'Shalit deal detrimental to peace'
Ynet Reporters
Published: 20.10.11, 20:55
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1. Funny
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.20.11)
The Right-wingers who said that Shalit can't be freed by releasing terrorists because they will murder hundreds of Jews are supporters of territorial concessions to Abbas. At the same time, the Shalit family, the journalists, and the extreme Left who supported Shalit Inc are the ones who ruined the chance for peace. On the one hand, I wonder what Tzvi and Noam Shalit would say about being accused of being the new Igal Amirs, destroying the chance for peace. On the other hand, it is so pathetic it is funny.
2. Washington Post on Shalit deal
Ted S. ,   Berlin/Tel Aviv   (10.20.11)
I cannot believe for a moment that the Washington Post's comment on Schalit is the product of a higher animal's mind.
3. For allegedly smart people, the Post editorial is oh so dumb
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.20.11)
The deal simply and clearly reveals that the existing "peace process" with Abbas is a total loss and should be abandoned. The Post looks at the lame duck Abbas and says he looks like a lame duck, quacks like a lame duck, waddles like a lame duck, yet the Post says that the peace process should still focus on this same lame duck. Why? The Post would do its readers a better service by acknowledging that the lame duck is the problem. Netanyahu has repeatedly says he is ready to negotiate and make painful concessions. Netanyahu already imposed a settlement freeze last year - yet despite the freeze and despite Israel's willingness to negotiate, Abbas refuses. Of course there is no Israeli outcry for support of a deal with Abbas - because there is none because Abbas refuses to deal. Of course there is no Israeli outcry for "continued talks with Hamas" because Israelis know that Hamas does not want peace. The Post then goes on to pretend that easing the blockade on Hamas in Gaza would reduce support for the Fatah bid for UN membership. Um, excuse us simple folk, but hasn't the Post noticed that the only connection between Gaza and the West Bank is animosity? Why on earth would anybody want Abbas, the certified lame duck, to "reassert his role as Palestinian leader" when he never really was the confirmed leader in the first place? Abbas was never prepared to make any concessions, and it's only the wild imagination of the Post's editorial page writer that gives Abbas the legitimacy that even his own people don't give him.
4. The reasoning here is so utterly flawed.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (10.21.11)
It implies that Gilad Shalit should have been left with Hamas and that would have better facilitated a non-existent peace process. He was in Gaza for five and a half years and the outcome was zero. That fact escaped the author's notice. The author fails to realize that the only poison injected was between Abbas and the Hamas leadership which wanted something to boost its image on the Arab street. Both sides already hate Israel so this is pure competition between Fatah and Hamas for the affection of the street. Abbas made a gamble going globetrotting and to the UN for statehood against Hamas' wishes and he is paying for it. He got applause and standing ovations while Hamas got the release of prisoners and of course, Israel got Shalit. It was more important to Hamas to downgrade Abbas than to hold on to Shalit as they had been doing. This is a crazy circus and the nations of the world need to exercise the utmost caution with these assorted nuts and their issue of statehood. Then mediator Turkey gets to massacre Kurds unchallenged and Egypt gets its own prisoner swap. It also grabbed a bonus by torturing hapless Gilad one last time. Then the author made the outrageous recommendation to ease the blockade on the abstract and absurd notion that it would reduce tensions. He has totally ignored the fact that such action would amplify the danger level throughout the entire state of Israel. As usual, Israelis are dispensable. What counts is making terrorists happy and freer to kill Jews by removing impediments that are in the way to achieve this objective. Obama and the Quartet are way behind. Actually, they are still at the starting line. But look at the bright side of things! Abbas is saved from being badgered by the Quartet and in particular Obama who has lost interest for now, what with a hard election fight coming up. To Abbas, it is better to be downgraded than six feet under. Hamas is once more riding high on the Pals popularity chart and the Pals are thrilled and excited with the promise of another Israeli prisoner or several. Israel is in the nearest place to heaven having gotten back the beloved son of the entire country. Netanyahu can taunt Livni by flaunting himself before her envious eyes and she can't do a damn thing about it. That feeling must be soooo good!
David ,   NJUSA   (10.21.11)
6. Almost the only benefit of this atrocious deal.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
If the atrocious Shalit swap ruins the dangerous, fraudulent "peace process" with the P.A,, that is about the only benefit it will ever give Israel. As for getting Shalit back alive; there are many other ways Israel could have gotten him back, without exposing Israel to the horrendous danger of freeing 1,027 murderous terrorists. Nothing poses a greater threat to Israel than the phony "peace process" aimed at dismembering Israel and rendering her defenseless.
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8. #6 If there had been another way
MAP ,   Bnei Brak Israel   (10.21.11)
of rescuing Gilad Shalit then we'd have done it. Military means were tried but failed. For a citizen army with obligatory service like ours captives must be redeemed. For nations with a different history and a volunteer army there may be room for discussion. Having said that, if the deal opens a few eyes to the idiocy of regarding Abbas as an interlocutor or fundamentally any different from Hamas then some good may result in addition to getting OUR boy back - and he is OUR boy, all of us.
9. @ #7
Moran   (10.21.11)
I wonder what you´re actually I the only one who doesn´t read jibberish?
10. No Expalnation Needed
emanon ,   USA   (10.21.11)
The words of Gold Mier says it best "There will be peace with the arabs when they love their children more than they hate us". Whether Shalit was freed or how his freedom was secureed is totally secondary.
11. Terror
Johannes Broos ,   South Africa   (10.22.11)
I am overwelmed by the save return of Gilad Shalid. It was just unbearable that this lonely soldier was ignored of his rights by the whole world! I prayed a lot for him and Jonathan Pollard ( another case like this) To exchange Gilad for such a huge number of terrorists with Israeli/Jewish blood on their hands is telling me two things: 1/ Israel good not longer bear his grave situation and rightly made this deal. 2/ The full responsibility for this very much unbalanced deal is for the hyprocritical world and its insane politicians.
12. # 7
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.22.11)
What on earth are you trying to say here?
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