'Gaddafi attempted to sink ship carrying Jews'
Ynet Reporters
Published: 21.10.11, 20:06
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1. Yet more courage and humanity by Sadaat
William ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
No wonder why Arabs felt the need to remove him from this Earth. Had Ghaddafi followed through on his terrorism, Israel would have done more than sack Cairo. They would have destroyed Tripoli. That was back when the IDF was lead by those who wanted to protect the State and her people, and not just their own political careers.
2. Why would the UN investigate Ghaddafi's death?
William ,   Israel   (10.21.11)
He was a terrorist, who lead a terrorist war and committed scores of war crimes. He died in battle the same method he often welcomed in his tirades. The fact that his wife admired this atrocities should be enough to arrest her on grounds of being an accomplice to the war crimes.
3. Not exactly news- Time Magazine
Sidney ,   USA   (10.21.11)
Monday, Jul. 29, 1974 MIDDLE EAST: Sink the QE 2 It sounded like a farfetched sequel to The Poseidon Adventure: Egyptian President Anwar Sadat asserted last week that Britain's newest and most luxurious passenger liner, the" Queen Elizabeth 2, was nearly torpedoed by an Egyptian submarine as the liner plowed through the Mediterranean with 590 Jewish passengers going to Israel's 25th anniversary celebrations in April 1973
4. Qaddafi the body died but the soul did not
libyno ,   sert   (10.21.11)
his soar above where angels alone enjoy his new liberty Allah soon will avenge his death from Nato as for the ship israel shot down civilian libyan airline it was an act of payback
5. Gaddafi's people
Deziderio ,   Haifa   (10.21.11)
The world as escaped from a madman,but that does not mean thet the Arab-Muslim world will be more inteligent,more Human like behawior.Seen in images,thei return in the time ,slowly but surely to cannibalism.
6. To #4 - yea, I'm sure "allah" gives two craps about NATO...
Il Yehud ,   Texas   (10.21.11)
...what a dumbass.
7. Worthless "martyrdom"
sk ,   USA   (10.22.11)
Pointless martyrdom when he is screaming in hell ... for all eternity.
8. I've actually heard of this plot before.
Vlad   (10.21.11)
By the way, Gaddafi should have kept in mind that if he had done this, the Mossad would send him such a powerful bomb that wouldn't have left enough of him to bury.
9. The Story I Heard...
Edwin   (10.22.11) the time was that he also ordered Egyptian troops under his command to fire artillery shells from land to sink the passing ship. Before obeying orders, the Egyptians checked with Egypt and were ordered to disobey Gaddafi. Soon after, Gaddafi apparently flew to Egypt on his way to China. His master plan was to pick up Saadat and go on a shopping spree to purchase a nuclear bomb from the Chinese. The plan then had them dropping it on Israel. Saadat, so the story goes, found it hard to convince Gaddafi of the futility of the enterprise.
10. To William
Joseph ,   Nazareth   (10.22.11)
It is your continuous ego that keeps getting Israel in trouble. "Destroying Tripoli"! ....WTF!
11. A lesson for Tyrants
Brod ,   USA   (10.22.11)
Tyrants are evil people. They will all end up like Hitler and Gaddafi-in the Pit of Hell.
12. People need to mindful ...Gaddafi was a Jewish Soul
Yitzchak Micha'el ,   Australia   (10.23.11)
As Such he deserves the minimum respect of a Jew according to Jewish Law.
13. 12
angel ,   us   (10.25.11)
not Jewish-just clever rumors.
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