PA to UN: Lieberman inciting against Abbas
Elior Levy
Published: 27.10.11, 20:26
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31. truth
Brett Tiernan ,   Rock Hill USA   (10.28.11)
ABBAS is ONE of the biggest obstacles to Peace, IF you read the Charters and listen to what the PA and Hamas and the Rest of them want as a ultimate goal, is to REMOVE ALL JEWS from the Middle East. How can ANYBODY that has this as a Goal, WANT to have Peace with the very people they want eradicated from the planet???
32. Question?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.28.11)
Did Riyad Mansour break down into tears as he handed over the letter? Well .... he's cried at the U.N. before. Still -- I am certain that everyone in Israel's Foreign Ministry had a rollicking good laugh over this latest bit of pathetic ersatz "Palestinian" nonsense.
33. 4
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (10.28.11)
I agree completely
34. 9
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (10.28.11)
your thinking of hamas abbas never launched rockets at civilians
35. Boo hoo!!!Run coward run UNmummy
EST ,   Miami USA   (10.28.11)
36. Lieberman Is Right
yonatan silverman ,   tel aviv israel   (10.28.11)
37. Barak is apparently bitterly complaining about dear Yvette.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.28.11)
38. Lieberman Abbas
Shlomo ,   France   (10.28.11)
A foreign minister can not speak like this only shouting insulting Hasbara zero ! Y Diskin and S Peres. Told that Abbas work well against Terror
39. 34
Jayjay ,   Israel   (10.28.11)
No....he just master minded the Munich massacre! He just incites his people to hate Israel and never accept peace. To the Western media he talks peace, and to his people he talks war. And by the way.....Abbas and his AL Aqsa Martyrs brigade have killed far more Israeli then Hamass has with terrorist attacks!
40. PA to UN:
Joe ,   uk   (10.28.11)
abbas is running to his friends like a child looking for another resolution against israel maybe un will tell him to stop being a child
41. incitement
Mat ,   US   (10.28.11)
by abbas going to un with so called incitement proves that Lieberman is right
42. Opens up a world of possibilities
Sam   (10.28.11)
We can put our foreign ministry to work 24/7 on putting in claims against people who defame Israel, Lieberman, Netanyahu and Zionism.
43. Forget about old Abbass
28.10.2011   (10.28.11)
He's nothing more than a cheap bit of rubbish - Hell knows from where..... other than a mixture of Desert blood. He reminds me of a greedy Pimp in a smart suit, collar & tie! What Lieberman has to say against Abbass is ONLY the truth. The world is truly blind and very sick. But I refer mostly to the wealthy pen-pushers who can't even smell a Rat when he is directly under their collective noses. Arabs are in for a very hard time of it when their days are fulfilled..... and I even have family members who are trotting straight into Hell. Sad, but true!
44. Sarkozy - Abbas
Moragh   (10.28.11)
BIG hugs from the french boy Sarkozi. Did anyone expect anything different from a Froggy?
45. # 27 Jouko,Finland
Moragh USA   (10.28.11)
The Almighty G-d's truth spoken.
46. UN -diplomatic
Rahel   (10.28.11)
Lieberman is a crude peasant- and unfortunately his image is washing off on Israel. In international diplomacy one does not insult. But then Israelis seem to be proud to be called rude and arrogant?
47. Poor baby, get another PhD in Holocaust denial it will make
Hippocrates ,   Earth   (10.28.11)
booboo feel better.
48. The PA makes a lot of use of UN,but....
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.28.11)
...does it make any contribution to its funding? If it doesn't,why not? If it does,where does it get it from? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
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