'I thought I was going to die'
Yair Altman
Published: 22.10.11, 23:13
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1. Bibi is too blame.
Fred ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.22.11)
Will Bibi free him if he is captured? Can he then move back to his village? Why even capture him , there are so many terrorists out there anyway. What does another one matter. If this is the logic that the government has used , they all need to be fired including the head of Mossad and Shabak. These are the same types that told us to evacuated the Jews from Gush Katif and we saw what that brought us.
Rachel ,   USA   (10.23.11)
The separation fence, must extend to Kfar Iks - Israel needs more police trained dogs and more street cameras on very high street poles everywhere to save lives - even along side borders -
3. what do arab mothers give to their children to make them psy
rachel ,   usa   (10.23.11)
david ,   NJUSA   (10.23.11)
5. stab attack
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (10.23.11)
This was motivated by the release of hundreds of terrorists in the Shalit deal. The terrorists are not afraid of going to Israeli jails as they know they will be set free in the next "prisoner exchange."
6. miracle eh?
david ,   Jerusalem   (10.23.11)
soooo i guess this god guy was busy ay the time of the first attack, but then an assistant came and told him what was going on, and god decided to save this girl. Usually in developed countries by the time kids are 12 they don't believe in Santa Claus anymore, clearly not the case here in Israel, where even old dudes still do. Come people, do yourselves a favor and treat religion like what it is, something invented by men to try and "explain" the natural world at a time where they were clueless, but today it makes no sense at all. This is what happened here: the girl saw the attack, the flight-or-fight response kicked in, so she fled. Simple.
7. YNet:
Israeli 2   (10.23.11)
Did the victims NOT describe the "MAN" in more detail?!?!?!?! Obviously then are not able to mention that he is one of the murderous "palestinians."
8. Boldness from the Shalit capitulation, murders coming.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.23.11)
9. #1 Shut up fred you dont own Israel.
spencer ,   detroit,mi usa   (10.23.11)
Gilad was worth the trade.
10. the barbarian arab palestinian
joel ,   usa   (10.23.11)
he should be found and hanged, OK? how this barbarian can kill children is beyond reason, he should be killed before he can murder somebody, ok?
11. That's 1
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (10.23.11)
Instead of counting the days of Gilad Shalit in captivity, it is time now for the TV news anchors in Israel to start counting the attacks, deaths and ruined lives that result from a policy of freeing terrorists.
12. shoot to kill the terrorists, no more dorit beinisch kangaro
hippocrates ,   earth   (10.23.11) more israeli prison country clubs on the back of taxpayers. shoot to kill this terrorist.
13. Harsh words, Fred
Shalom Hartman   (10.23.11)
I too feel the pain of letting out terrorists alive but believe with all my heart that Bibi did the correct thing. One Jewish neshama is worth more than 1000 terrorists.
14. He wanted to murder kids
Ron ,   OC, US   (10.23.11)
Find him and Deport him. No need to keep him in jail only to be released. Send him to Gaza.
15. 13 Harsh words
grandestgrandma ,   petach tikva   (10.23.11)
you are so right for one thing there are millions of these creeps not behind bars so the thousand that they let out is just a spit in the ocean G-D should watch over us in any case
16. stop blaming Bibi - if Gilad was your son you wouldn't talk
Daniela   (10.23.11)
in this way. Gilad Shalit is more important of 1027 terrorists. Between you and me, outside the jails there are many more muslims with the same strong hate towards us, ready to kill jews, they are not less dangerous, so what???? If they get the order to kill israelis, they go and kill us. The problem is not Bibi, the problem now is the palestinian authority that must stop them if they want a state.
17. toss this weasely strategy down the drain
Steve   (10.23.11)
We all share relief that Gilad is home with his family. The haunting image of an imaciated Shalit struck home for many Jews, the Holocaust survivors in particular. Face it, Israel got it's ass handed to her in this round, brilliantly played by Hamas. Rather than regurgitate the humiliation we should decide that the old ways of deterrence through force works best and get on with it. If the opportunity for peace presents itself it will be down the road with a new crop of leaders on the PA side. In the mean time meet brutality with superior firepower and regain your resolve.
18. david # 6
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.23.11)
God isn't some sort of super crime fighter like Batman. Just because he doesn't fit the picture of what you think a god shoiuld be doesn't mean he doesn't exist and that he didn't reach out to save this little girl. On judgement day you can tell God that he is a figment of your imagination and see how that works out. It should be interesting. Meanwhile the power of the God of Israel is all around you. The birth and life of modern Israel is a testament to the fact that there is a God . Instead of criticizing this girl you should be rejoicing that she is alive and well as I and others are doing. Your post shows that there is something missing in your life but telling you what it is would be a waste of time. It's not something you believe in.
19. Do not capture him alive so we do not have to trade later
Igal ,   Tel aviv   (10.23.11)
20. Is Bibi to blame?
Moragh USA   (10.23.11)
It was bad enough with that ehud barak handing out choice toffies to the arabs, but it appears that Bibi has caught on to the "sneezes" of Barak. Why wait until Bibi's time is up, he can be nicely coaxed out of his comfy chair now. Give Lieberman a chance! Who bets Lieberman can't bring law and order to Israel?
21. No. 18 Eaglebeak
NYC Girl   (10.23.11)
Actually, the birth of modern Israel was primarily due to the efforts of Zionists and socialists who had little use for religion in the first place.
22. Freedom fighter
R ,   Israel   (10.23.11)
What a brave freedom fighter, targeting a 12 year old girl an a 6 year old boy. Needless to say, the foreign press will probably ignore this.
23. #4, #12
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.11)
No one would shoot the terrorist while he was stabbing the boy for fear of hitting the boy Once the terrorist stopped stabbing the boy, anyone who shot him would be jailed for murder. They would have to try to apprehend him. Justice, Israel style.
24. R, Israel
Daniela   (10.23.11)
the italian press has ignored this fact completly. Such a shame.
25. We are different.
Leah ,   Modiin, Israel   (10.23.11)
Stabbing children is considered a holy act by his society, and yet our society will not allow a stabber to be shot once he is disarmed. We are different. I hope G-d will bless us for it, because being too moral doesn't win wars.
26. #9 -#1 has more right to talk than someone who lives in USA
American ,   Florida   (10.23.11)
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