Jordan's king: Israel-Egypt peace treaty in danger
Published: 27.10.11, 09:01
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1. Who'd EXACTLY is "Egypt"???
Dr Dave ,   NYC USA   (10.27.11)
"Egypt " is a moving target as nobody at this point in time knows who and what it represents. Like the Palestinians of Gaza, they may end up electing their own version of Hamas. Or the military may simply take over completely.
2. Whats the King's agenda. HIS throne is in greater danger than Egypt revoking treaty
Alan ,   SA   (10.27.11)
3. The litle king has got his own agenda.
sasha ,   bilbao, basque   (10.27.11)
4. Egypt peace treaty in danger
Niss ,   uk   (10.27.11)
If it is in danger egypt should be asked what is wrong with the peace treaty till now even if it is cold peace
5. Is this a blessing in disguise?
Ram ,   London   (10.27.11)
If the peace agreement is revoked does that not mean hello Sinai for Israel?
6. Btw
Ram ,   London   (10.27.11)
The midget of Jordan is panicking. If there is an uprising in Jordan....and there will one day be one....then his days are numbered. When that happens, "presto"...Jordan will be Palestine. Regardless, the arabs will target Israel and the only way forward for Israel must be the use of overwhelming force like never before. It is sad but this scenario is unavoidable as long as Islamic laws will apply.
7. Let me translate Abdullah's words for you:
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.27.11)
"As long as I am in the game, Jordan-"Israel" peace treaty in safe." now as for Egypt - "Israel" peace treaty, you can calm down dear King, Mubarak has fallen, the regime remains.
8. Well, this is TOO obvious,,,
Mike S ,   Phoenix, USA   (10.27.11)
Keep the Arab Spring away from my Jordan and the Israel-Jordan peace treaty is safe and sound...
9. Sounds like he is trying to take the danger
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.27.11)
away from his country and give Egypt free reign by giving it ideas (bad ideas).
10. Cool, we get the Sinai back
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (10.27.11)
Oil, tourist resorts, and we will control traffic through Suez channel. They are so kind.
11. It is dead
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.27.11)
The Egyptians have already stated the treaty is dead. The consensus is that the treaty was made with Sadat and not with the "people". On a day to day level, when Mubarak decided to educate Egyptians to hate Israel and prepare for war he knew that he was planning to abrogate the treaty. On a practical level, it means that peace treaties, especially with the Muslim world, cannot be based on surrendering tangible assets for promises. The promises are worthless.
12. Only King knows what he is saying
sam ,   nigeria   (10.27.11)
Guess he is not trying to incite Egypt against Isreal . He should not cry more than the bereaved.
13. Short Men panic alot
14. peace treaty revoked?
Julie ,   Israel   (10.27.11)
The Sinai is returned to Israel, immediately
15. Egypt unlikely to officially leave treaty.
Matt C ,   Canada   (10.27.11)
Rather than officially exit the treaty and risk losing aid, Egypt is much more likely to pay lip service to the treaty while violating it in practice. Its leaders know they can get away with this because political leaders in Europe and America are desperate to "prove" how moderate the Islamic majority is and are willing to ignore the facts on the ground. This is the so-called "Turkish model", of violating agreements and completely dismantling democracy and the free press with hardly a word of complaint from Western leaders as long as they play along by offering the occasional "moderate" words to the media. In fact, technically speaking, Egypt already violated the peace treaty when it sent warplanes to buzz the Israeli border. Predictably, no one held Egypt accountable for its actions, and no one will hold Egypt accountable for any future violations either, such as allowing terrorists to move about the Sinai. Just like Lebanon and the PA, Egypt will be praised merely for giving lip-service to the peace treaty (just look at how eager the Washington Post was to "qualify" Abdullah's critical ,and admittedly selfish, statement), so why bother officially exiting it?
16. ammm Egypt also hidden Schalit, that what normally
ghostq   (10.27.11)
happened when it comes to Arab leaders or tyrants they blame Israel for what they r doing, from what he said in the article he blames Israel for Arab spring, kinda holding on Nile straw.
