UNESCO grants Palestinians full membership
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Published: 31.10.11, 18:15
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1. Status must be earned
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.11)
The UN seems to think that this is a status won as a prize, rather than earned. No doubt, the Palestinians are banking upon this, in their bid. They are ruled by terrorists, they let renegade militia's attack their neighbor (Israel), and they lack a semblance of real government. So what is the basis of application? That is a very good question. Better yet, what criteria will be used for decision making?
2. Please America, suspend funding...
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (10.31.11)
Please, pretty please, stop funding UNESCO and in the process lose the remaining little leverage you have over world affairs! Palestine will be free, and Palestine's list of world heritage sites will soon be declared and approved by UNESCO, as PALESTINIAN sites. Tourists will soon flock to AlQuds, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, Dead Sea, etc. and yes, after a peace treaty is signed between the State of Palestine and the State of Israel.
3. UN gave European immigrants a state on Arab land
yazeed   (10.31.11)
why not us the UN to get it back
4. Obama will never cut their funding
Steve from Raleigh   (10.31.11)
Everyone knows that. Anyway UNESCO will now declare that Jews do not exist and Tel Aviv is the 4th most holy site in all of Islam.
5. It time the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany and
Svetlana ,   Vilnius, Lithuania   (10.31.11)
the rest of the EU member states cease sustaining UNESCO!! The UN in general and UNESCO in particular have made a mockery of these international organizations, being the plaything at the hands of the Muslim and Arab states and their economic enslaved countries that follow them. Enough!!
6. Is the world rotten or what? Armageddon soon? Yep!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.31.11)
7. Avigdor, Avigdor... please answer the
seadog1946 ,   ErieBasin, NYC   (10.31.11)
courtesy phone in the lobby.
8. "palestinians" at unesco ?
Trumpeldor   (10.31.11)
is like inviting iconoclats in a byzantium church ! What a grotesque farce !
9. Note, IslamicJihad, Hamas, DPFLP, PFLP, in addition to the..
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (10.31.11)
...Fatah - all organizations are committed to bring about the demise of a UNESCO member state, Israel, and actively involved in the bringing the demise of any trace of Jewish life in it - are not members, through "Palestine" in UNESCO, dedicated, we are told, to advance culture and education... What a cynical world!!
10. What Their Demands Start
emanon ,   USA   (10.31.11)
First demand will be all women entering the chambers be veiled. Then the range will be extended to the grounds and finally they will force a ruling that no more women will be membership at any level within UNESCO. After this will come a plan to reduce and finally eliminate any UN money going to any UN member country with a single Jewish resident. This will be just the first moves in their agenda . . .
11. The Germans haven't changed.
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (10.31.11)
As always, obedient to their master.
12. Oh, yes!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.31.11)
Now please tell me what the ersatz "Palestinians" have contributed to the word in terms of education, science and culture. Terrorism is neither educational, scientific or cultural. The ersatz "Palestinians" have less education, science and culture than a band of hyenas. For that matter, so does UNESCO.
13. unesco decision brings middle-east war closer
William Jack ,   Marlborough, USA   (10.31.11)
The gods of war cheered today when UNESCO did what it could to start a war in the Middle-East.
14. Steve from Raleigh #4
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.31.11)
Odumba doesn't have the authority to give money to any group. That is reserved for Congress. The cutoff is already a US law. UNESCO is out of business and the rest of the UN will be soon too.
15. #2 muayyad, #3 yazeed
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.31.11)
You can call a cat a dog, but its still a dog. Hebron, Jacobs Tomb, The Temple Mount are all Jewish. Islam didn’t even exist during the time the Jews built them. The UN did not ‘give’ European immigrants a state on Arab land. They weren’t ‘given’ it; they built it- something arabs haven’t done since the Islamic conquest. The Jews returned to their land, conquered by the arabs only 1300+ years ago. And they returned from all over the world; mainly from the arab countries that kicked them out. Read some history instead of inventing fairy tales.
16. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.31.11)
Yuk! Are you serious? "Palestine" never was a state and never will be a state. You can take Jordan, and change its name to whatever you like. I wouldn't recommend Gaza, because Israel is on the verge of destroying it -- a good thing -- and probably taking Sinai back as well. Hebron? That belongs to Israel. Bethlehem? That is coming back to Israel. Schehem? That belongs to Israel. You human garbage can go somewhere else. We've had our fill of you. UNESCO? Does anyone care what UNESCO thinks? Did they censure the Taliban after they blew up ancient Buddhist statues? No. They didn't. Did they censure the ersatz "Palestinians" after they defiled the Tomb of Joseph? No, they did not. 'nuff said.
17. What next for unesco?
BH ,   Iowa   (10.31.11)
Unesco membership for the Sinaloa? The Zetas? The Ku Klux Klan? What other criminal gangs will be admitted as full member states to the UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization?
18. Today Palestine Wins...
NadMan ,   Palestine   (10.31.11)
19. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organiza
Keren ,   IL-BR   (10.31.11)
-Educational means teaching hate to children and how to become shahids -Scientific meanS how to produce mass killing devices to kill innocent people around the world -Cultural means sterile background This is all about " palestinians" and it is all about UN.
20. To: Steve at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.31.11)
It's got nothing to do with Obama, and everything to do with the United States Congress. Guess where that one's going? :-))
21. Let the Numbers Talk.....107 votes for, 14 votes against : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.31.11)
Mbrooooooook habibty Palestine . special thanks to France.
22. Svetlana #5
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.31.11)
You probably missed that France voted for the bid. Once again France showed they have no bone. Shame on them. Bravo Canada, Germany and the US! They stand for what is right. Would be interesting to have a full list of the votes.
23. Justice
Rafael ,   Boston   (10.31.11)
You guys really remind me of this joke: A Palestinian farmer is resting in his field, when he hears children making lots of noise nearby. Trying to get his rest, the farmer calls the children over and makes up a story to get them to leave: "They're handing out free watermelons on the other side of town!", he tells them, and the kids rush over in excitement. A few minutes pass and the farmer is resting in his field again, when suddenly it hits him: "Wait a minute, if they're handing out free watermelons, what in the world am I doing over here!?"
24. Whole UN is a superficial, legalistic, UNJUST FARCE. Exit!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.31.11)
25. A landslide - Congratulations ,...
split ,   US   (10.31.11)
26. Let them
Merrick ,   Brookhaven   (10.31.11)
UNESCO promotes peace through science. The Palestinian firing of rockets into Israel and its use of suicide bombers and other forms of terror does not promote peace. The vote is largely ceremonial and has no political weight. The U.S. should cut off funding. Let the states who voted in favor make up the difference.
27. This was inevitable
Sidney ,   USA   (10.31.11)
If the Palestinians asked UNESCO to commend Hitler for dealing properly with the Jews, it would pass. The UN doesn't give a damn about Israel or Jews, it is controlled by Muslims and their Third World buddies like South Africa, Venezuela, and Cuba.
28. Ersatz "Sarah B", eh?
Not Judaism ,   World Jew   (10.31.11)
Ur frequent vile, arrogant & ignorant comments are not consistent with Judaism or Truth, Justice, Morality, Humanity ...
29. PA acceptance
Frances Greenfield ,   Gananoque, Canada   (10.31.11)
All posters....what a bunch of sorry people you have shown yourselves to be and I suspect you allowed yourselves to be brainwashed into becoming dishonorable by people who enjoy being 'bullies' who need to have the PA as something to knock around as though these people are unworthy of human status. I knew that the US would make sure that you 'followed' the bidding of the US, Britain, Canada (lost its pride and integrety some time ago) and Germany. Shame, shame, shame. Now go bend your knees to your master...the US...and be grateful for the crumbs you may get from her broken vessels.
30. Mabrook Salma!
Nour ,   One State   (10.31.11)
Love you to death! Keep it up!
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