Price tag: 20 olive trees cut down in J'lem
Yair Altman
Published: 27.10.11, 22:01
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1. Savages !!! ,...
split ,   US   (10.27.11)
zionist ,   NYC, USA   (10.27.11)
3. Israel proves no such thing Israeli Arab
yoni ,   tel aviv   (10.28.11)
Israel has proved by releasing Israeli Arabs in Shalit deal that there is not such thing as Israeli Arabs. They are all Hamas arabs. many price tag acts are just dumb there is a lot more to do than this
4. Police investigations
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.27.11)
We just saw this week how the police investigate in Israel: for a wanted Palestinian they used IDF and search every single house of E. Jerusalem. For the settlers.... well, time will make its own job and they'll wait for people to forget about it.
5. this IS terrorism !!!
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.27.11)
What does Shabakh? Where are the IDF and the Mossad?
6. Without Torah or secular law, on what foot do they stand?
Brahm ,   Ottawa, Canada   (10.27.11)
These acts are correctly identified as terrorism. And these "price tag"ers certainly have no respect for Torah or secular law. The latter outlines the illegality of the actions, and the Torah reject their actions. Even in a time of war, as the Torah itself states.
7. to #4 -- How I wish you were right
chava ,   yerushalayim   (10.28.11)
How I wish you were right, but, sad to say, it's too often just the opposite. Also, the perpetrators of these "price tag" actions haven't yet been found. It's not yet known if the actions were done by right-wing extremists, or perhaps they've been done by left-wing extremists who are trying to make it SEEM like right-wingers.
8. Missing Proof
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (10.28.11)
Last I heard the ability to write the words, "price tag" is one held by anyone who knows Hebrew! ( or how to copy fro Hebrew) There have been many incidents in the past where the Arabs and their lefty friends have destroyed their own trees. At this moment there is just as good a chance this was done by the left or Arabs as there is that it was done by Jews. Until the perpetrator(s) are found no one should be slandered.
9. #5 - no, it's not
William ,   Israel   (10.28.11)
Attack on property in a limited sense does not meet the definition of terrorism which is defined as attacks on civilians (actual people, not possessions). Sorry this doesn't meet your agenda, but those are the facts. That's why your friends in Hamas, whom you often try to justify the war crimes they commit, are considered terrorists by the West, and settlers are not.
10. #4 - how about "show me the proof"
William ,   Israel   (10.28.11)
You've already judged, convicted, and are ready to hang settlers (of course, not based on your personal biases against them as a group), all without proof. What proof - "price tag" type wording at the scene? Who are the suspects? Basically anyone with a finger and access to spray paint. Leftists (like you idiots) and Arabs have been known to launch their own false flag attacks and were caught many times.
11. To #4 and #5 Gregg
John ,   Alaska   (10.28.11)
Your posts literally attempted to equate cutting down some trees with attempted murder. Making the two equivalent is not just disingenuous; it is morally bankrupt. You need to repent of your hatred of Jews; they are your family, even if you reject your heritage. Hating them is just hating yourself.
12. Prove it was done by Jews ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.28.11)
.... and not Arabs for their own perverse reasons. They have been known to do it before.
13. please excuse the breach of protocol
US Navy Officer ,   Ship on the High Sea   (10.28.11)
>>> What does Shabakh? Where are the IDF and the Mossad? you're a very important person, Gregg. Let's make sure these agencies drop what they're doing long enough to drive up to Haifa to give you your briefing.
14. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.28.11)
LOL! Exactly! As if he matters in the grand scheme of things ....
15. I especially relish the judgment of HaShem on the Tzar and
Rivkah   (10.28.11)
his family in Russia after persecutions of Jews for centuries on Tzarist orders.
16. #2 should be ashamed
Yonatan ,   Tel Aviv   (10.28.11)
you are an embarrassment. this behavior on the part if the Jews is shameful and not the image we should be putting forth.
17. And how many cars were stolen this week
Zev ,   Israel   (10.28.11)
The Arabs steal Israeli cars (and other Israeli goods) every week and no one calls for zero tolerance. The police are too busy to even investigate.
18. 17 Zev, Israel: Central California is the car theft capital
Rivkah   (10.29.11)
of America. If a thief steals a thousand cars, it is still a misdemeanor when it should be a felony the first time it happens. So there must be some paybacks to protect car thieves to legislators and police and vehicle sales dealers who want to sell more vehicles. What does one do to make sure the thieves steal someone else's vehicle instead of yours? You put a club device on the stearing wheel and put hasp locks on the doors and hood and trunk and gas cap door and you have the car painted a color that they thieves would not be able to peddle much less sell to anyone. Then you put an audio cassette player in it instead of a CD player. Just for added protection, you get a vehicle that is stick shift since the young thieves only know how to drive automatic transmission vehicles. Voila! YOUR vehicle is then protected. The color I chose for the car? Salmon. It is a sort of light muddy tan with a touch of pink.
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