17. Egypt cannot afford to new war with Israel.
Jouko ,   Finland   (10.27.11)
Egypt has too many internal problems to afford a new war with Israel. Vast unemployment, high food prices, lack of water and energy.... the Egyptian government is worse than Gaddafi or Saddam if it uses its recources to war intead of renewing internal conditions. Besides the kings of Jordan are not very wise in their judgements - usually.
18. Just stay out of it
Steve from Raleigh   (10.27.11)
Every time you start to make noise about Israel you get your head handed to you.
19. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, does not call for
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.27.11)
an Israeli "Palestinian" peace. Indeed, the concept "Palestinians" is not even mentioned in 242, and it certainly doesn't call for the setting up of an additional state in the region. Thus, if the "Palestinians" wish to have a "state", they should consider the 77% of "Palestine" as the state, i.e. present day Jordan.
20. To: Ram at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.27.11)
Yes. That is exactly what it means.
21. So who exactly is receiving the US F16 figher jets?
r ,   Jerusalem   (10.27.11)
22. nice to hear an arab speaking the truth for once
zionist forever   (10.27.11)
Thanks to the Arab Spring Egypt may well end up tearing up its peace treaty. A dictator like Mubarak you can buy off with weapons and money but its not that easy to buy off an elected government, especially one that included radical idealists like the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the moderate presidential candidates have said the peace treaty should at the very least be renegotiated whilst others have been calling for it to be just torn up and for the treaty to end. Abdullah should be worrying more about his own throne than Israel's treaty with Egypt. Around 80% of his countries population are descended from refugees from Israel's war of independence and he is already doing things like firing unpopular ministers. He is the one who might have to start a war with Israel eventually to avoid a revolution. Time for the US to freeze all military aid to the arab world until the situation calms down and we find out which side these recipients of US weapons chose.
23. That will be doom's day for Egyptians.
Daniel ,   Israel   (10.27.11)
The sign of big fight is in offing! Be careful Egypt; Lebanon is already crippled, Jordon and Syria may not be participating they already have enough troubles within the countries. Iran is still far from fully ready. Egypt this time only you will be alone in ring; Sinai Peninsula will be gone; this time for ever and so will be doom for almost all present Egyptian politicians.
24. 19
confused ,   US   (10.27.11)
this is relevent... how?
25. Peace with Egypt
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.27.11)
Anwar Sadat's peace treaty with the Jerusalem usurpers, about 32 years ago, was a geopolitical crime. It is way past time that this perversion be nullified.
26. The munchkin from Jordan ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.27.11)
.... should be more concerned with the status of Jordan's "peace" treaty with Israel. It's not exactly in good working order. No need to worry about Egypt. Israel can cross the Sinai in record speed, AND cross the Canal and take a strip on the other side if she so chooses. The tiny "king" of "Jordan" needs to concentrate on keeping his own house in order. Now that all hell is about to break loose in Iraq, there is basis for his concern, but it isn't Egypt.
27. Sinai Bedouins
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (10.27.11)
In the mid-nineties, I had the pleasure of working as a tour-guide with Neot Hakikar based in Eilat. For 3 years, I spent more time in Sinai then than in Eretz. The Bedouins much preferred Israelis to Egyptians who used to look down on them. Some of our Bedouin drivers would exact revenge by speaking to us in fluent Hebrew, much to the frustration of my Egyptian counterpart. If Egypt scrap their peace treaty with us they have to return the Sinai....or we'll take it again.
28. #25 graczekeleh....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (10.27.11)
If the Egyptians nullify it, graczekeleh... We'll get the Sinai back...with or without force... The Egyptians will have to think long and hard if that's really what they want
29. Jordan="Palestine" is COMPROMISE, viz. part of Eretz Yisrael
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.27.11)
30. To: Mark at No. 28
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.27.11)
That Israel will have to take back Sinai is a foregone conclusion. You will recall that in 1973, Israel also crossed the Canal. The Egyptians are playing a very dangerous game.
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