Noam Shalit: Gilad's captivity was harsh
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 20.10.11, 19:30
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1. Take him to a beach.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.20.11)
One or two weeks in the early morning sun in the beach;a daily walking in the sand;a bath in the sea;a good meal with fish and everything good of Israel...will do a great deal of good in Shalit, I am sure! Sea and morning sun perform miracles to mind and body health.
2. I bet he was subject more than once to mock executions!
Eric ,   Toronto   (10.20.11)
The truth will soon come out when he talks to the media.
3. what about his female partner
observer ,   Egypt   (10.20.11)
Hamas took care of his emotional needs and tried to find for him a female partner. After a second thought you can't convert a Jew for his Jewishness is inherited, never acquired.
4. The silence of the Leftists is deafening
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.20.11)
Here is obvious proot that Gilda Shalit was abused and held not only illegally, but under illegal conditions as well. One look is proof that Shalit's wounds were not treated properly, he was not fed properly, and was held under illegal conditions with no sunlight and clearly no vitamin D supplements. The convicted Palestinian terrorists who were released were all healthy, tanned, well nourished and many of them had university degrees at my expense. Yet despite the clear and undeniable truth that Hamas broke international laws and treaties - not a single "human rights" group has demanded an inquiry, let alone criminal charges against those responsible in Hamas. This is just another shameful and despicable indictment against modern day leftists who clearly do not care for any laws or orders that do not suit their warped social agendas.
5. @No.4
Ahron ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.20.11)
6. The truth will come
Yakov   (10.20.11)
The truth will come as Shalit recovers. I agree with #4 that there is a lot more than just sunlight deprivation. Why no human rights group in this case is puzzling. Whatever did happen during his time there does need to be documented.
7. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.20.11)
Sadly you are 100% correct.
8. #1, that's exactly what I was thinking!
Beautiful Israel   (10.20.11)
9. shalits
alexi   (10.20.11)
the shalit parents went to the ends of the world to get their son back. That together with the arrival of bibi,yaalon and liberman into office is what caused hamas to be more flexible as they know very well that soon barak will be replaced and yaalon will take his place. If olmert or livni were still in power, gilad would have been brought back in a box with livni begging the US to help. Hamas is not scared one bit of livni, merridor,barak, livni or olmert. They are quite scared of yaalon, lieberman, ahronovitch, and galant. So bibi saved one life and saved the world as it is written.. as soon as hamas prisoners turn to terrorism, israeli operatives will take them out.
10. #4
Miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon Israel   (10.21.11)
What a load of tripe - Israel has been misruled by right wing governments for the last 5 years - so what you are complaining about is ho right wing governments have been paying these terrorists 3 times the pay of a conscript soldeir every day and providing them with luxuries. Just because some of us are intelligent enough not to sacrifice the country's future as a Jewish democratic country on the alter of territorial agrandizement does not turn us into lovers of Hammas Grow up!
11. #4 is absolutely correct
Sharon ,   Tel Aviv   (10.21.11)
What are the Leftists up in arms about now? The fact that it's not right to deport those poor terrorists to other countries! Pathetic. Yes, not a word about Gilad's mistreatment all these years, the fact that the Red Cross was never allowed to visit. Shows once again that when the victim is an Israeli, the world can't yawn loudly enough.
12. 3
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (10.21.11)
You are insane-too many bum bum's with your goat.Go and observe the stars in the dessert for a long time-maybe your brain will rejuvenate.
13. To #3 Wow. Just ... wow.
John ,   Alaska   (10.21.11)
I know you are evil; depravedly, Dr Evil - type evil. But not actually interacting with you for a while, I tend to forget that. Then you make a post like this, trying to spin as a good thing Hamas' threat to kidnap another Israeli for a mate for Gilad as Hamas' foul mockery of human kindness, and I am reminded of just how very evil you are. And of course, how anti-Semitic (in the correct, dictionary usage of "hating or against Jews") you are, as your post is a slur not on Israel, but on Jews. The manner by which Egypt will be destroyed is comforting, because it means washing away evil people like you.
14. To #4 Brian Cohen
John ,   Alaska   (10.21.11)
You seem to have been expecting human care of Gilad, but remember, he was being held captive by _monsters_. The only good that came of this is the Muslim insistence that one Jew is 1000 Muslims. May your people force your government to abide by this, not only with the precedent-affirming matter of recovering Gilad, but every time a Jew is killed, or even targeted, by these monsters. May Ha'Shem give the monsters what they demanded until the last 1000 of them is killed.
15. #1 yes that's a good idea
rachel ,   usa   (10.21.11)
16. #3 you are disgusting
rachel ,   usa   (10.21.11)
17. #4 you are sooooo right
rachel ,   usa   (10.21.11)
David ,   NJUSA   (10.21.11)
David ,   NJUSA   (10.21.11)
20. Israeli torture
Fred ,   stockton   (10.21.11)
Seems the zionist are lamenting about their boy's treatment. What hypocrites they are. They have tortured many Palestinain as young as 13....I can give two hoots about your " boy" ., he is just the face of the occupation
21. Death Penalty to Terrorists with Blood on Their Hands
Joe K ,   Silicon Valley USA   (10.21.11)
To prevent the travesty of unbalanced prisoner exchanges, started first under Peres and Rabin (how people forget, and blame Bibi) it's time to consider the following: Terrorism is a war crime committed against a civilian population. Put terrorists to death and be done with them. The mind boggles that this is not done. Instead, we encourage more kidnappings, more ransoms. What's wrong with us? Don't we recognize what we are dealing with?
22. #3
Oscar ,   Fort Worth/USA   (10.21.11)
I think you are an evil person to dare even write this
23. PM. Thanks for bringing Gilad home
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.21.11)
For sure Gilad was abused but I feel some information has to be kept quiet so not to spoil the rest of his life, not all information has to be made public. Gilad your Israel's hero.
24. No more 5* treatment for terrorists
macktheknife   (10.21.11)
Kill them quietly and keep your mouths shut. Let future prisoners know how bloody cruel Israel can also be. The 5* treatment is over for the arab thugs. For murderers hang them immediately. I'm trusting the Fogel killers are still behind bars. Well, with Gilad as a witness as to the animalistic treatment he received..... Israel do likewise..... no more Israeli's playing the good guys! In fact, don't hold any new hamas thugs in your jails.
25. A New Israeli President
Moragh   (10.21.11)
Isn't there another Golda Meier to step into the breach? Failing that then Lieberman for the Presidency. I bet the arabs are shaking in their boots now! Who else can do the job???
26. #1beach w 2,10 maariv, ynet jpost trying to
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (10.21.11)
squeeze the last 100k dollars out of the gilad shalit affair at his expense. sounds like great therapy
27. Welcome Home !!!!!!
eve ,   Israel/Canada   (10.21.11)
We are glad you are home safe
28. #3 observer
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.21.11)
You know because you were there of course, 'observing' everything. The problem is your eyes are glued shut and you only see what you have painted on the inside of your eyelids.
29. Very goods news!
Steven ,   San Diego, USA   (10.21.11)
Congrats on getting Gilad back. I have to admit I did not think it was going to end well. At first I was surprised at the negative reaction from the left, but then I realized it was because they could take no credit for it. Who knows what positive effects may come from the good treatment of Israel's prisoners. They may be in danger from their own though. Since they received good treatment, will they be trusted?
30. #20
Ils   (10.21.11)
Then don't read about it - nobody forces you. You can give two hoots? Oh dear, this is a complete novel reaction for Israel! How will they ever get over it? Newsflash: they are used to the rest of the world giving two hoots.
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