ADL: Stop anti-Semitic calls during Occupy Wall Street rallies
Published: 23.10.11, 15:19
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1. So,...
split ,   US   (10.23.11)
Voicing objections against Israel's occupation of Gaza constitutes anti-semitism ? - Mr Foxman it looks like you been scrapping the bottom of the barrel ;) ,...
2. ADL
NYC Girl   (10.23.11)
The Anti-Defamation League is not exclusively a "Pro-Israeli" group. It's actually a civil rights organization that speaks out against racism and bigotry on behalf of many groups. But, unfortunately, this bigotry is frequently aimed at Israel and Jews.
3. Anti-semites don't need an excuse and should not be allowed
usa   (10.23.11)
a forum to express their demented agenda.
4. #1
Simcha ,   USA   (10.23.11)
So.. once again Split, your twisting words and distorting context within an article again? Mr. Split, it looks like you been scrapping the bottom of the barrel :)... In a movement where the main objective is to change the influence of financial futures of the US (in this instance Wall Street) subjects such as Gaza shouldn't be a factor. One subject isn't connected to the other aside from the word "Occupation" and its various forms. In regards to that, it's a stretch to put Gaza into a political movement about finances which in turn makes your statement look foolish. "Voicing objections against Israel's occupation of Gaza constitutes anti-semitism?" In the context of dragging Israeli politics into a moment about changing the economic status of a country half way across the world, then yes, it would be Antisemitism. One has no direct connection to the other.
5. Well, at lest the punk in the clip recognized Israel...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.23.11)
and not phony Palestine.
6. The connection Simcha can't see
Mary   (10.23.11)
Operates on many different levels. The most obvious one is that 3billion usd a year given to Israel which continues to occupy lands that don't belong to it might be better spent on, oh I dont' know, say health care, for example,
7. Not a Word from Obama!
Richard ,   Asheville, NC   (10.23.11)
It is about time that the ADL spoke up about the antisemitism in the Occupy demonstrations. But nowhere is there a statement from president Obama. I guess that the demonstrations serve his purposes.
8. im tired of ignorant people
just want to comment ,   israel   (10.23.11)
there was no media coverage worldwide when israel first started the social justice protests throughout the summer. israeli's are poor, dont blame us for any financial crisis!
9. One of the biggest backers of this movement
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.23.11)
Is Iran. So yes split just like you it is an anti-Semitic group.
10. #1 - Actually...
Israel ,   Israel   (10.23.11)
Actually, Israel disengaged from Gaza and uprooted Israeli citizens in what was painful to watchsince Yamit about five years ago. Hamas thanked Israel by launching 12,000 rockets at us to this day. Therefore, the blockade is upheld in the Palmer Report as legitimate. Interesting... I always thought the "occupation" was when Israel had settlements... Guess Gaza is occupied to you, even though none of their citizens are ruled by Israel... Doesn't make much sense... Doesn't make much sense though for the PLO to be created in 1964 and then claim that the occupation is the root causeof all problems. 1964 is 3years before 1967...
11. #6
Israel ,   Israel   (10.23.11)
Yet Israel is the only staunch ally in the Middle East, and Pakistan and Iraq arguably get equal or more amounts of U.S. aid... Not to mention Israel is surrounded by multiple countries that want to destroy it. Oooh, you forgot that 75% OF THE AID TO ISRAEL COMES BACK TO AMERICA TO CREATE JOBS IN THE DEFENSE INDUSTRY. You also forgot that Israel and America share common values, shared interests, promote peace, combat terrorism, Israel shares technological inventions and ideas with America, especially for the military (ex: Iron Dome), innovation, light unto nations (ex: South Sudan waving Israeli flags when they got independence), etc etc.
12. AS IF $90 a barrel ARAB oil didn't hurt the world economy.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.23.11)
13. Number 7
brett1956 ,   New York, USA   (10.23.11)
Obama and the Democratic Party supports and condones the Occupy Demonstrations. Yet many Jewish voters will still support them. Genetic Ignorance is what I call it.
14. ...but they have NO PROBLEM using the social media created
by a Jew named Zuckerberg to crash the Occupy Wall Street rally--hypocrites.
15. Yes #1 & #6 - we see the connection in your minds
Isaac Storm   (10.23.11)
It is called anti-semitism. Supposedly # 6, the occupy movement was to be directed at wall street - then what does aid/loans to Israel have to do with that? Or are your implications that the "Jews rule the world" which is simply anti-semitism. Yes, #1, voicing your objections to "Israel occupying Gaza" (as you put it) is anti-semitism especially at a demonstation that supposedly has nothing to do with Israel. - The fact that you two, #1 and #6 choose to turn a demonstration that is not suppose to have anything to do with Israel into something having to do with Israel and in demonizing Israel in those terms is anti-semitism.
16. Always blame someone, "the scapegoat'
Eva ,   NY USA   (10.23.11)
Just remember who were the demonstrators and activists blaming between WWI and WWII "the JEWS" were being blamed,so wen Hitler came to power, no one did anything to save the Jews, that's what Iran, and all who want to destroy Israel are doing now with the "occupy wall street"
17. Bunch of mincless idiots
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (10.23.11)
Occupation of Gaza? Talk about a load of dumb idiots. don't they know that Israel left Gaza in 2005 and no more occupies Gaza than they - the Americans - do? They will always find something to blame the Jews for, so what's new?
18. #6
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (10.23.11)
Read your history. Israel does not occupy one square inch of land that doesn't belong to her. The West bank was part of Israel as per the 1922 San Remo Agreement and nothing has since superceded that. As for American aid - most of that has to be spent in your not very wonderful America, with american arms firms, so it doesn't even leave your shores.
19. #6
Simcha ,   USA   (10.24.11)
It's interesting, all you bashers of Israel tend to say the same comments over and over. Yes, we know about the loans to Israel, we also know about the returns from those loans (and the intel chips we use in our computers). Cant you think of something new and unique to say in retort? As far as the connection that it "operates on many different levels", well you made on example and I'm not sure how 3 billion dollars would save the health industry (someone enlighten me), i'm still waiting for your other examples. Another reason one shouldn't relate to the other is because of the fact aside that the issues are two seperate subjects (financial oppression and "perceived" oppression) and they operate in different parts of the world, one is a grass roots uprising and the other a political movement financed and sponsored by NGO's. See that's how you write a statement that "operates on many different levels". P.S. Thank you everyone who has agreed with me and wrote their opinions.
20. #4 simcha - Excellent Post
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.24.11)
You also have caught the essence of the intrinsic nonsense of #1's posts.
21. If you tolerate alittle.........
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (10.25.11)
The point that the ADL was trying to make is that if you tolerate a little anti-Semitism then you will tolerate alot. That makes the OWS Movement corrupt because in the minds of the Jewish supporters the ends justify the means. If the OWS Movement does not tolerate racism, sexism, and homophobia then why does it tolerate anti-Semitism?
22. it's not the anti-semetic signs and slogans
moron ,   galut   (11.06.11)
that need to end--it's the whole 'occupy' idea--mob rule must lead to hatred-it is impotent to imagine you can have mob rule without such hateful results
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