Jaffa restaurant torched in possible 'price tag' act
Eli Senyor
Published: 31.10.11, 11:44
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1. NO to terrorism !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.31.11)
2. Vandals should be prosecuted....
Mitchell Cohen ,   Gush-Etzion, Israel   (10.31.11)
The vandals that carried this out should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. NO doubt about that. My question is why would someone decide, after 62 years (as the restaurant did not just open and has been around since 1949), that they are "irked by Lebanese and Palestinian dishes"?
3. #2 they won't be
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.11)
The police and press know it was a "protection" incident. The owner did not want to buy "insurance" so his restaurant was burned down. But why let a good case of arson go to waste? Like in Tuba-Zanaria, just blame the Jews.
4. # 3--100% correct!
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (10.31.11)
5. Excellent Kebab
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.31.11)
I ate there several times. Very good food, superb service. I can still taste the Kebab in my mouth. Truth to be told, I didn't even know it was Lebanese-style food. Let's hope the restaurant will reopen soon in the sane Jaffa. The restaurant owner could open a branch in Beirut and promote some sanity there also. If it happens, I will go and dine in Beirut and write a review for them.
6. Graffiti = terrorism?
BH ,   Iowa   (10.31.11)
7. Abu al-Abed restaurant
sk ,   USA   (10.31.11)
Didn't visit Jaffa on my last trip to Israel. Will visit Israel again soon and will try to go to this restaurant. If they've been in biz that long, the food has got to be good!
8. food
Jackie ,   Florida   (10.31.11)
I did not realize that there was a separate cuisine called Palestinian food. Most Middle Eastern recip0es are quite similar, and are very much related. For example, Israeli salad is served everywhere, though not called by that name. The foods of Egypt are different however, but Egypt is in Africa as are Libya and Tunisia
9. This is the first time ...
John ,   Alaska   (11.01.11)
the first article about an incident with these markings where the press say openly that the police are open to the possibility that this was not done by "the usual suspects". I didn't think of a protection racket, but it makes sense. Whatever did happen, may he be kept safe and be cooking up kebabs again in no time! :)
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