Noam Shalit: Gilad's captivity was harsh
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 20.10.11, 19:30
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31. #21- Correct! Death Penalty for terrorists
Yael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.21.11)
This is what we have been discussing for weeks now in our family home. Israel needs the death penanlty. It is unfathomable that someone who has intentionally murdured tens of people indescriminatly could even remain alive to be exchanged in a deal like this. And it's sickening to think that tax payers money goes towards supporting and feeding these animals in prison.
32. eh, trying to hide the truth?
observer ,   Egypt   (10.21.11)
every person is born Muslim; it's his parents who Judaize or Christianize
33. To: No. 20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.21.11)
Oh, yes, because all those terrorists released from Israeli prisons looked as gaunt and emaciated as Gilad Shalit. Or as pale. You are too dumb to live. Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons enjoy conjugal visits. They see their families. They have three nutritious meals a day and are allowed to order additional snacks and foodstuff from commissary, which idiots throughout the world such as yourself are more than happy to fund. They are permitted telephone calls. They receive regular visits from the Red Cross. Israel doesn't use physical torture. I think you are confused with what the Americans did at Abu Ghraib in Iraq and are continuing to do in Guantanamo Bay. What a hypocrite you are!
34. #21&#31: Death penalty YES! But ....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.21.11)
What about Jewish terrorists? You cannot have one law for Arabs and another for Jews. That is Apartheid (I grew up under that abomination) and will only give the left more ammunition against Israel! By my book, terrorism, murder of children and murder with aggravating circumstances, hang them all!
35. @ 20 envy
Sebastian ,   Europe   (10.21.11)
oh dear... Envy is a very ugly beast, isn't it ?
36. #3 crock o sh...
Rahel   (10.21.11)
listen, IF Hamas had taken care of his emotional needs, it would have let him go a long time ago, or never kidnapped in the first place- anything else is stupid propaganda and whitewash- Hamas did not give a crock of sh... for Gilad- it just wanted him alive to blackmail Israel for 5 years, period. Gilad deserved Red Cross or whatever visits, letters from his family etc.. so save the excuses...
37. #36 Hamas fed Gilad, but Israel ...
observer ,   Egypt   (10.21.11)
Israel is still yet holding the body of Muhammad Azmi Farwana one of the abductors of Shalit, 5 years ago. Israel is the only state that had a policy of detaining the bodies of slain Arab and Palestinian fighters, and that some 300 fighters are buried in the numbers' graveyard. The Swedish were absolutely correct.
38. 5 1/2 years?
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (10.21.11)
You calculate $100.00 a month for 5 1/2 years that means he can collect his back pay almost $7000.00 dollars. I just hope the cheap & stingy IDF doesn't short change him. Then again I am quite sure the kid will cash in other ways like a book that every Israeli would most likely buy.
39. # 3
Sebastian ,   EU   (10.21.11)
his female partner will coming really soon, without any 'external' help or need...thank for your kind interest from your Israeli friendly country
40. #37 blindman
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.21.11)
Israel is the only one attacked by arab and "palestinian” fighters, therefore they have the bodies. But since you didn't complain about Hamas holding a live soldier, why are you concerned about dead bodies? As to your fantasy: a non governmental newspaper accused Israel (not "the Swedish"; nice try) which is libel the Israelis say is not true. It was only printed to make idiots like you happy.
41. #20 fred
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.22.11)
Facts please, not rumors. And no, putting a hood over someones head to keep him quiet is not torture. Kids this young can carry bombs. But no word about the treatment of prisoners held by Israel? Why? Because they are treated over and above the Geneva Convention. Suppose you had to choose between being in the custody of Hamas or Israel. Which would you choose? Yea, right.
42. Miche #10 - r u really "intelligent enough"?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.22.11)
It's amazing that you say my talkback is a load of tripe, yet you don't refer to what I wrote about. Are any of you leftists going to demand that Hamas leaders be put on trial in the ICC for war crimes? What does that have to do with "territorial agrandizement(sic)"??? My complaint is that leftists and leftist organizations claim that they support "human rights" - yet in the face of clear human rights violations by the Palestinians you are all silent. I raised the issue of Palestinian crimes against humanity and the left's inability to deal with them. You replied by saying that you are an intelligent non-lover of Hamas. It's nice that you're so smart, so please explain why no left wing organization is pursuing war crimes charges against Palestinian war criminals.
43. #3 - Not only evil
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.23.11)
but a moronic racist bigot. You know nothing about Judaism. If you did, you wouldn't have made the ignorant statement that you did.
44. Now its time for Gilad Shalit to send Hamas to intrnational
court.   (10.23.11)
45. jobs for arabs
metal ,   australia   (10.23.11)
will someone please explain why we give the arab scum so many jobs in israel? They can be seen building for jews, selling to jews etc etc etc. Don't give them jobs, don't buy their trash. Let them starve and suffer.
46. Death Penalty
Baruch Margolioth ,   Brooklyn   (10.23.11)
Lets not forget the public humiliation of the terrorists release to Hezbollah for the DNA of Regev and Goldwasser. And then the stabbing a few weeks ago of 5 Israeli police by a single terrorist. Israel has placed itself in such a legal stranglehold that even the police are afraid to act in self-defense.
47. Re #37 WHY DO WE CARE???
John ,   Alaska   (10.25.11)
Why should anyone care about the disposition of the remains of a monster that tried to kill and kidnap Jews. Whatever happened to him or to his body was too lenient.
48. excecute the murderers
asitis ,   bournemouth uk   (10.25.11)
Israel should not introduce the death penalty for terrorists. They should treat them to "extreme prejudice" at point of capture. Or how the Lybians dealt with Gadaffi. one minute here then gone!!
49. Great to be home
patsy ,   glasgow scotland   (10.25.11)
Wonderful to see these pictures of Gilad at home surrounded by his loved ones. God Bless
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