Shalom: We're nearing dramatic decision to end rocket fire
Shmulik Hadad and AP
Published: 01.11.11, 15:11
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1. reduce it to rubble
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.01.11)
with its "people"
2. I swear I thought that these "talks" went through Chelm...!
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.01.11)
3. They are SAVAGES...
Fred ,   London   (11.01.11)
Nobody suggests that these people in Gaza should live a life of misery, except themselves. This victim mentality is part of a much bigger agenda which quite often the wider world seems blinded from. The huge catastrophe are the children that get born in to this environment, who are then brain washed about the Jews and Israel being the source of their misery. Perhaps UNESCO, instead of welcoming 'Palestine' in to their fold, should enforce two decades of peaceful educational programmes for these people to enable them to grow in to self-respecting and responsible citizens in the world, who more than anything, learn the value of human life. I guess I am dreaming....
4. Attacks no wonder, they Shoot, We Talk
Yitzi ,   Bet Shemesh, Israel   (11.01.11)
5. More mixed messages...
Ypip ,   Canada   (11.01.11)
6. So now we run to our protectors, the
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.01.11)
egyptians. Hit gaza till the streets run with the blood of the enemy.
7. Jews being Jews?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.01.11)
Sometimes, it doesn't work. You cannot raise issues of decency and humanity with people who have neither. I'm with David at Post No. 1. Reduce Gaza to rubble. Then we talk, okay?
8. Enough...Already!
Taz Man ,   USA   (11.01.11)
It is time for the Israeli government to stop talking and start doing its job: protecting the people and God's land! God bless Israel and His Jerusalem! A Christian Zionist
9. Time to stop talking
JDL ,   USA   (11.01.11)
An Israeli civilian was killed by these terrorists as well as physicial and psycological damage from their rockets. I wonder what the USA or Russia would do if another hostile entity began lobbing rockets into its citiies. Do you think that they would just be talking? Time to take a stand, Israel. Any rockets met with overwhelming force. Is there any other option to stop an enemy that wants you dead?
10. What are they waiting for?
Paul K. ,   Phila. USA   (11.01.11)
One hard hit on Hamas will shake up the Gaza terrorists as well as Hizbollah. They should realize that Israel will not take it any longer and will respond with fierce power to deter all terror from happening again. Enough is enough!
11. What exactly is an informal truce?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (11.01.11)
To me it sounds like all the factions will agree not to shoot rockets till one of them does and then they all will. Or they'll all agree and the about 10 random gazans will create a new faction and launch a rocket.
12. Answer
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (11.01.11)
Many here wonder why Israel is not doing much right ? Did it accur to you that these Israeli leaders have been mentally represed by the world's isolation, the attack in international courts, the UN dozens other forums, expelled ambassador distroyed embassies etc???? don't you think that Israeli leaders are not fit mentally to do their job right? to protect the nation with zero tolerance to the enemy? well, this is what I think has happened.
13. #12 Good Answer: That's why we need Lieberman
He's not fazed by all the lies and BS and would, if given the opportunity - nail every single thug's arse to the wall. Someone like him will restore deterrence. More thugs and less Israelis would die with him calling the shots.
14. We talk and talk.....
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.01.11)
Nice speeches are adding up to nothing while the Arabs are coiling around Israel like an anaconda.
15. rocket fire
Keh ,   New York, USA   (11.01.11)
Time to stop beating around the bush. Now is the time, despite world opinion, to reduce Gaza to rubble. We never win in world opinion anyway. Just do it already. No more talks, Action is what we need.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (11.01.11)
Another stupid headline, "we are nearing a dramatic decision", what the hell is that supposed to do, make us trust the inaction of our government that sits on its butts talking and talking and talking ....... Now Shalom puts in his 10 cents worth of empty slogans and achieving nothing besides that.
17. ISRAEL -Stuck on Stupid
A Very Heavy Stone ,   Florida   (11.01.11)
Always give the enemy a heads up and let them know the IDF is on the way so they can hide their top leadership and prepare to kill more IDF soldiers than if it were a 'surprise' attack from the IAF / IDF. How did Israels leadership get so stupid and incompetent?
18. I agree with no.1
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (11.01.11)
You don't talk peace with your murderer. They don't understand peace as it is not taught to them in school, in house, their own country or by their religion. They are taught to be murderers and animals. Do as no. 1 said. First flaten the whole area and then talk.
19. Pessimisitic....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (11.01.11)
As long Netanyahu & Barak are calling the shots the people of Israel are at the mercy os savage terrorists. These two are puppets in the hands of foreign governments whose plan is clear; the elimination of the jewish country. Netanyahu shame yourself you are betraying the people who voted for you!
