Israel wary of consequences of Tunisia's Arab Spring
Ilana Curiel
Published: 26.10.11, 20:48
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1. Certain to be the last election for many years
Cynic ,   USA   (10.26.11)
2. Everyone with a brain is leary of Barak.
B. E. ,   Whangarei, NZ   (10.26.11)
3. Tunisian election
Walt Peterson ,   USA   (10.26.11)
It is better for the Islamists to be out in the open and taking part in the give and take of the democratic process, rather than being locked out and pontificating unrebutted absolutisms.
4. Isreal is always wary....
Laurie ,   Halifax, Canada   (10.26.11)
Yes, Israel is always wary. So, they'd rather that Arab countries keep their dictatlors? You know, in some ways, I can see why Israel isitself the biggest threat/danger to the world.
5. #4 Laurie, HFX
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (10.26.11)
Once burned, twice or more times wary! Arab Spring in Egypt has resulted in the Muslim Brotherhood having a major say in their Government Copts are being persecuted and killed, even when they are in Church praying Libya has just stated that it will be using Sharia Law, which treats women horribly, stoned to death for alleged adultery, limbs cut off when someone steals even the smallest thing Israel didn't kill six million Gentiles, it was they that perpetrated the Holocaust, killing six million Jews Surely, even you know of how the Syrian's are now killing each other, in their attempt for an "Arab Spring" If you really want to see what a danger to the world really is, just go to the following website; don't forget to click on all the tabs Don't forget to come back with an opinion on what you are about to see
6. #4 laurie
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.27.11)
Please explain how Israel, a country the size of New Jersey, is the biggest threat/danger to the world. Enlighten us. (BTW; Ever heard of Iran?)
7. Arabic Spring will Only bring more Islamist into power
Asher ,   NY,USA   (10.27.11)
8. I'm wary of consequences of Barak
Rachel ,   US   (10.27.11)
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