2 terrorists killed in IDF strike
Elior Levy
Published: 31.10.11, 08:55
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1. Keep striking until they stop threatening retaliation.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.31.11)
2. They're not smarter than 60 years ago ...
robert renders ,   belgium   (10.31.11)
3. The BBC...have done it again..
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.31.11)
Yet again there was NO MENTION in any reports that I could find by the BBC of this latest rocket attack from Gaza post Shalit rocket attack The BBC reports ONLY cared to report Israels retatiation with UNBELIEVABLY NO REFERENCE OR MENTION WHATSOEVER to the Hamas FRIST STRIKE that started this all Is this shoddy journalism or deep seated institutional Anti Israel bias in the BBC? Yet this BBC behaviour is doing nothing to foster its reputation worldwide So that when an interviewer yesterday in the Far East in an interview with a professional analyst interpreted the BBCs report that Israel has started this latest round of violence - the analyst retorted ..''Really I cant answer for the BBCs misreporting and distorted presentation of the facts...thats clearly their problem'. And my view of this latest example? Yet another blatant attempt by professional journalists in the BBC to abuse their position to promote an anti Israel BBC agenda' Well at least if they dont want to listen to the likes of me...perhaps they will now take heed of what people in the media are thinking
4. BBC
james ,   ul/il   (10.31.11)
It is about time israelis turned the camera on the anti-Israel agenda so called journalist,israelis should give them no hospitality al - bowen and co are nothing puther than PA media.
5. only 2?
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.31.11)
6. BBC
LION OF JUDAH   (10.31.11)
7. Radio France
erges ,   Paris, France   (10.31.11)
Not only BBC, Radio France, AFP do the same
8. I have only one question...ONLY 2??
William ,   Israel   (10.31.11)
C'mon! Shalit is not a human shield in Gaza anymore. Time to increase the terrorist kill rate by a magnitude of 50!
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