Video shows Gaddafi was captured alive
Associated Press
Published: 20.10.11, 21:09
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1. Hmmm
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.20.11)
Definitively proven to have been captured alive. Declared to be dead by the "government" of Libya. Gee, I wonder what could POSSIBLY have happened.
2. Video shows Gaddafi was captured alive.
Elsie. ,   Gush halav.   (10.20.11)
Sarah, loved your post, spot on ,as the saying goes, You live by the sword, you also will die by the sword, good riddens to bad rubbish.
3. A warning to all leaders
Sagi   (10.20.11)
Whether you are elected or self appointed, humane or otherwise. The people always win, it may take a while but they prevail in the end. It's the law of the three B's. Ballot box or bullet.
4. Gaddafi was captured alive and now he's dead
AL ,   Georgia, U.S.   (10.20.11)
Ahmadixxxxx and his boss from Iran is next on my list of soon-to-be-dead-politicians...
5. all leaders ? rabin was outstanding, good and brought hope..
eporue ,   europe   (10.20.11)
now he is dead... people didnt win...
6. Cause of death
Ariel ,   US   (10.20.11)
Don't you understand? He was just found drowned at the bottom of the lake, under the railroad tracks where he shot himself in the head and abdomen 5 times after taking cyanide and hanging himself. Obviously, he was not wearing his seat belt. A triumph of humanitarian justice in the newly-democratic Libya, a beacon of freedom in the new Obama-esque Middle East.
7. A fallen Jew...May his soul rest in peace...
Rivkah ,   Israel   (10.20.11)
8. Assad must be wondering about his future.
Gabe ,   Canada   (10.20.11)
9. #2
Baba ,   NY   (10.20.11)
No matter how much itme goes by, People will get what they deserve for abusing other people. People of Israel, Ask for forgevinees and give Palestinians thier land. go home.
10. A coward
Big Tex ,   Texas   (10.20.11) the end.
11. See how animal beings have one Video
pany   (10.20.11)
See how animal beings have one Video. Killing a person without legal right. Other hand, Israel is releasing in 1000 murder of life.
12. UN, HRW, Amnesty etc are now on trial.
John Phee ,   Sydney, AUSTRALIA   (10.20.11)
Ummmm.............. Let's consider this, we had a wounded combatant incapable of fighting any longer, he was unarmed & in custody. He was effectively a POW for want of a better description. So there are a number of legal & humanitarian laws to be observed. But they simply shot him, murdered him. This is all documented on digital recording. Legally it is a war crime & the evidence is conclusive. Will there be a trial bet not. Gaddafi got what he deserved. BUT & here is the interesting bit are all those that attacked Israel without proof going to do the same here. If not then hypocrisy is obvious. Well Falk, Goldstone, Tutu, UN, AI & HRW, you are in the dock & on trial what do you have to say.
13. Today, the world is a better place.
Allan ,   Delray Beach   (10.20.11)
14. He succumbed to the will of the people.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.20.11)
For over 42 years he ruled and nobody deserves that. He should have left a long time ago. Obviously, many Libyans have died to reach this point in history. The Barbary Coast may have a new beginning in history and I wish them the best on a path to democracy. It is clear a ruler of 42 years was not democratically elected and deserved to go. Qaddafi did not want to leave by his free will. Sometimes, true believers die for their ideas and Qaddafi did just that. For this alone some people will call him a hero, but to me it seems people of Libya have accomplished what they desired.
15. Libya now Destabilized . . .
KB ,   San Francisco, USA   (10.20.11)
As bad as Ghadafi was he kept Libya under his control. Just like Saddam Hussein did in Iraq. Now there will be violence between different factions struggling to control the country. Tell me how this is going to be better for the Libyan people? Also the winner will most certainly be muslim extremists who will put women in burqa's and cut off the hands of theives, etc. . . . . so good job America for backing the wrong side . . . again! Of course our president loves Islam, that religion of "peace".
16. #5...Are you serious ?
