Egypt nabs Israeli for arms smuggling
Ynet reporters
Published: 23.10.11, 17:20
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1. pardon the pun but that's one hell of double cross!
2. in wooden box
observer ,   Egypt   (10.24.11)
that means smuggling weapons from Israel to Gaza via Sinai has reached a the new level of safety packing.
3. israeli caught with weapons
joel ,   usa   (10.24.11)
let him answer for what he has done, he should have check what was inside the box if he didn't know it, ok?
4. Weapons & Crosses
Not Laughing   (10.24.11) sweet inoffensive apolitical monks (who 24x7 toil and pray for the greater glory of their deity and for all around peace) would ever instigate the murder of Jews and other innocents. I do remember studying the multitude of religion-incited extermination/torture of Jews over the ages...prominent amongst them there always were/are: monks, priests, imams, religious preachers etc. Do catch that monk and hang him with a big sign on his chest stating that he died for his god!
5. Since he supports hamas
Ron ,   oc, us   (10.24.11)
Since he supports hamas, Israel should just let Egypt keep him.
6. why Egypt is now interested
observer ,   Egypt   (10.24.11)
because Egypt is trying to prove that Israel fuel the recent Copts-Muslims conflict. Israel always parades its security measures at the border crossing and gives blind eye to such amount of weapons!
7. #6 continues
observer ,   Egypt   (10.24.11)
then, why would Egypt fed 81 cannabis smugglers in her prisons in order to release a dual spy/terrorist Grapel.
8. #6 and #7 confused!
Ahmed Nasrat ,   Ottawa, Canada   (10.25.11)
I want to start by saying that your information is completely inaccurate and is full of bogus accusations. Formost, Grapel is not a spy, he's a normal citizen who enjoys freedom of life, second most this whole copt and muslim conflict as i may recall was infused on the streets for many years. I remember when i used to visit Egypt about 15 years ago, people practiced intolerence towards one religion, and its mainly from state media. The 6th of OCtober hits and you see all these shows about how Egypt won the war, state propaganda. Now the media is following the same principles towards copts and muslims making you believe that Israel had something to do with it. Alot of people in Egypt portray Israel as an enemy to humanity, when its basically defending its right to exist. Observer from Egypt there are 3 sides to every story; your side, the other side and the truth. Stop writing comments about things you dont know, perhaps you'll look smarter.
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