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IDF to revisit abduction prevention protocol
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 25.10.11, 12:19
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1. Try this revision...
Malkiael ,   TA, Israel   (10.25.11)
If an IDF soldier is abducted, every attempt must be made to thwart the kidnapping, this may lead to the very precious loss of life of our soldier. Should this happen, a soldiers life has already been valued at 1000 Palestinians lives, therefore it becomes incumbent upon the IDF to "take" the lives of 1000 Palestinians. This would be best achieved by an instant and unreserved use of attack on Gaza / Ramallah aimed at the levelling of as many apartment blocks and dwellings as is estimated house 1000 lives. An error percentage of 10% should be deemed acceptable. Hit back, hit back hard. Hamas laid down the price of a soldier, let's help them honour it!
2. President's Wholesale Abuse Of Pardon Power Must Be Stopped
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.25.11)
B"H President's wholesale abuse of pardon power must be stopped and limited to max say 5 pardons per president
3. I totally agree with this!!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.11)
4. #1 is right
TC   (10.25.11)
Should they abduct an other soldier, they should feel the heat: What happend with Shalit was practicaly a joke: They knew it was only a question of time. History must not repeat itself.
5. except they paid for bodies as well
Danny   (10.25.11)
6. Any futrure kidnapping
LION OF JUDAH   (10.25.11)
Israel must pass a law by saying any kidnapping of IDF or Israeli civilians by the Palestinians, Israel will bomb their electricity & water facilities.
7. new protocol
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.11)
Kidnapped solder leads to: Immediate continuous building of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. Depriving all Fatah and Hamas VIPs freedom of movement out of their homes. Isolation of all Hamas and Fatah prisoners with minimal legal food and rights. Immediate arrest of all terrorists released in previous deals, while encouraging armed resistance so that the terrorist will be Shaheed.
8. hannibal replaced by what?
moron ,   galut   (10.25.11)
if israel did not pay ransom there would be fewer kidnappings..but in war there are pow's and israel still at about 'amalek principle'?
9. #1 RIGHT ON!
Maya ,   Chicago, Il   (10.25.11)
Sounds like the best revision I have heard thus far!
10. Gilad should have been safe in his base
zionist forever   (10.25.11)
Gilad was on patrol in his base when Hamas dug a tunnel into the base itself murdered two soldiers and took Gilad. How does the army prevent that? Its also very easy to talk theoretically about stopping the enemy taking a soldier but thats not so easy to do in real life, especially in a combat situation. During Cast Lead Hamas said they were going to try kidnap as many soldiers as they could. We were lucky they failed but no matter what doctrines the IDF dreams up sometimes these things happen. What the IDF does need to do is sit down with the politicians and agree on an official policy for if somebody is taken. What kind of prisoners will be released, what will be the maximum given etc because there must not be anymore deals like this one which will encourage further kidnappings of soldiers and civilians. We need to return to the spirit of Entebbe when if somebody took our people we did whatever it took to get them back, the one thing we didn't do was negotiate. Today we are so obsessed with not wanting to look like aggressors in the eyes of the world we prefer to negotiate everything and Entebbe style rescues are unthinkable because we look like bad guys. .
11. So the army doesn't care about it's soldiers families?
Sim   (10.25.11)
"The protocol takes into consideration the fact that the captive soldier may be killed, with the guiding principle being that a dead soldier is better than a kidnapped soldier in the eyes of the State of Israel which will be forced to pay a heavy price for the captive." And what about the parents? Don't the parents have any say in the matter? Oh wait, it's because their soldier son does not belong to them, he is a property of the state! Forget that he has a family, that there are people who are worried about him, that would miss him very much if he were to be killed in the instance he might be kidnapped by Hamas.
12. How about legislation banning negotiation
zionist forever   (10.25.11)
If we had legislation banning any government from negotiating with terrorists over that soldiers release then the terrorists would eventually say to themselves we are taking alot of personal risks to try get these guys but the government won't pay our price so what the point in taking the risk. All the men & women who have been freed for Gilad should be killed now. The arabs have lost the fear they once had for the IDF which made them think twice before doing anything. Today after a series of military screw ups thanks to idiots like Olmert and political weakness in dealings with terrorists which has been a problem for successive governments for 20+ years and each new government is weaker than the last and so the IDF has become a joke nobody is scared of and unless they are scared they will kill & kidnap our people.
13. .1
Matt   (10.26.11)
That is what we did, there is a margin for error, it may not always be preventable a kidnapping, that is the fall back plan. Yes Gilad is alive, but he could have also been buried alive. POW training is scary enough and that is somewhat controlled, the torture, the drugs, assaults, etc. There is only one rule do not ask a soldier to do some that you are not prepared to do yourself. This issue is best handled at the company level with the officer taking responsibility for his men, actions and outcomes. The IDF had a lot of friendly fire incidents during Cast Lead.
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