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IDF sets up Magic Wand Unit
Yoav Zitun
Published: 26.10.11, 14:42
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1. is it worth it?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.26.11)
Thanks to the Oslo Accords Israel is spending billions on missile defense instead of education and health care. Was Oslo worth it?
2. magic wand
fad egypt   (10.26.11)
system is more important than the iron dome because it is made to intercept medium and long range missiles like grad , fajr 3 , fajr 5 and zelzal missiles which can reach tel aviv and eilat from lebanon these missiles are more lethal than the kassams and also hizbullah has a very large arsenal of these missiles ( more than 40000 missiles) while hamas has more than 10000 projectiles ( kassams , grads and mortar ) so the threat of hizbullah missiles is larger so it is better to invest in this system rather than the iron dome also israel must invest in defense systems against ballistic missiles like arrow 3 and patriot to face the iranian missiles shalom
3. Will Magic Wand survive the "social protests"?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.26.11)
The defense cuts being broached in respond to Israel's "social protests" put a lot of defense activity in jeopardy, including training activity and missile defense systems. The US is facing similar cuts, which will be worsened if the "super-committee" fails to reach agreement on deficit cutting.
4. we love "your" soft belly.
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.26.11)
and we will find another way to touch it ;P
5. to # 1 israel israeli
fad egypt   (10.26.11)
it is not oslo which caused that it is the withdrawl from lebanon in 2000 and from gaza in 2005 and the weakness of israel leaders over the last years oslo caused suicide bombing , intifada , gave the legitimacy to terror organization like the PLO to be the PA shalom
6. #4: We know that. You are born for destruction
Israeli 2   (10.26.11)
7. #4 Salma
Oscar ,   Fort Worth, USA   (10.26.11)
You are a very sick person Salma I am really sorry for you. If you do not understand that peace is a viable option and prefer hitting populated areas instead you are beyond contempt. How many years do you want to continue this war? You are a very, very sick person.
8. Escalatory war(s) NOT ethical. "Cleanest" SUDDEN VICTORY.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.26.11)
9. si vis pacem, para bellum
Susya Bar Dror ,   IL   (10.26.11)
Our future neighbors, the Palestinians, are aiming for a palestinian state between the Jordan river and the mediterranian sea. Perhaps also including Jordan, which is anyway a palestinian or maybe the future palestinian state. But in meantime, lets not forget, that Palestine, Lebanon and Iran have a soft belly too, and leasers without cojones.
10. Shawkran Ketir Fad
froike ,   NY NY   (10.26.11)
It's nice to know we still have brothers in Egypt. I bet there are many more like you. Mabrook Amasalam Habibi
11. Salma.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (10.26.11)
If you got more action underneath your belly, you wouldn't be so miserable.
12. Salma's friends touching bellies
Bluegrass Picker ,   Nashville   (10.26.11)
Your transfer to Jakarta is only awaits a few more knesset seats. You can enjoy the Islamic Caliphate while the local girls line up to get jobs as maids in Singapore. We'll put one of those Bnei Menashe families in your home. Don't forget to save the keys so you can wave them in front of the Al JAzeera camera.
13. # 4
Birdi ,   Israel & proud of it   (10.26.11)
Find as many ways to cause your mayhem & destruction against us Jews & Israelis. We have always had & always will have the brain power & know-how to outsmart you & yours.
14. How about offense weapons systems?
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.26.11)
Bring the war to the enemy and his civilian population. We need to invest more money in missiles and rockets that hit the enemy. The defense budget should be increased and the welfare budget cut. No work, no money! Also start to tax all the draft dodgers, starting with daffy.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.26.11)
It's not the size of the wand that counts but the magic within it.
16. $1 million a shot & the army thinks this thing is useful
zionist forever   (10.26.11)
Iron Dome is useless as a battlefield weapon because the terrorists have more short range missile than Israel could ever shoot down as each interceptor is $50,000 a shot. In a Cast Lead type situation Israel would have used up its entire stock of Iron Dome interceptors within about half an hour so it has no use other than shooting down the odd missile . Now we have Magic Wand which cost $1 million a shot. In a Lebanon type conflict we would have used up the entire supply in about 10 minutes. If we want value for money we will renovate the entire countries bomb shelters which Olmert promised to do but didn't. Change building laws forcing new buildings to be obligated to build bomb shelters like they used to until the changed it in favour of secure rooms. Provide protected spaces for the public to go in wartime and then let Hezbollah fire their missiles and use the money we save on not buying Magic Wand let the military buy offensive weapons. As Magic Wand is not a magic wand and can only protect for a short time because of the cost per kill and the fact Hezbollah has thousands of missiles. Better the military does not waste hundreds of millions of its budget to have missile sitting in storage waiting for a war in which they will serve no real value.
17. #1 Israel Israeli
Vlad   (10.26.11)
Blame George HW Bush. He withheld loan guarantees to absorb Russian immigrants to blackmail Prime Minister Shamir into the "peace process".
18. #16: you are mistaken on the cost
david ,   new york   (10.26.11)
an oft repeated argument is that the terrorists can win by launching cheap rickets and bankrupting israel. this argument ignores basic facts: for example,based upon iron dome targeting only rickets headed for built up areas (a small fraction) and based upon how many missiles a terrorist had been able to launch before getting killed in the past, it worked out (i previously did the math) that it would cost israel about $100,000 to kill a hamas terrorist launching a rocket (in addition to the cost of the bomb dropped on him). that's pretty cheap in the costs of war. for $1billion we could kill 10,000 hamasniks by that calculation. Gaza would also be over-run by israeli ground forces with a day or 2.
19. Why not find and destroy their missile caches?
John ,   Alaska   (10.26.11)
it would be quicker and less expensive.
20. 18
zionist forever   (10.26.11)
david Whilst I agree that if we are just shooting down the odd rocket during a relative calm Iron Dome is just fine but when we are talking about a barrage that you get during a major military campaign its useless even if you are targeting only built up areas. Hamas have around 40,000 rockets which cost about $100 each, how many Iron Dome interceptors can Israel even afford? There is also the fact that each Iron Dome battery cost hundreds of millions. Hamas can take a rocket and launch it from the back of a pickup truck for peanuts. So iron Dome is no use as a battlefield weapon which involves dealing with large numbers of rockets. Magic Wand, how many missiles can the IDF even afford if they cost $1 million each minus the cost of the system itself? What is a better use of money a $10 million tank or buying 10 Magic Wand missiles? At $1 million apiece Magic Wand is not even as useful enough to shoot down rockets that are being fired individually. Remember the military is to small as it is so can the IDF really afford to buy a load of Magic Wand missiles for the day when the war comes and Hezbollah rockets are coming in barrages which makes Magic Wand useless. Whilst we need to find a solution expensive systems like Magic Wand are not it and the money would be beetter invested in offensive weapons the IDF can use to win the war rather than sit back shoot down rockets until we can't shoot down. anymore. The best defense has always been a good offense not shields.
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