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.20.11)
17. world would be better
Mike Shore ,   Dallas, USA   (10.20.11)
The world would be a better place if Ahmad-mad-dog joined him. He is a threat to the human race. If aliens came to the earth, they would vaporize him as a sick, hateful life form.
18. how strange, that this one wsa published...
eporue ,   europe   (10.21.11)
...i just cant post when anything "happens"... only days after ? lol... no low...
19. #9 What a ridiculous comment to make
santiago ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.21.11)
Go home where? Libya?? Tunisia??? Yemen?? The Palestinians have been offered plenty of land their problem, as you obviously agree with, is that they do not want to live side-by-side with Israel, they want to exist instead of Israel. Mate, it is not going to happen. Israelis and Palestinians are both there as a reality on the ground and making ridiculous statements that the "People of Israel" go home, is never going to help the situation. You are are one despicable human being...
20. #7 give us a break!!!!
rachel ,   usa   (10.21.11)
21. #1 sarah
Avraham yoseleh ,   Munich   (10.21.11)
Excellent post sarah, couldnt have said it better, very very spot on. Well it looks like ghaddafi is gonna get a trial for the ages like mubarak. Atleast they got qaddafi alive. I bet a million dollars he pleads not guilty and goes on a rant like saddam did. Any takers? Im taking bets. Anyways, thanks again sarah, your posts always hit the mark! Always look forward to them. Oh and I hope khaddafi rots in jail rather then br hung or decapatated. Better to sit with the horrors you did then to be given a free pass in life. Avraham Yoseleh out
22. The arab spring will now roll into motion in libya
Yossi G. ,   Tel Aviv, IS   (10.21.11)
Now that Libya has become a democracy and egypt too, what can our country say now that we are not the only "democracy" in the middle east. For all you right wing peoples that said the arab spring will bring havoc to the ME, what do you say now? Look around, maybe our country can learn a thing or two from egypt, turkey, libya. Maybe now we can have some forthsight and prevent a disaster and lift the blockade, and allow the right of return, and become a one state. Im an israeli citizen, ashkenazi, and I am willing to admit that most the middle east are because of us. If we would just allow the peaceful palestinians to come back to their homeland, then I will label muself a proud israeli citizen. But until then, we will cause thr chaos not the countries with arab spring. Just look, open your eyes! Libya in now free democrracy and egypt free democracy. Israel still needs its arab spring until israel becomes a "democracy".
23. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
Vlad   (10.21.11)
24. Good News!
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.21.11)
I'm glad this evil despot is dead; but, I fear that this dirtbag will only be replaced by something worse: the evil Muslim Brotherhood.
25. Going Home!
Taz Man ,   USA   (10.21.11)
Pure Evil returns to its birth-place: Hell.
26.  #9
Red   (10.21.11)
27. The minkey-man and his boss!
Moragh USA   (10.21.11)
Without further ado, take them both out NOW! What are you waiting for, a pt on the bck first?
28. To: Avraham at No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.21.11)
Thank you for your kind words. That said, I'm pretty convinced that he is dead. Somewhere in between the time the video was shot and the announcement by the government of Libya, he was put down like a rabid dog. Not how I would have done it, but the Libyan people have accumulated a considerable amount of rage, and Arabs tend to do things differently than civilized societies. But I derive a certain amount of enjoyment in knowing that this so-called "leader" who swore up and down that he would fight to the death ends up pleading for his life. Coward.
29. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.21.11)
The Arab spring is rapidly turning into the Arab winter. Do not confuse what is happening in Egypt or Libya with "democracy." Complete anarchy in Egypt, with the military cracking down mercilessly, and tribal rule (all 133 of them in their various pockets) in Libya. Democracy is an alien concept to Arabs. They have no history of it, no knowledge of it, no understanding of it and, most importantly, no desire for it. Most cannot even define it, as it is not even taught in Arab schools. Totalitarian governments and military dictatorships just don't allow democracy to be taught. Something tells me your name just might be Yussef, not Yossi.
30. n 22
aline silverman ,   israel   (10.21.11)
Are you out of your mind or is it a big JOKE? Do you wish their kind of democracy here in Israel? Give me a break!
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