Rice: I thought peace was within reach
Published: 23.10.11, 22:30
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1. The "experts" are dumbfounded
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.23.11)
It continues to amaze me how the so-called "experts", including the former Secretary of State, just don't get it. The Palestinians are not looking for a generous offer. 94% or 96%, or even 100%, of the 1967 lands with East Jerusalem will not do the trick. The Palestinians were not ready to make peace in 1947, 1967, 2001, 2008 or now. They do not want to end the conflict. They sincerely believe that extinguishing the Jewish state of Israel is within their reach. Maybe we can all just wise up and accept the fact that peace will not be in the cards for a very long time and plan our lives accordingly.
2. olmert and jerusalem joint council
Mohson   (10.23.11)
jews given our painful history have to control the keys to our land, not joint, not dzimmi, not shared, not rented, not holocaust worthless guarantees of US and Nato. I told you about olmert but certainly the elites don't understand how olmert violated the lessons of israeli history, beyond his own personal lack of understanding of military matters as winograd clearly proved. But the olmerts, like Beilin who now calls bargouti a political operative wiht clean hands, livni whose goal in life is concessions, peretz who fancies himself as could have been commando. They persist with the rubbish of sharing the small space. Hamas is more honest than weak rotten abbas. They want to kill and they do kill jews, they want to drink jewish blood, rape out women, slit the throats of children much like the rebel soldier who shot kaddafi in the head disobeying his superiors' orders. You see the offer of olmert to take in palestinain refugees and to go binational in jerusalem, lying to the masses while he was doing this filthy deed behind our back. No, I tell you, the jews like olmert, it is impossible for jews to be the chosen people. i now ask god to take back chosen people if he said it and strike it from every religious text.
3. Olmert is an asinine.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.23.11)
Keep him very far away from Israel's affairs. The man seem to be scratching himself to inflict more damages into Israel,since he is appearing too much in media. What about all those accusations about him related to public money diversion?!
4. peace
Sheryl ,   Grant ,,,USA   (10.23.11)
You can see they do not want peace. I am just a common house wife and can see annihilation of the Jews. Where are the Experts?
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.23.11)
House ." " Black Frier in the white house " would be more appropriate.
6. What an Idiot
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.23.11)
With fools like this always rewarding Islams bad behavior it no surprise that their Road Map is headed to hell in a hand basket.
7. Now that he's gone,....
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (10.23.11)
Now, that Bush is gone, we gradually realize that Bush was much better than many of us thought. I remember, that I was happy, that Bush was gone and Obama came. Today I wish Bush was still in office. I remember, that I was unhappy, seeing Netanyahu becoming PM and Lieberman becoming FM and today I am happy that they are in office. We, the readers of news magazines, the authors of articles and many wannabe Mid-East-experts must admit, that we don't know what we've got, till it's gone!
8. Dreamers!!!
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (10.24.11)
More than 63 years of hearing the same song, and the supposed experts in the Middle East or are blind or unwilling to see reality. The Israeli-Arab conflict is not political-territorial, religious and cultural absolutely. If tomorrow Israel as Gaza pullout, withdrawing from: Jerusalem, Judea-Samaria, not only would not end the conflict, but worse, and the confrontation would be much more open and horrible at the moment. It seems that these so-called experts in the Middle East do not read the statements of representatives of Fatah to the Arab world, where they openly recognize that peace is not only a tactic to achieve strategic positions. Not to mention Hamas, who loudly declared that his only goal is to destroy Israel. DREAMERS!
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.24.11)
Dear Condaleeza ,please do not try to think ,it is beyond your capacity to think .
10. Condi describes a CONSPIRACY to destroy
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.24.11)
the Jewish state...that is OUTRAGEOUS !!! May all of the participants receive their well deserved punishment !
11. Who knew
Matt   (10.24.11)
That when we decide to remove Hamas in 2008/09 required for the peace agreement, part of the end game. Abbas would take his bat and ball and go home.
12. if true shows abba's true colours. also its time limited
ralph   (10.24.11)
and person dependent. in short offer is past due date and person specific. like always arabs keep missing their opportunities. so stop bringing it up dear pals. that was then this is now. maybe lets go for the eu/turkey solution as applied to cyprus. eu offered turkey what part of cypru is now has. said its been too long and every body is entrenched and it would be to difficult to go back. in short measures on the ground and no more gaza like evacuations.
13. Olmert refused to let Abbas see the map
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.24.11)
The refused to let Olmert see the map he had drawn and demanded Abbas sign the agreement immediately. Not only did Rice witness Olmert chicanery and treachery but she wasn't the least bit perturbed that 'the deal imploded' because Abbas wouldn't sell his people down the river to buy Olmert a 'pig in a poke'.
14. Re: #1
e ,   USA   (10.24.11)
Sad to say but i think #1 is right.
15. to #13 No he refused to give him the map because
Yael ,   Tel Aviv   (10.24.11)
Abbas saw the map and has admitted to seeing the map. The reason Olmert refused to give him a copy is that repeatedly in past negotiations, the Palestinians turned down offers but then used the offer they turned down as a base for trying to get more and refusing to negotiate if significantly more were not being put up to be given to them. By retaining the map until the agreement was signed, Olmert did the only non-idiotic thing of the offer he was proposing. His offer was well beyond what any past or future Israeli leader would offer.
16. Stupid lady----
cj ,   Paris France   (10.24.11)
Why say it now in a book. She should have told the world on the day the palestinians refused the offer. She should have told how once again the palestinians refused a peace deal. Writing a book about it is not helpful to anyone,especially when you have no clout left in the american government. she hopes to make a few bucks and could not care less about the isaelis living with terror.
17. was Rice the naive or was Israel the treacherous?
observer ,   Egypt   (10.24.11)
18. Thats the madness...
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.24.11)
It IS easy. Whats so difficult about creating two homelands two sates living side by side? Its NOT rocket science
19. 18. Really...ur people wouldn't give up Greneda
20. 18. How about u just rip our hearts from our chest cavity
and give half of it to a pretend people, "palestinian" arabs? We are Israel; Israel is us. NEVER AGAIN!
21. #18 you sound just like Obama 2 years ago
rebecca ,   Modiin   (10.24.11)
Stupidly arrogant. See how far Obama's got with "Middle east is easy to solve!" ?
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