess it doesnt shock me anymore
the mad zionist ,   sf,ny   (10.21.11)
as to how clueless these leaders are today. And I wont be shocked if obama in a few days or in a few weeks announces that hes gonna give billions to the "new" libya asap. Just like with egypt and tunisia. I mean, do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Billions to egypt before any type of elections. Obama really thinks in his head that hes helping muslims but in reality hes gonna destroy any of the moderate peaceful muslims. If Obama really wants to help muslims then he would talk tough and act tough and clearly point out at how dangerous and threatening muslim extremism is. And backing moderate leaders and helping to give a voice to a peoples that cannot use their voice. Its liberals.have no.idea as to how much they inflame muslim extremism. Where was your voice.Obama when the one potential legitamate arab spring sprung in Iran? Mummmm. Its amazing. I.for awhile had.just thought that you were an idiot and misinformed, but you know exactly what youre.doing. The signs were there I.e. reverend wright. The world has got to start saying whats going on. Carter brought irans khomenei....obama is gonna bring one to Egypt, tunisia, bahrain, syria, libya, and since obama theres already been turkeys erdogan(who right after obama was elected set off on his islamic conquest which happened at Davos conference and dominoed to now), lebanons hezballah taking over majority, and mark my words, every arab spring will turn into baby irans. The in real.trouble if obama gets 2nd.term. Oh and I almost forgot, the palestinians after obama got elected started acting like the ones who already have a state.and dictate everything regarding the peace proccess. At this point it a tough Herman Cain who wont put up with islamic extremism is whats.needed. I think if america can take care.of the iran situation than the middle east will be on a course correction. These islamic extremist have got to realize that they cant to anything without impunity. And of course I would not like to see another war especially with iran, if we can stop iran in its tracks, then I see most of this mess cleaning itself up. Obama had probably the best chamce at it when thousands.were willing to protest aand riot to bring down the.ayatollahs. And you know what the saddest thing is. With all these different sects of arab and muslim, all willing to kill eachother, can you ever see a dempcracy like america working for them? I dont, I cant even imagine it. But a democracy more iron fisted like china mightbwork. But first thingsbfirst. Obamas gotta go!!!
15. How fitting the IMF is ready to enslave..
Chris.B ,   Australia   (10.21.11)
the nation to debt it can't afford.I wonder If they tried to get to Qaddafi before this.LIke they did to Saddam.
16. #8
jo moor   (10.21.11)
Quite correct.........add Somalia, Darfur, Zimbabwe. Any more????
17. Lybian new democracy?
David M.   (10.21.11)
What a joke! Has anyone noticed that the new democratic forces have killed, tortured and expelled thousands of black Africans who worked there? It's easy to be delusional, as the "progressive" Westerners are, if you completely ignore reality.
18. Definitely makes for a night of bad dreams in Damascus
Cameron ,   USA   (10.21.11)
19. I am hearing they found the SOB hiding in a sewer pipe
Cameron ,   USA   (10.21.11)
What is it with these Islamic warriors? What a dishonorable runt he turned out to be.
David ,   NJUSA   (10.21.11)
21. for Madeleine @ 3
ex geebeeer   (10.30.11)
Don't worry Madeleine. Cameron is on neither Uranus or Pluto. I would think he is just lying drunk somewhere in his own gutter. He's probbly got the other comedian Blair with him.
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