20. Surrender and Die, No Withdrawals
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (11.01.11)
Bibi is trying to have it both ways. Cast Lead was enede prematurely, and we all know about Goldstone, whose reversal meant nothing at the biased UN ( US funding will be replaced by another Muslim country of course). Pin pricking targets against Hamas and its surrogates, hasnt worked, and wont. They have pletny of fire power and personnel to launch rockets..and just engender more sympathy in the world. Leaving Gaza completely (including IDF) was a mistake..and has to be corrected This was all inevitable. Hez will send rockets into Tel the IDF will have a 2 front war. Can Israel sustain them,. with the protestors now threatening more rallies again, diverting attention? Slicing Gaza into parts..with the IDF remaining has obstacle. Hamas must be serverely hurt, if this is to succeed. Iran/Turkey may threaten war and actually engage Israel's navy or send tanks to the front through Syria. Lots ot consider,,,which makes it so difficult. But, if the IDF acts..this time, no withdrawals until Hamas surrenders and is DESTROYED.
21. A blunder to let Egypt meddle - they ship the Grads to Gaza!
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (11.01.11)
Egypt is responsible for shipping Grads and other Iranian weapons to Gaza in violation of Sinai demilitarized status. It is Egypt that rushed Libyan missiles and truck-mounted multi-launchers to Gaza after Gaddafi fell. It is Egypt that allows Gaza terrorists to flood into Sinai to attack southern Israel. Any "informal ceasefire" that Egyptians arrange to put off a massive Israeli onslaught on Gaza rocket bases will be purely tactical, because Egypt continues to supply them with weapoins for "next time". Israel must ignore Egypt's malicious meddling and punch into gaza, severing Rafah and its Egyptian border from the rest of gaza with a permanent no-mans-land strip to the coast that they can't tunnel under or smuggle across. Only that will end the Gaza threat once and for all - and Cairo knows it. Why they interfere. Bibi must be bright enough to see through this charade - Barak certainly isn't.
22. Dramatic what?
Tom Thumb ,   Virgin Islands   (11.01.11)
The only dramatic thing that Silvan Shalom and CO. can do is blah blah blah?
23. When Isrel uses force the UN calls it....
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.01.11)
...excessive force.
24. ACTIONS speak louder than words.
Kayla ,   Florida   (11.01.11)
Israel must protect and defend her people and land and rely upon HaShem and HASHEM ONLY! This is a response to the release of terrorists? No more return of terrorists. As #1 says, "reduce it to rubble."
25. Go get the suns um bitches, and whilst
Tambour ,   Eilat   (11.01.11)
you are at it, Get Mashaal , and Nasrullah if you can.
26. This time, don't hesitate.
Vlad   (11.01.11)
Don't bow to international pressure. Don't leave until Hamas has no more military capabilities and all its leaders are dead.
27. Draw up the targets
Ron ,   oc, us   (11.01.11)
Let the IAF go to work and leave economic targets in Gaza smoldering. No need at this time for a ground operation. Enough damage from the air for long enough and hamas will get religion.
28. dilemma
Ignatious Mucklefutz ,   America   (11.01.11)
Sometimes the answer has shades of gray. While the rocket attacks are intolerable and must be stopped, there are consequences to a full-blown military offensive. First and most important, young IDF soldiers will become casualties no matter how good the plan is. There are always casualties in war. Second, there is the antisemitic media and the antisemitic UN. This is always a danger as there is always the possibility of UN sponsered sanctions unless the US vetoes in the security council. Maybe the best course of action is to use drones the way the US is using them to kill terrorist leaders. If this doesn't work, there is always the launching of a massive military operation.
29. destroy hamas once & for all
dan ,   usa   (11.01.11)
Wipe them out
30. Agreeing with Fred #3
Joe ,   Canada   (11.01.11)
Proper education is indeed the fundamental factor to bring back rationality & free thinking people to live in peace with other people who are of different culture & religion. But their education is not only based on the propaganda of the day as set by their "leaders". More importantly it is also based on a narrow minded & exclusive application of Islam which is irredentist & unable to accept compromise & non violent settling of conflicts. Under these conditions of the education, there is no chance for a secular & moderate fraction of the people to emerge for a rational discussion & puting an end to hostilities which are one of the props for the "leaders" to keep their grip on the ignorant , endoctrinated & impoverished masses. If these leaders were to come to a reliable & lasting settlement of the conflict, they would not last very long as retrograde oppressors.
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