Praising our politicians
Hanoch Daum
Published: 21.10.11, 21:59
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1. good article
alexi   (10.22.11)
hanoch, you make some good points. Lets face it, there are people who are strange yet they may be capable. Barak can fix watches but since 1999 he has been a disaster, running away and even now his dealings with egypt shows he is afraid. kaplinski also during the 2006 war did not radiate any confidence in that we can turn this thing around. Gantz has a reason to do well given his background but he did not stand out during the hezbollah war and not coming up with anti aymmetric strategy. Sharon and yaalon would have done something different though one has to say hezbollah has a good s trategy, lets face facts. Your point though is another nail in ehud barak who is near non functional as he simply does not have it anymore. To release the ramallah terorists who attacked israeli sovereignty is unforgiveable. ya, barak's handshake to shalit was pathetic and aloof.
2. thank you
Rachel ,   Haifa Israel   (10.21.11)
for recognizing these positive traits beyond opinions. i think it is this type of humanity that will save us all even though we will always have a million different opinions.
3. yes, thank you ! agree wholeheartedly.
nva ,   jerusalem   (10.21.11)
4. Yes, some of us SUPPORT Bibi
Zionist   (10.21.11)
I'm glad SOMEONE at this paper can reflect the feelings of the majority of the nation, rather than always the hyper-critical left. I am glad we have Mr. Natanyahu as our PM.
5. Scorn Not Praise
Dan ,   USA   (10.22.11)
Whoever approved this swap deserves nothing but scorn.
6. Netanyahu the "father"?
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (10.22.11)
I didn't need Netanyahu to be a "father". I needed him to be a Prime Minister committed to Israel's security - and with manifest commitment to the courts that sentenced these dangerous murders to lengthy prison terms. Gilad's true father did enough damage as Mashaal's right hand man. One father was more than enough.
7. In other words ...
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.22.11)
The government surrender to the media that created this entire movement and violated several international treaties to free war-criminals. Bibi is no leader - he has as much backbone as a jellyfish.
8. yes, thank you Bibi, thank you Liberman
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.22.11)
we wait for more brave steps ,yalla : )
9. Shame on Yaalon & Lieberman
Fred   (10.22.11)
I expect Yaalon and Lieberman to fight much more strongly against a deal that endangers the people of Israel. shanme on them for taking the easy way out.
10. Finally a decent article!
Michael ,   Toronto   (10.22.11)
11. Window of opportunity
Mark ,   Maale Adumim   (10.22.11)
There was a window of opportunity and Bibi took it, the same window was there for Ron Arad and was not taken and because of that we lost him, the PM acted like a Prime Minister and a father and grabbed the chance while he could. I respect our Prime Minister for doing what he done even if it meant giving 1027 terrorists back; he knows what he is doing I trust him and will vote for him in the next elections.
12. Was it o.k. for Gilad?
Noa   (10.22.11)
Nu be'emet. Maybe he did not want to be hugged, maybe it was traumatic to be put into a uniform, maybe you start thinking of his feelings first instead of the PM's or anybody else's!
13. Meanwile while you are praising each other...
M   (10.23.11)
Fire in the Galil (probably terror related), youth stabbed in Jerusalem, rocks thrown at motorists, and this is only the beginnig of their "yes we can" euphoria. Please continue with the praises.
14. Bibi a Father??
Bruria   (10.23.11)
Shame on you! After what that boy was put through he should have been privately taken to his waiting family. To make him salute a "smirking" Bibi was a disgrace. If anything Bibi should have saluted Shalit. I am sick to death of these fake political posturings. When are we going to elect someone who cares for this country and the Jewish people?
15. The deal was a dangerous disgrace. Our enemies boast of it.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.23.11)
Nobody involved in this lunatic deal; which no other state would even consider for the blink of an eye, deserves to be praised. It is a dangerous disgrace which launched 1,027 murderous terrorists against Israel. This is no way to free captives. Israel can rescue captives. Israel can pound our enemies till they are freed. Israel can cut off their electricity, food and water...There are many ways Shalit could have been freed. Ransoming our captives is absolutely the wrong path. Our genocidal terrorist enemies are full of glee from this disgustingl deal. Just read Salma #8. Just listen to our enemies boast about it.
16. Oscar for Bibi
A ,   center   (10.24.11)
In my opinion Bibi thinks he is living in a "movie". It is true that public pressure to bring Gilad back was at its lowest level since the abduction. But the public pressure for social changes was at it's highest.I cannot discount the thought that Bibi went for the deal to change the public's attention. Bibi does nothing if there is no gain for Bibi!! Do not misunderstand, I'm happy Gilad came home, but I do not trust Bibi's motives!!
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